18:00:49 <TheJulia> #startmeeting ironic_ui
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18:01:02 <TheJulia> Who is here for an Ironic-UI meeting?
18:01:12 <anupn> o/
18:01:18 <anupn> Hi TheJulia
18:01:21 <ppiela> I am
18:01:23 <rama_y> o/
18:01:26 <TheJulia> Awesome!
18:01:57 <TheJulia> Our agenda, as always, can be found on the wiki.
18:01:59 <TheJulia> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-ui
18:02:19 <TheJulia> #topic Announcements
18:02:35 <TheJulia> The only thing I have is that we roughly have 3 weeks.  Does anyone have anything else?
18:02:45 <ppiela> Nope
18:03:17 <anupn> nope
18:03:36 <TheJulia> Awesome
18:03:38 <anupn> so after 3 weeks there will be a code freeze?
18:04:05 <anupn> i mean 3 weeks remaining for release right?
18:04:18 <TheJulia> anupn: not exactly, ironic does not adhere to the code freeze, but to be nice to the translation folks we want to cut a release for translation folks
18:04:28 <TheJulia> #topic Current Status
18:05:21 <TheJulia> it looks like we have made good progress over the last week
18:05:42 <anupn> yup
18:05:57 <anupn> test framework landed, yay!
18:06:14 <anupn> Thanks to Peter for great stuff
18:06:38 <ppiela> Yes, my goal for this week is to get the current portgroup-api patchset to land, and follow-up that allows ports to be assigned
18:06:55 <ppiela> ur welcome, thanks for the reviews
18:07:15 <anupn> :)
18:07:34 <anupn> My goal for this week is add tests for my driver composition patches
18:07:34 <TheJulia> Sounds good.  I would really <3 a release note on the port group change, fwiw
18:07:39 <TheJulia> Excellent
18:08:04 <ppiela> Absolutely, my next thing to do
18:08:45 <TheJulia> awesome
18:08:54 <TheJulia> rama_y: it also looks like you just updated the patch your working on
18:09:17 <TheJulia> So, I believe that covers current status, and planning.
18:09:31 <rama_y> TheJulia, ppiela has been helping with that patch
18:09:38 <TheJulia> Shall we move on to open discussion if there is nothing else?
18:09:40 <TheJulia> rama_y: awesome
18:09:40 <rama_y> thanks, ppiela
18:09:57 <ppiela> rama_y: sure
18:10:04 <anupn> i am fine with moving on
18:11:16 <TheJulia> #topic Open Discussion
18:11:24 <TheJulia> I really have nothing else to chat about this week :)
18:11:39 <ppiela> Me neither
18:11:41 <anupn> What are next things that we want to get covered in IRonic UI
18:12:19 <anupn> I mean do we have some things in mind that we want to be implemented in Ironic UI?
18:12:27 <rama_y> Yes, any other bugs?
18:13:01 <TheJulia> I've honestly not had time to really think abou it
18:13:02 <TheJulia> about it
18:13:35 <TheJulia> Realistically, we should likely think about things like volume connection information
18:13:50 <TheJulia> we are close to landing that in ironic, hopefully in the next week or so
18:13:52 <ppiela> We are still significantly behind the Ironic feature set, and they keep adding more.
18:14:10 <TheJulia> yup
18:14:13 <anupn> Hmm, yeah
18:14:25 <ppiela> raid-configuration is something we have talked about
18:14:29 <anupn> also rescue (although not see it getting landed soon)
18:14:37 <rama_y> yes, raid-config
18:14:51 <anupn> but rama_y is working on raid_config right?
18:14:52 <TheJulia> raid would be a good place to hit, especially since the data structure is standardized
18:15:37 <rama_y> I picked it up
18:15:52 <rama_y> I can start working on that.
18:16:25 <TheJulia> awesome
18:16:47 <ppiela> Thanks rama_y: I think that will be a chunk of work
18:17:37 <ppiela> Should we do batch enrollment from a file?
18:17:59 <TheJulia> I guess that is used some
18:18:17 <TheJulia> I'm just not sure how often it is used
18:21:31 <ppiela> There is also support for the work mgoddard is doing on physical networking
18:21:53 <anupn> oh yeah
18:21:54 <TheJulia> ppiela: That would be something good to target for the next cycle
18:22:06 <anupn> but he has not yet fully landed all the patches
18:22:21 <ppiela> yes
18:26:03 <ppiela> And there are many more unit tests to be written :)
18:26:43 <TheJulia> Indeed :)
18:26:49 <TheJulia> Anything else for us to chat about today?
18:27:00 <ppiela> I'm good
18:27:34 <anupn> nothing from me
18:28:12 <rama_y> same here
18:28:59 <TheJulia> Awesome, well, we shall talk again next week.  See you all in #openstack-ironic in the mean time!
18:29:03 <TheJulia> Thank you everyone!
18:29:14 <rama_y> o/
18:29:20 <anupn> Thanks all
18:29:21 <ppiela> Bye
18:30:12 <TheJulia> #endmeeting