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09:00:31 <yuval> Hello everybody
09:00:37 <yuval> and welcome to Karbor's weekly meeting
09:01:03 <yuval> we have a few things on the agenda today
09:01:13 <jiaopengju> hi
09:01:13 <yuval> ( https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Karbor )
09:02:18 <yuval> hey jiaopengju
09:02:39 <jiaopengju> hi yuval
09:02:46 <chenying_> hi
09:03:06 <zengchen> hello
09:03:08 <yuval> let's wait a bit for chenying_ zhonghua2 zengchen
09:03:14 <yuval> yay
09:03:16 <yuval> :)
09:03:53 <chenying_> waiting for chenhuayi
09:03:53 <yuval> #topic Files backup scene
09:04:02 <zengchen> zhonghua2 is in conference.
09:04:07 <yuval> jiaopengju: you put this topic, right?
09:04:13 <jiaopengju> yes
09:04:34 <chenying_> jiaopengju is from china mobile.
09:06:08 <yuval> jiaopengju: would you like to ask something, discuss something specific about it?
09:07:19 <chenying_> he has a use case file backup, he want to use karbor to backup file, so that it can be used in their openstack cloud.
09:08:26 <jiaopengju> that's what i want to say
09:09:16 <yuval> ok, regarding 'where to backup', in karbor we have an object called 'bank' which is an abstraction of an object storage
09:10:17 <yuval> regarding 'how to backup': what did you have in mind? guest agent?
09:10:26 <jiaopengju> yes, I have tested it mounth ago
09:10:43 <chenying_> So he submit a topic about file backup. what we  need be discuss it that whether karbor need consider this use case file backup,  what's is  the solution about it? As we know, file this resource is not managed by openstack, how to query, how to protect?
09:11:28 <chenying_> yuval  guest agent is one optional way to get and protect the files in vm.
09:12:10 <yuval> jiaopengju: could be a guest agent or os specific - scp
09:12:25 <yuval> one of the challenges we have here, is the restore target
09:12:51 <jiaopengju> I think guest agent would be better.
09:13:34 <jiaopengju> How to use scp in this situation? scp the files to karbor node and then backup them ?
09:13:39 <chenying_> scp this way is not invasive.
09:15:19 <jiaopengju> scp will have some security problems
09:15:38 <yuval> jiaopengju: which security problems?
09:16:06 <chenying_> So the guest agent is provided by karbor or integrate with other opensource backup software?
09:16:30 <chenying_> if we choose use guest agent to get/backup file in the vm ?
09:17:13 <chenying_> scp this way. It means that use need provide the usename/password about the vm.
09:17:15 <yuval> chenying_: we can have a protection plugin for each
09:17:55 <jiaopengju> In our environment, we always disabled the port 22 and users' password should not be used by the backup service(I think)
09:18:50 <chenying_> yuval: we can have a protection plugin for each. You mean two plugins about integrate with  guest agent in the vm?
09:19:12 <yuval> chenying_: we can have a protection plugin for scp and a protection plugin to interact with each guest agent
09:20:41 <yuval> jiaopengju: let's say you don't use scp. How will karbor interact with the guest agent?
09:20:46 <chenying_> yuval I see. But the guest agent, Does it means that karbor need provide it?
09:21:28 <chenying_> jiaopengju What's your oppions about the guest agent?
09:21:44 <yuval> chenying_: I'm speaking theoretically first
09:21:44 <jiaopengju> yuval: how about http?
09:21:59 <yuval> jiaopengju: you want the guest agent to leave an open http port?
09:23:50 <jiaopengju> that will be one way to achieve the guest agent.
09:24:41 <chenying_> It is one communication way between plugins and guest agent.
09:25:19 <jiaopengju> What I concerned most is how the users can use it conveniently
09:26:15 <chenying_> The deployment about guest agent to vm is another problom.
09:28:20 <jiaopengju> if scp will give more conveniently and consider the 'security problems(I think)' , I think it can be acceptted.
