09:39:02 <jiaopengju> #startmeeting karbor
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09:39:38 <jiaopengju> topic karbor current community status
09:39:52 <jiaopengju> #topic karbor current community status
09:40:28 <jiaopengju> In this topic I'd like to discuss the current community status of karbor
09:41:15 <jiaopengju> We have few active core members now, so few feature can be push to the community
09:42:02 <liushuai> we need more coder
09:42:11 <jiaopengju> We would like to focus on major bug fixes on U cycle, until we have enough active members
09:42:22 <jiaopengju> Do you agree liushuai?
09:42:35 <liushuai> i agree
09:43:51 <jiaopengju> Here is the storyboard link for kabor, https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project/openstack/karbor, bugs can be found here.
09:44:32 <liushuai> ok, i got it
09:44:49 <jiaopengju> Another urgent thing is that, the fullstack tests always failed https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project/openstack/karbor
09:45:45 <jiaopengju> This has blocked the code merge. I will try to fix it.
09:47:21 <jiaopengju> do you have something to add? liushuai
09:47:27 <liushuai> no
09:47:52 <jiaopengju> Ok, let's got next
09:48:20 <jiaopengju> #topic karbor maintenance
09:49:25 <jiaopengju> I will be online most of the time, but do not have so much time to do the Q&A, so if I can not reply anyone's messages, please email to me
09:49:47 <jiaopengju> I will try my best to solve your questions
09:50:15 <jiaopengju> liushuai, if you have time, you can keep online too :)
09:51:28 <liushuai> you can email me if i don't reply in time
09:51:56 <jiaopengju> good
09:52:15 <jiaopengju> I will end the meeting now
09:52:22 <jiaopengju> bye bye, liushuai
09:52:30 <liushuai> bye bye, pengju
09:52:39 <jiaopengju> #endmeeting