18:02:24 <crushil> #startmeeting ironic_ui
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18:02:41 <crushil> #topic Announcements/Reminders
18:03:10 <crushil> Any announcements this week from anyone?
18:03:19 <ppiela> Not from me
18:03:48 <crushil> Are there any pending reviews that need to be looked at?
18:04:03 <ppiela> Yes, quite a few
18:04:42 <crushil> Ok, I will try to look at them sometime this week
18:04:50 <crushil> Anything else ppiela?
18:05:12 <ppiela> I have 5, and there is one from Beth on adding unit tests to the gate
18:06:14 <crushil> Cool
18:07:24 <crushil> Moving on to the priorities
18:07:53 <crushil> Err, current status
18:07:54 <crushil> #topic Current Status
18:08:59 <crushil> I see that there have been a bunch of revisions/new patches this week
18:09:24 <ppiela> Waiting on reviews, working on refactoring and cleanup, some work on portgroups
18:09:36 <crushil> Awesome, thanks ppiela
18:10:13 <crushil> Anything else to add to current status?
18:10:56 <ppiela> I have also been thinking some about unit testing, and am experimenting with a reusable mock of the ironic rest api using httpBackend
18:12:05 <crushil> Cool. How does it work? Do you have a patch up that uses it?
18:12:31 <ppiela> anupn: is making progress on composable drivers, but there is a bunch of work that will need to be done for node enrollment
18:14:01 <crushil> ppiela, Thanks for the update. Anything else?
18:14:44 <ppiela> crushil: not yet. Getting a feel for how well it works. Today we have a mock of the IronicAPI inside the node-details controller spec, but it would be nice to have something that can e reused for the node-list controller
18:16:32 <crushil> ppiela, Cool. Please loop me in if you need any help. I am in the process of writing unit tests for driver work as well. Some of that work might be analogous to what you're doing
18:17:39 <ppiela> That's good to know! I would like to get your thoughts.
18:18:22 <crushil> Cool. Anything else ppiela?
18:18:29 <ppiela> Nope
18:18:43 <crushil> #topic Priorities
18:19:46 <crushil> Aside from the reviews, I don't see any other priorities at this time. If there is nothing else from anyone, we can move to open discussion?
18:20:07 <ppiela> sounds good
18:21:03 <crushil> #topic Open Discussion
18:21:33 <crushil> Does anyone have anything else to bring up? If not, we can potentially close this meeting?
18:21:51 <ppiela> I am good for this week
18:22:45 <crushil> Cool, well have a great week everyone. See ya next week
18:22:56 <ppiela> You too!
18:23:10 <crushil> #endmeeting