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18:03:23 <stevemar> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/KeystoneMeeting
18:03:32 <morganfainberg> Means in can be the peanut gallery today :P
18:03:38 <morganfainberg> I*
18:03:49 <stevemar> morganfainberg: don't heckle too much
18:04:00 <stevemar> the agenda is small today
18:04:23 <stevemar> #topic Start restricting "/" in project names in Liberty
18:04:29 <stevemar> htruta_: rodrigods ^
18:04:30 <ayoung> +2A
18:04:31 <ayoung> next
18:04:35 <stevemar> lol
18:04:37 <htruta_> ayoung: lol
18:04:39 <raildo> lol
18:04:49 <htruta_> so, morganfainberg asked us to send an email to ml
18:04:49 <stevemar> yeah, i can't image there is much push back on this one
18:04:53 <ayoung> they are already restricted
18:04:57 <htruta_> including operators
18:05:02 <ayoung> since we build the URL out of them, they will break
18:05:03 <morganfainberg> Fwiw I like this plan. But i dont want to break people (operators)
18:05:04 <htruta_> no one answered
18:05:20 <morganfainberg> ayoung: we dont do urls by project name anywhere afaik
18:05:22 <bknudson> not everybody reads the mailing list
18:05:34 <ayoung> morganfainberg, not it Keystone, just everywhere else
18:05:39 <ayoung> oh, wait, no you are right
18:05:40 <htruta_> the only guy who answered said "Do you mean project names or project IDs?"
18:05:40 <ayoung> that is ID
18:05:45 <htruta_> heh
18:05:47 <ayoung> Crud
18:05:49 <rodrigods> there is no better broadcast AFAIK, bknudson
18:05:55 <ayoung> Just do it
18:06:04 <ayoung> anyone putting slashes in there is sick in the head anyway
18:06:06 <htruta_> we tried to give them voice, bknudson
18:06:26 <morganfainberg> We could probably just escape the / in the names (with a migration) and make clients smart about handing escaped variables
18:06:32 <morganfainberg> And/or horizon
18:06:39 <raildo> morganfainberg, ++
18:06:42 <dstanek> morganfainberg: that's not very restful
18:06:50 <stevemar> htruta_: rodrigods this is for displaying heirarchy?
18:07:00 <morganfainberg> dstanek: we still dont do anything by project name in urls
18:07:09 <htruta_> stevemar, this is for passing hierarchy in the future
18:07:11 <htruta_> with the slash
18:07:26 <rodrigods> htruta_, ++
18:07:26 <htruta_> in token body, env variables
18:07:28 <ayoung> new rule.  All names must be URL safe
18:07:30 <morganfainberg> dstanek: not very rest impacting
18:07:41 <htruta_> ayoung ++
18:07:50 <morganfainberg> ayoung: base64 encode all the things /s
18:07:50 <bknudson> all names must be english
18:08:08 <dstanek> if we're not talking about the URL then we should be fine and don't need any encoding
18:08:13 <ayoung> let me find the technical term
18:08:23 <dstanek> ayoung: awesome?
18:08:26 <morganfainberg> ayoung: url safe isnt good for utf-8 unless urlencoded.
18:08:31 <morganfainberg> Just fyi
18:08:38 <stevemar> wouldn't a global delimiter work better? and then check if the name includes the delimiter?
18:08:49 <ayoung> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986#page-10
18:08:55 <morganfainberg> dstanek: we need to expose a get-project-by name api. But that is something we can handle.
18:09:02 <htruta_> the slash would be it, stevemar
18:09:36 <dstanek> morganfainberg: hmmm....i think you can actually match a '/' in the routes regex
18:09:36 <rodrigods> let's use slash
18:09:39 <rodrigods> linux uses it
18:09:46 <ayoung> "All names must pass through URL encoding unchanged"  maybe?
18:09:46 <stevemar> i think swift uses it too
18:09:52 <htruta_> everybody likes slash: http://bigread.mojo4music.com/2014/01/slash/img/slash-portrait.jpg
18:09:54 <morganfainberg> Ok so i think a combo of two things solves the issue.
18:10:01 <htruta_> (sorry, I had to do this)
18:10:03 <lbragstad> htruta_: ++
18:10:03 <morganfainberg> This is from two proposals
18:10:12 <stevemar> htruta_: ++
18:10:13 <morganfainberg> Slash is default
18:10:23 <morganfainberg> Always preceed the hierarchy with the delimiter
18:10:33 <morganfainberg> so 1st character is the delimiter
18:10:39 <ayoung> Slash is default.  Clapton is God
18:10:43 <geoffarnold> We really do need a global standard for the delimiter. Old school Path Separator worked ok on an isolated machine, broke with distributed file systems
18:10:44 <rodrigods> morganfainberg, beautiful
18:10:45 <lbragstad> ayoung: +++
18:10:48 <morganfainberg> And the delimiter can be configured if needee
18:10:50 <htruta_> ayoung ++
18:10:53 <lbragstad> ayoung: fact
18:11:18 <geoffarnold> "first character is delimiter" is guranteed to confuse when someone gets it wrong
18:11:35 <morganfainberg> geoffarnold: we cant arbitrarily restrict a delimiter from
18:11:36 <rodrigods> so we have this new config that says the "prohibited" char? morganfainberg
18:11:37 <morganfainberg> Names.
