09:00:12 <yuval> #startmeeting karbor
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09:00:24 <yuval> Hello, and welcome to Karbor's weekly meeting!
09:00:35 <chenhuayi_> hi
09:00:44 <yuval> \ (•◡•) /
09:01:03 <yuval> waiting a couple of minutes for more people to arrive
09:02:27 <zhonghua2> hi
09:02:35 <edisonxiang> hello
09:03:02 <yuval> #info chenhuay, zhonghua, xiang in meeting
09:03:12 <yuval> lets begin
09:03:18 <zhongjun_> hi
09:03:27 <yuval> I guess chenying and zhangshuai are busy
09:03:38 <yuval> #info zhongjun in meeting
09:03:57 <yuval> #topic Task assignments
09:04:00 <chenying__> hi
09:04:12 <yuval> #link https://ethercalc.openstack.org/karbor-pike
09:04:26 <yuval> we have assignees for most high priority tasks
09:04:53 <yuval> please take a look and see if you can take something from high/med priority on yourselves
09:05:09 <yuval> also, change only assignee part of the doc
09:05:26 <chenying__> 'Deployment Guide zhangshuai has worked on this task.
09:05:44 <zhonghua2> yuval, can everyone change the documents?
09:06:06 <yuval> zhonghua2: yes, but please only change assignee, not priority or tasks
09:07:29 <zhonghua2> yuval, ok, +1
09:07:43 <yuval> In this part of the cycle, we should work mainly on specs and reach concensus
09:08:27 <yuval> #topic Open Discussion
09:08:35 <zengchen> yuval:got it
09:08:46 <yuval> Nothing on the agenda right now, if you have anything you want to talk about - now is the time
09:08:47 <chenhuayi_> yuval, network plugin waiting to be reviewd.
09:09:31 <chenhuayi_> it holds for more than one week.
09:09:32 <yuval> chenhuayi_: thanks for the notice
09:09:50 <yuval> everybody, please take a look at chenhuayi's patches about the network plugin
09:10:00 <yuval> chenhuayi_: I hope I'll be able to get to it later this week or next week
09:10:19 <chenhuayi_> yuval, thanks.
09:10:28 <yuval> chenhuayi_: are you working on something else in the meantime?
09:10:45 <chenhuayi_> yeah, start to work on S3.
09:11:15 <yuval> chenhuayi_: that's low priority for pike
09:12:04 <chenhuayi_> we will surport S3 and OBS(huawei)
09:12:12 <chenhuayi_> so I start with S3.
09:12:19 <yuval> chenhuayi_: we could use some help on high/med items, both in code and reviews
09:12:23 <chenying__> yuval about the task Trove Protection/Protectable Plugin
09:12:23 <chenying__> 
09:13:35 <chenhuayi_> yuval, which job may i start?
09:13:39 <chenying__> yuval I don't think is in low priority for pike. Last time  you said we will not  integrate with freezer now. Trove plugin will be the only way to protect database like mysql.
09:15:07 <yuval> chenhuayi_: reviewing specs, writing docs guides, OpenStack Ansible, python 3.5 or WSGI goals
09:15:19 <yuval> chenying__: freezer is low priority as well
09:15:40 <yuval> chenying__: low priority = we will do it, once we finish the rest
09:15:51 <chenying__> yuval That may be the question: we don't have a solution to protect database mysql.
09:15:51 <yuval> chenying__: low priority != we will not do it
09:16:25 <chenying__> yuval  OK I know.
09:16:34 <yuval> chenying__: trove is completely different than freezer on that
09:17:06 <chenying__> yuval: Of course, I know it.
09:17:35 <chenying__> yuval freezer is backup tool with agent. Trove is a database a service project.
09:17:54 <chenying__> database as a service project
09:18:09 <yuval> chenying__: from my point of view, both are important to karbor, but we have more important tasks until the end of pike
09:18:46 <yuval> chenying__: what do you think?
09:20:11 <chenying__> yuval  OK I will focus this task later.
09:20:18 <yuval> chenying__: great
09:20:19 <yuval> anything else?
09:20:56 <chenhuayi_> yuval, i can work on the ansible.
09:21:02 <yuval> chenhuayi_: great! :)
09:23:36 <yuval> thank you all for attending
09:24:04 <yuval> #endmeeting