09:01:55 <jiaopengju> #startmeeting karbor
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09:02:15 <jiaopengju> hi guys
09:03:03 <jiaopengju> the meeting channel ‘openstack-meeting’ is still in use, so our meeting will be here, in karbor channel
09:03:37 <jiaopengju> #topic new core reviewers
09:06:24 <jiaopengju> Because recent contributors of karbor have decreased obviously, so I consider to add new core reviews from my work team, and help to do feature dev and code reviews
09:07:31 <jiaopengju> As no other core reviews are active, so I will add it immediatly
09:08:26 <jiaopengju> this is all the contents about todays meeting
09:08:43 <jiaopengju> #endmeeting