14:59:42 <yuval> #startmeeting karbor
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15:00:05 <yuval> Hello everybody
15:00:10 <yuval> Welcome to Karbor meeting
15:01:05 <yuval> Who's here for the Karbor meeting?
15:02:30 <zhonghua-lee> hi
15:02:40 <saggi> Hi
15:02:51 <yuval> oh, hey saggi
15:03:05 <saggi> Hi. On the phone.
15:03:34 <xiangxinyong> Hello
15:04:59 <yuval> Well, let's begin
15:05:16 <yuval> #topic Dashboard Tasks
15:05:28 <yuval> I noticed there are a few things missing in dashboard
15:05:37 <yuval> 1. we have no scheduled operations page
15:05:57 <yuval> scheduled operations created for plans can not be deleted/edited
15:07:07 <yuval> 2. pages displaying objects, such as checkpoint page, trigger page, etc, do not update the objects statuses
15:07:24 <yuval> if a checkpoint is being created, it will stay so until the page is refreshed
15:07:36 <yuval> 3. you can not edit a plan
15:07:58 <yuval> xiangxinyong: what do you think about these?
15:08:34 <xiangxinyong> yuval:about 1
15:09:07 <xiangxinyong> as I mentioned, should we add a panel for scheduled operation?
15:09:31 <xiangxinyong> or add the scheduled operation into operation logs panel?
15:09:32 <yuval> xiangxinyong: do we have an alternative?
15:10:16 <yuval> xiangxinyong: not sure how can it fit inside the operation log panel
15:10:46 <saggi> I think it should have a separate tab.
15:11:35 <xiangxinyong> but what's the difference between the two panels?
15:12:28 <yuval> xiangxinyong: scheduled operations is which operation assigned to which trigger. operations log shows past and current running operations
15:14:12 <yuval> xiangxinyong: regarding 2, I posted a bug regarding it, with details on how cinder handles volume creation
15:15:10 <xiangxinyong> yuval: it means we will show scheduled_operations and scheduled_operation_logs table's data
15:15:41 <xiangxinyong> scheduled_operations table's data is in the scheduled operations panel?
15:16:00 <yuval> xiangxinyong: if I get your right, then yes
15:16:04 <yuval> *you
15:16:16 <xiangxinyong> scheduled_operation_logs table's data is in the operation logs panel?
15:16:39 <yuval> yes
15:16:56 <xiangxinyong> what about the restores?
15:17:11 <xiangxinyong> we add another panel to show restores?
15:17:25 <yuval> yes, that too
15:18:15 <xiangxinyong> oh. big change.
15:18:33 <yuval> well, that's a discussion
15:19:08 <xiangxinyong> at present, we have not API interface aboutscheduled_operation_logs
15:19:31 <xiangxinyong> at present, we have no API interface about scheduled_operation_logs
15:19:34 <xiangxinyong> sorry
15:19:54 <yuval> I'll continue to the next topic
15:20:11 <yuval> #topic Protectables issues
15:20:19 <yuval> 2 issues here:
15:20:39 <yuval> 1. we list protectables that might be not in an available status
15:21:02 <yuval> 2. glance protectable lists kernel and ramdisk, and I'm not sure it is supposed to
15:21:47 <yuval> Also, when we show a plan that includes a deleted resource, we get an error in dashboard
15:22:00 <yuval> I'll open bugs for all of these
15:22:22 <yuval> #topic Open Discussion
15:22:34 <yuval> leon_wang: I believe you wanted to bring something up?
15:22:44 <leon_wang> yuval:yes
15:23:42 <leon_wang> I have a proposal that we can collect requirements from OPNFV about Recurer and then launch them in Karbor as BP.What do you think?
15:24:05 <leon_wang> sorry, Rescurer
15:24:41 <yuval> what is rescurer?
15:25:08 <leon_wang> The reason is below:as a system integrater, OPNFV can provide some requirements from customers, I think it would be win-win.
15:25:44 <leon_wang> yuval: it's a project about data protection.
15:26:11 <zhonghua-lee> leon_wang: protection for what?
15:26:15 <leon_wang> yuval: We will propose it in OPNFV soon.
15:27:21 <leon_wang> zhonghua-lee: one of OPNFV key components is OpenStack, so it is what it means.
15:27:23 <zhonghua-lee> leon_wang: I think i am very interested in that, could you please introduce more?
15:28:56 <leon_wang> zhonghua-lee:Since OPNFV will set up a Storage WG, then we want to propose a project about data protection.
15:30:29 <zhonghua-lee> leon_wang: what's that meaning? what's the difference between Rescurer and Karbor?
15:31:14 <leon_wang> zhonghua-lee:it's totally different. the former only collects requirements.
15:33:01 <zhonghua-lee> leon_wang:only collect requirements, does that mean there is no project?
15:33:15 <zhonghua-lee> no really coding project
15:33:19 <leon_wang> yeah
15:33:39 <zhonghua-lee> make sense, sounds a good idea.
15:33:39 <yuval> leon_wang: sounds like there is a room for collaboration
15:33:55 <yuval> *is room
15:33:57 <leon_wang> yuval:what do you mean?
15:34:26 <yuval> leon_wang: we would like to hear more about your proposal
15:34:49 <zhonghua-lee> yuval:yeah, me too
15:36:03 <yuval> anything else?
15:36:17 <leon_wang> yuval: it's my rough thoughts, if you guys thinks it so, I will communicate with OPNFV about concrete things/
15:36:34 <yuval> leon_wang: we would like to hear more
15:37:03 <leon_wang> They will hold workshop next week and i can communicate with them.
15:37:18 <yuval> great
15:37:18 <leon_wang> thanks yuval and zhonghua-lee.
15:37:23 <yuval> thank you!
15:37:31 <yuval> anything else?
15:37:33 <zhonghua-lee> leon_wang: thank you
15:37:53 <leon_wang> yuval:one thing left.
15:38:30 <leon_wang> yuval:about the bp about user isolation,what should i do next?
15:39:16 <yuval> leon_wang: we will discuss it on your patch, and once approved we can start moving to code
15:39:41 <leon_wang> yuval:ok, thanks
15:39:55 <leon_wang> I'm done.
15:39:55 <yuval> good night :)
15:39:58 <yuval> #endmeeting