09:42:44 <chenying> #startmeeting karbor
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09:42:54 <chenying> hi jiaopengju
09:43:06 <jiaopengju> hi chenying
09:44:13 <chenying> Now the queen of karbor has been released. Now we can start the rocky version of the karbor project.
09:45:23 <chenying> I have created a link for rocky karbor project.
09:45:24 <chenying> https://ethercalc.openstack.org/karbor-rocky
09:45:35 <jiaopengju> That’s good
09:46:05 <chenying> if we have any task of feature which want to introduce to karbor, we can add it to this link.
09:46:35 <chenying> Do you have any idea about the rocky version of karbor?
09:47:19 <jiaopengju> ok, imo, multi node trigger schedule should be enhanced
09:48:11 <chenying> Yes
09:48:51 <chenying> the goal for rocky also need be considered.
09:49:46 <jiaopengju> yes
09:49:51 <chenying> We can add it to this link.
09:51:16 <chenying> Do you have any other questions?
09:52:12 <jiaopengju> no
09:52:50 <jiaopengju> I will add my ideas to thie rocky link in few days
09:52:59 <chenying> Good idea.
09:52:59 <jiaopengju> thie/the
09:53:44 <jiaopengju> We should attract more contributors :)
09:54:07 <chenying> yes. We can add it to the link.
09:56:16 <chenying> So we can end this meeting. If you have any question, we can discuss it in karbor's irc meeting?
09:56:36 <jiaopengju> OK
09:59:13 <chenying> #endmeeting