18:00:55 <TheJulia> #startmeeting ironic_ui
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18:01:01 <TheJulia> o/
18:04:46 <TheJulia> hmmmm
18:07:08 <anup> Hi all, and sorry for joining few minutes late
18:07:15 <TheJulia> anup: no worries!
18:07:25 <TheJulia> Have you heard from ppeila recently?
18:07:33 <anup> nope
18:07:41 <anup> let me ping him
18:07:41 <TheJulia> hmmm :(
18:08:42 * anup pings ppiela
18:08:58 <anup> TheJulia, So right now i see only my patch that is open
18:09:06 <anup> and no other patch is there for review
18:09:21 <TheJulia> Yeah, it is rather quiet in ironic-ui land
18:09:34 <anup> TheJulia, hmm
18:10:07 <TheJulia> It has likely not helped that I've been sick off and on the last few weeks.
18:10:13 * anup feels no need of addressing by name there is only two of us :D
18:10:51 <anup> TheJulia, that's fine. Glad you are feeling good now
18:11:03 <anup> but heard you are taking meds this week also
18:11:20 <TheJulia> I guess lets defer until next week. I'm just hoping we can add vif functionality this cycle
18:11:41 <anup> So, I have not really picked a major feature so far is because Intel is not sure how much they want to continue into Ironic-UI
18:12:20 <TheJulia> I had a feeling that was the case :(
18:12:22 <anup> I am still giving my own time to make sure i review and get the driver composition patch landed
18:12:35 <TheJulia> I did actually get some operator feedback recently!
18:12:50 <TheJulia> anup: thanks!
18:12:56 <anup> how is the feedback?
18:13:18 <TheJulia> #info Deferring meeting until next week - Lack of quorum.
18:13:38 <TheJulia> #info Recent operator feedback: Very happy, Very useful, would <3 for the panel name to be more consistent.
18:13:54 <TheJulia> which should be a quick fix
18:13:56 <anup> hurray
18:14:45 <anup> thanks for reaching out to operators
18:14:46 <TheJulia> I think there was another minor ask, but I'm not remembering it at the moment.
18:15:01 <anup> also what panel name you are talking?
18:15:34 <anup> "Baremetal Ironic provision" that one?
18:15:39 <TheJulia> When loaded, I believe it says "Ironic Baremetal", it should just be "Baremetal"
18:15:45 <TheJulia> that might be it
18:16:13 <anup> yeah, that is an easy fix. We will do that
18:16:20 <TheJulia> anup: thanks!
18:16:36 <anup> okay, i think we should continue the discussion in the next one
18:17:05 <anup> I did not got any ping back from ppiela
18:17:49 <TheJulia> Okay, thanks anup!
18:18:09 <TheJulia> Have a wonderful day!
18:18:11 <TheJulia> #endmeeting