09:02:59 <chenying_> #startmeeting karbor
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09:03:10 <chenying_> hi
09:03:19 <jiaopengju> hi chenying_
09:03:34 <chenying_> hi good afternoon
09:03:43 <jiaopengju> :)
09:03:44 <zhongjun> Hi chenying_
09:03:57 <chenying_> hi zhongjun
09:04:46 <chenying_> #topic Open Discussion
09:05:25 <chenying_> do you have anything want to discuss ?
09:05:46 <jiaopengju> image verification
09:05:48 <xiangxinyong> hello
09:06:39 <chenying_> As we know the verification has been introduced to karbor.
09:07:44 <jiaopengju> chenying_: yes. If we want do the verification about images, we may need store the md5 of image chunks
09:07:54 <chenying_> The verify action of some plugins is to check the status of backup or snapshot resources.
09:09:10 <chenying_> The backup of images are saved to swift bank. so we may need consider checking the md5
09:09:20 <chenying_> of images chunks.
09:09:53 <jiaopengju01> chenying_: This means we should add some new interfaces of the banks
09:10:06 <chenying_> does swift have a Ali to check the
09:10:11 <chenying_> md5
09:10:18 <chenying_> of objects.
09:10:27 <jiaopengju01> yes
09:11:19 <chenying_> That is what I worry about, the new interfaces of banks may be needed.
09:11:55 <chenying_> I worry about that it may bring lots of changes to bank interfaces.
09:13:05 <jiaopengju01> yes. In fs bank, we may do md5sum in erery verification action
09:13:54 <jiaopengju01> chenying_: swift and s3 bank can store the md5 value as part of the object.
09:14:49 <chenying_> jiaopengju could you please to write a spec about the verify action of images plugins. it can show the detail about the feature.
09:15:24 <jiaopengju01> chenying_: ok, I will write it
09:17:34 <chenying_> Is there a solution that will not bring changes to bank interfaces. As we know, the bank nodule is a base module of karbor.  If it has been changed, we need consider all existed bank plugins, and also need consider the plugins that want to be introduced.
09:18:49 <jiaopengju01> chenying_: I will try to find out that
09:19:44 <chenying_> if you have any idea about it, we can discuss it in the karbor irc channel.
09:20:28 <jiaopengju> chenying_: ok
09:20:53 <jiaopengju01> ok
09:22:30 <chenying_> so next one ?
09:22:38 <jiaopengju01> ok
09:24:22 <chenying_> The spec about protection parameters retention has been merged
09:24:53 <chenying_> gengchangcai is not online
09:25:32 <chenying_> he now can continue the work about the feature.
09:26:25 <jiaopengju01> I have saw the patch about the feature (not spec)
09:28:10 <chenying_> he need introduce a new protection type with retention parameters to operation engine service.
09:30:58 <jiaopengju01> yes, this should be commented to the patch
09:30:58 <chenying_> so do you have any idea about it
09:31:37 <chenying_> ok we can ping him if hi is online.
09:32:51 <chenying_> do you have any other thing want to discuss ?
09:33:42 <jiaopengju01> I don't have
09:36:34 <chenying_> so I will end this meeting.  we can discuss any topic in karbor irc channel at any time.
09:36:51 <jiaopengju> chenying_: ok
09:37:15 <chenying_> #endmeeting