18:02:30 <TheJulia> #startmeeting ironic_ui
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18:02:36 <TheJulia> Sorry for running a little late folks
18:02:40 <crushil> \o
18:02:45 <anupn> no problem
18:02:50 <rama_y> o/
18:03:25 <TheJulia> Our agenda as always can be found on the wiki
18:03:27 <TheJulia> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Ironic-ui
18:03:45 <TheJulia> It looks like our agenda is our boiler plate agenda, so hopefully, today's meeting should go quickly.
18:03:57 <TheJulia> #topic Announcements/Reminders
18:04:33 <TheJulia> #info TheJulia is planning on cutting a release for ironic-ui on Thursday if there are no objections.
18:05:02 <anupn> no objections from me
18:05:26 <TheJulia> #info This is also Pike-3, and while ironic projects don't adhere to the feature freeze, we do need to get a release out the door to be nice to translation efforts.
18:05:26 <anupn> was trying to get the driver composition patches landed, but looks difficult now
18:05:41 <TheJulia> It happens :(  we can talk about that in status
18:05:59 <TheJulia> Anyone have anything to announce or bring up for reminders?
18:08:26 <TheJulia> I guess not...
18:08:41 <TheJulia> #topic Current Status
18:09:41 <TheJulia> crushil, anupn, thank you both for reviewing ppeila's current revisions
18:10:13 <anupn> np
18:11:33 <TheJulia> If you two want to review the other outstanding revision you've both  not reviewed, according to gerrit, that would be appreciated.  I'm anticipating +A'ing them later today if nobody objects.
18:12:00 <crushil> TheJulia, will do
18:12:10 <anupn> TheJulia, will do
18:12:13 <rama_y> Sure
18:12:23 <TheJulia> The one last piece for doc-migration that we have in the repo is https://review.openstack.org/#/c/480240/ and it does need another reviewer
18:12:44 <TheJulia> That is all I have to report status wise.
18:13:09 <TheJulia> anupn: you mentioned the driver composition support?
18:14:03 <anupn> TheJulia, yes last week me and ppiela worked on changing the test framework for node-details.controller
18:14:26 <anupn> now it is up, and will submit a two test case for my patch
18:14:52 <anupn> but the patches are still under review and hence said seems difficult to get it landed
18:15:13 <TheJulia> anupn: a new revision to the current patch your working on? or a follow-up revision?
18:15:36 <TheJulia> anupn: if your relying upon ppeila's patches, that hopefully we will have those landed later today
18:16:06 <anupn> a new revision to the current patch i am working on
18:16:42 <TheJulia> awesome, do you think that will be before thursday?
18:17:03 <anupn> cool, i just need the changes in this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486711/
18:17:14 <TheJulia> okay
18:17:19 <anupn> i hope so
18:17:21 <TheJulia> Anyone have anything else?
18:17:22 <anupn> before thursday
18:17:29 <TheJulia> :)
18:20:11 <TheJulia> I guess we can move on
18:20:30 <TheJulia> #topic Priorities
18:21:04 <TheJulia> The only thing I have that might be considered a priority is I may need a quick review on release notes.  Since I'm hoping to cut the release thursday, I might have to update the release notes.
18:21:37 <anupn> sure
18:21:38 <TheJulia> I'll reach out if I need some quick reviews
18:22:15 <TheJulia> Anyone with anything else?
18:23:58 * TheJulia hears crickets :)
18:24:00 <rama_y> sure
18:24:11 <rama_y> I mean, for reviews!
18:24:19 <TheJulia> :)
18:24:24 <TheJulia> Okay, Moving on!
18:24:25 <TheJulia> #topic Open Discussion
18:25:36 <TheJulia> I did want to bring up the topic of the PTG in a little over a month. If you'll be attending, it would be awesome to put your name under the list of attendees, and if there are any items you wish to discuss, ironic-ui specific, or not, can go on the list of topics.
18:25:39 <TheJulia> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-queens-ptg
18:26:01 <anupn> cool
18:26:24 * anupn still waiting to see if company can send me :(
18:27:24 <TheJulia> I'll likely sift through features/bugs in advance, and bring that up at one of our meetings in the future.
18:28:27 * TheJulia hopes you get to go :)
18:28:51 <TheJulia> Does anyone have anything else for discussion this week?
18:29:01 <anupn> nothing from my side
18:29:08 <rama_y> ditto
18:30:39 <TheJulia> Well, in that case, I guess we are done for the week
18:30:46 <TheJulia> Thanks everyone!
18:30:49 <anupn> Thanks all
18:31:20 <TheJulia> #endmeeting