18:01:24 <TheJulia> #startmeeting ironic_ui
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18:01:48 <TheJulia> I'm wondering if we have enough people to actually have a meeting this week....
18:02:24 <ppiela> maybe not
18:02:29 <TheJulia> ppiela: I have a feeling it is just us this week.
18:03:41 <TheJulia> ppiela: I guess we can give it a little bit and defer to next week...
18:03:53 <ppiela> TheJulia: I corresponded with crushil: earlier, but no mention about the meeting either way
18:04:13 <crushil> \o
18:04:16 <TheJulia> o/
18:04:18 <crushil> I'm here
18:04:20 <TheJulia> Awesome
18:04:30 <TheJulia> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-ui
18:04:35 <TheJulia> Our Agenda, as always...
18:05:20 <TheJulia> Given it just seems to be us three, do we want to jump strait to open discussion?
18:05:30 <crushil> Sure
18:05:40 <ppiela> yes
18:05:45 <TheJulia> #topic Open Discussion
18:06:20 <TheJulia> So I have nothing, aside I've been reviewing as stuff has popped up, there is one review I would like another set of eyes on that ppiela posted.
18:06:27 <ppiela> Thanks to both of you for getting a bunch of patches landed
18:06:44 <crushil> TheJulia, Sure. I will look at it
18:07:05 <crushil> I actually had couple of questions if you don't mind
18:07:13 <TheJulia> ppiela: no problem
18:07:15 <TheJulia> crushil: Awesome
18:07:24 <TheJulia> crushil: ask away :)
18:07:41 <ppiela> I am continuing work on unit tests for the ironic service using a $httpbackend mock.
18:08:06 <ppiela> I plan on having a review up for feedback in the next day or so
18:08:12 <TheJulia> ppiela: awesome!
18:08:20 <crushil> Is there a Horizon UI to view IMM console/BMC console/Hypervisor Console in a GUI or have a link to open the hardware on the GUI?
18:08:45 <crushil> Does that question make sense or should I elaborate more?
18:09:15 <ppiela> I think it makes sense
18:09:55 <TheJulia> crushil: It does make sense, AIUI there is nova console access in horizon, but I've never played with it.
18:10:33 <crushil> TheJulia, I have used the nova console. But, what I want is to have a smooth integration with the backend's IMM view
18:11:16 <TheJulia> Ironic supports shellinabox which is what nova used to support, and socat which is basically like a serial port interface. Outside of Ironic, I don't really know, but the shellinabox view, from an ironic standpoint is just supposed to be a link.  The support ppiela added provides access to that link, or the information to connect to to get the console output
18:11:38 <ppiela> You should be able to control and view the BMC console using the... what TheJulia said
18:11:45 <TheJulia> :)
18:11:51 * TheJulia hopes that all makes sense
18:12:06 <crushil> Ok. Thanks. Is it documented somewhere as to how to set it up?
18:12:51 <TheJulia> I believe there is developer docs info on how.  That might be a little more complex depending on exactly what your looking/hoping/thinking of
18:13:27 <crushil> https://docs.openstack.org/developer/ironic/deploy/console.html. Is this it?
18:13:53 <ppiela> That's it
18:14:00 <crushil> Ok. Gotcha
18:14:33 <crushil> I will try to set this up in our lab this week. Thanks! :)
18:14:59 <ppiela> I wanted to embed the console in a node-details tab, but had problems, so just made a link
18:15:54 <TheJulia> That would still be awesome
18:15:59 <TheJulia> It is... not simple though
18:16:12 <TheJulia> At least for the UI side out to the user
18:16:31 <crushil> ppiela, So, right now which tab does the link show up in? Do you know whether it is well integrated with say Triple O?
18:16:37 <ppiela> I will probably revisit
18:17:42 <ppiela> node-details/overview
18:19:03 <TheJulia> I think TripleO only uses ironic from a initial deployment standpoint so they have a UI for managing that workflow with baremetal AIUI, I think they do package ironic-ui in like RDO
18:20:32 <crushil> Gotcha. Thanks ppiela and TheJulia!
18:21:02 <TheJulia> Anything else to discuss today?
18:21:16 <crushil> Nothing else from me
18:21:29 <ppiela> TheJulia: For 465972 I am not seeing merge conflicts
18:22:20 <TheJulia> like 163
18:22:23 <TheJulia> err, line
18:22:40 <TheJulia> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/465972/2/ironic_ui/static/dashboard/admin/ironic/node-list/node-list.html
18:23:05 <ppiela> oh, yeah
18:23:42 <ppiela> I see them now :-)
18:23:45 <TheJulia> :)
18:24:40 <ppiela> Oh boy! Not sure what happened there
18:24:46 <ppiela> blush
18:24:57 <TheJulia> It happens
18:25:04 <ppiela> With that, I am done
18:26:39 <TheJulia> crushil: Anything else?
18:26:57 <crushil> Nope
18:27:11 <TheJulia> Awesome, well thank you both!
18:27:25 <crushil> Thanks
18:27:27 <TheJulia> And we shall meet again next week! Same Time! Same Channel!
18:27:32 <crushil> lol
18:27:32 <ppiela> Thanks TheJulia, crushil
18:27:38 <TheJulia> #endmeeting