09:06:08 <chenying_> #startmeeting karbor
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09:06:56 <jiaopengju> hi
09:07:01 <chenying_> hi
09:07:28 <chenying_> Is there any topic want to discuss?
09:07:54 <jiaopengju> no topic from me :)
09:08:11 <chenying_> Now the queens stable branch of karbor projects have been created.
09:08:33 <jiaopengju> that’s nice, very good job!
09:09:09 <chenying_> So if we don't have any topcis, wo could end this meeting. :)
09:09:18 <jiaopengju> ok :)
09:09:45 <chenying_> we can discss any questions in the karbor's irc meeting.
09:22:18 <chenying_> #endmeeting