09:08:25 <chenying> #startmeeting karbor
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09:08:46 <chenying> weclome to karbor irc meeting.
09:09:56 <chenying> ping jiaopengju
09:10:04 <jiaopengju> hi chenying
09:10:23 <chenying> Good afernoon.
09:10:32 <jiaopengju> :)
09:11:45 <chenying> we don't have any fixed topic today. Do you have anything want to discuss?
09:11:59 <chenying> https://ethercalc.openstack.org/karbor-rocky
09:12:25 <jiaopengju> not yet
09:13:24 <jiaopengju> oh, I forget it, and will add it ASAP
09:24:18 <chenying> So if we have any idea and features about karbor in rocky, we can add it to this links.
09:29:17 <jiaopengju> ok
09:30:26 <chenying> So I will end this meeting?
09:40:07 <chenying> #endmeeting