09:28:53 <yuval> jiaopengju: what about restore? you intend on restoring into running nova instances?
09:30:17 <jiaopengju> At the same time ,we should consider the impression to karbor node  of the data flow that generated by the backup
09:30:30 <jiaopengju> yuval: yes
09:30:39 <yuval> jiaopengju: what do you mean?
09:31:53 <jiaopengju> when using scp, kabor node and vms will have data transfer
09:31:59 <chenying_> the data transfer rate control?
09:32:06 <jiaopengju> sorry about my english
09:32:35 <jiaopengju> chenying_: that's what I want to say, you know me
09:34:29 <yuval> jiaopengju: btw, we plan on integrating a freezr plugin in karbor
09:34:59 <yuval> jiaopengju: I see you are active there as well
09:35:47 <jiaopengju> yes, I am testing freezer as well
09:36:56 <yuval> jiaopengju: it doesn't contradict. As I said, we plan on creating a plugin for it in karbor
09:37:17 <chenying_> integrating a freezr plugin in karbor only for backuping files. IMO, it is too heavy for user.
09:40:25 <jiaopengju> karbor do well on backup management,  but our need comes from users(include true user and engineers) ask me to add file backups, so that we can meet the users' needs .
09:41:45 <yuval> jiaopengju: we would definitely like to hear more about your use case, and how you plan to use Karbor for it. Mind if we continue this in Karbor channel later?
09:41:45 <jiaopengju> So I am confusing how to meet this need when we use karbor
09:42:01 <jiaopengju> ok
09:42:13 <chenying_> jiaopengju So now the volume and vm protection plugins can meet your requirements?
09:42:23 <jiaopengju> yes!
09:42:50 <jiaopengju> I have tested for mounths
09:42:52 <yuval> jiaopengju: I know it is late in China now, and tomorrow I'm attending a convention. Want to schedule in Karbor channel, Thursday 15:00 China time?
09:43:19 <chenying_> yuval He want use karbor to protect volume/VM and file, in one sinlge backup service.
09:43:29 <yuval> chenying_: I understand
09:43:39 <jiaopengju> yuval: ok, thank you very much
09:43:48 <yuval> chenying_: can you come as well?
09:44:00 <chenying_> I am OK. I will.
09:44:24 <yuval> great
09:44:36 <yuval> #topic Volume backup restore
09:44:37 <yuval> chenying_: ?
09:45:00 <chenying_> yes this topic is mine.
09:45:15 <yuval> chenying_: Volume backups are block-level aware. Karbor should not try to mount these volumes anyhow
09:46:13 <chenying_> yuval If we can support file level protection and restore. I think we don't need consider restore a file form volume backups/
09:46:29 <yuval> chenying_: similar to what jiaopengju said?
09:46:41 <chenying_> yuval Yes.
09:47:05 <chenying_> The key is file-level restoration.
09:47:48 <yuval> chenying_: the tricky thing is that currently restoring a resource is creating the resource
09:47:58 <yuval> chenying_: into a project
09:48:13 <yuval> chenying_: when we speak about a file, we need to restore into an instance
09:48:48 <chenying_> I understand.
09:49:16 <yuval> chenying_: we can solve by adding the instance uuid or network address (in case of an in guest agent) into the parameterised restore
09:50:46 <chenying_> some infor about the instance could be pass by the parameter of restore API. I think it is OK.
09:51:21 <yuval> chenying_: great
09:51:27 <yuval> anything else on that?
09:51:57 <chenying_> Now I don't have any more topic.
09:52:08 <yuval> #topic open discussion
09:52:25 <yuval> chenying_: we should be releasing an intermediary release soon
09:53:16 <yuval> chenying_: let's see if we can have it by end of next week
09:54:28 <chenying_> yuval OK.
09:54:47 <yuval> great
09:54:49 <yuval> thanks for attending
09:54:54 <yuval> :)
09:55:08 <chenying_> bye
09:55:10 <jiaopengju> bye
09:55:11 <yuval> #endmeeting