15:00:08 <yuval> #startmeeting karbor
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15:00:23 <yuval> Hello and welcome to Karbor's weekly meeting!
15:00:39 <chenying_> hi
15:00:47 <yuval> hey chenying_ :)
15:00:52 <yuval> #info chenying in meeting
15:01:13 <yuval> chenying_: anyone else coming?
15:01:56 <chenying_> I don't know. I am at home.
15:02:01 <yuval> I see
15:02:11 <yuval> nothing on the agenda today, so:
15:02:16 <yuval> #topic Open Discussion
15:02:24 <chenying_> Just one thing. I will
15:03:13 <chenying_> I will register a topic about data protection for openstack day china next month.
15:03:24 <yuval> chenying_: great!
15:04:22 <yuval> chenying_: do you need help with anything?
15:04:35 <chenying_> This topic, I will speach with jiaopengju. He will introduce some usecase about openstack data portection in his company.
15:06:00 <yuval> chenying_: sounds very good. Would it be possible to upload the video afterwards?
15:06:17 <chenying_> yuval Now  don't need any.  If we finish the topic slide , you can help us to review it.
15:06:36 <chenying_> Would it be possible to upload the video afterwards?  I don't know.
15:07:16 <yuval> anything else?
15:07:43 <chenying_> I make a mistake. The openstack day china will start in next next month.
15:08:18 <yuval> chenying_: ok
15:09:15 <yuval> chenying_: anything else you would like to discuss?
15:09:30 <chenying_> It sounds that the use case about k8s and openstack in this Boston summit is very popular. So we may need think about some use case about container protection in openstack.
15:10:34 <chenying_> yuval Do you know the project zun.  container as a service in openstack.
15:10:38 <yuval> chenying_: yes
15:11:42 <chenying_> zun will expose a api about the snapshot of the container to tenant.
15:12:43 <chenying_> So we may need pay some attention to this project, zun.
15:14:46 <yuval> chenying_: I'll look into that
15:15:58 <chenying_> yinwei said she want to discuss some usease about volume replication in karbor.
15:16:25 <yuval> she's not here as far as I know
15:17:13 <chenying_> Yes. we can discuss it next time.
15:17:22 <yuval> chenying_: alright
15:18:20 <chenying_> I don't anything to discuss now.
15:19:11 <yuval> chenying_: I want to release a minor of karbor until end of week. Do we have anything open that you know about?
15:20:26 <chenying_> sound great. Do you means that is there any patches need be inculed in this version?
15:20:34 <yuval> yes
15:23:11 <chenying_> Some patches about bugfix could be included. It is just a minor version. I think it doesn't matter.
15:23:19 <yuval> alright
15:23:22 <yuval> thanks! :)
15:23:27 <yuval> have a good night
15:23:36 <chenying_> you too.
15:23:38 <yuval> #endmeeting