18:11:40 <stevemar> i'm in favor of a configurable delimiter
18:11:42 <ayoung> morganfainberg, hell yes we can
18:11:55 <dstanek> if we use the first character will all project names from now on need to be specified with the delimiter?
18:11:56 <jamielennox> i'm anti a configurable delimiter
18:11:58 <morganfainberg> ayoung: no we cant. We cannot break current deployments.
18:12:13 <morganfainberg> We should use the ascii bell character instead >.>
18:12:16 <jamielennox> it's another switch that makes one deployment different to another for no real benefit
18:12:17 <htruta_> dstanek: no, we'll only pass the parent_id as we do today
18:12:24 <topol> please dont break current deployments
18:12:26 <ayoung> "Names must be usable as a segement of URLS.  Any Names that do not currently comply are not guarenteed to work with all future APIs"
18:12:45 <rodrigods> topol, we don't want to... we sent an email to -dev and -operators
18:12:46 <dstanek> htruta_: how do we know when to use the first character as a delimiter?
18:12:49 <geoffarnold> if any existing deployments use "/" in a project name, it will break
18:13:01 <bknudson> we can deprecate / in project names and switch in 6 months
18:13:02 <ayoung> names as they exist now will be grandfathered in, but will not work with HMT
18:13:05 <rodrigods> dstanek, it is not in the name, but in an extra field
18:13:10 <ayoung> or other, future APIS
18:13:10 <rodrigods> to specify the hierarchy
18:13:19 <htruta_> rodrigods ++
18:13:19 <rodrigods> the names remains like the "relative path"
18:13:34 <morganfainberg> Oh
18:13:36 <morganfainberg> Wait
18:13:39 <morganfainberg> deeeerrrp
18:13:42 <rodrigods> the "absolute path" would be an extra field
18:13:42 <stevemar> ayoung: yeah, just can't use them as part of HMT
18:13:43 <dstanek> now i'm really confused
18:13:53 <geoffarnold> Here's a test: how many people ever, anywhere, configured the Unix/Windows path sep to anything other than the default?
18:14:03 <morganfainberg> In the hierarchy just replace (when construtong) / with \/
18:14:09 <jamielennox> geoffarnold: you can do that?
18:14:13 <morganfainberg> Backslash slash
18:14:25 <ayoung> geoffarnold, I ofetn configure the Windows one with the Unix one.  Breaks all over the place.  I do this on systems for people I don't like
18:14:26 <morganfainberg> It works like posix would
18:14:38 <amakarov> morganfainberg, slashes are by default for HMT too?
18:14:58 <geoffarnold> So are we going to introduce POSIX-style configurability, or mandate "/"
18:15:11 <morganfainberg> Just make / the delimiter. But in the heirarchy doing \/ if / is in the name
18:15:15 <amakarov> morganfainberg, oh, right - "projects"
18:15:32 <dstanek> morganfainberg: ++
18:15:33 <morganfainberg> Or quote the names.
18:15:37 <topol> morganfainberg +++
18:15:43 <morganfainberg> Easy
18:15:45 <geoffarnold> I'm strongly against "first char is the sep". Imagine inadvertantly typing "abracadabra" and getting "a" as the sep
18:15:50 <htruta_> morganfainberg ++
18:15:52 <ericksonsantos> morganfainberg, ++
18:16:01 <ayoung> let's be very restrictive here
18:16:09 <topol> geoffarnold I agree
18:16:12 <morganfainberg> ayoung: slash is the delimiter.
18:16:18 <ayoung> "names must pass through URL Encoding unchanged"
18:16:29 <geoffarnold> +1
18:16:31 <morganfainberg> ayoung: if slash is in the name, escape it when buildong the hierarchy
18:16:41 <morganfainberg> That solves the grandfathered in issue
18:16:49 <rodrigods> +1000
18:16:56 <morganfainberg> And doesnt change anything for the operator
18:17:05 <ayoung> morganfainberg, works for me.
18:17:08 <topol> so what morganfainberg suggests is easy to understand and follow
18:17:10 <samueldmq> morganfainberg: just to make sure, if we already had \/ in the project name, that still works, right ?
18:17:16 <rodrigods> morganfainberg, should we change the current project names? or just in M?
18:17:26 <morganfainberg> samueldmq: you'd end up with \\/
18:17:35 <ayoung> we should advise that names will be used this way, and should not include characters that will be escaped
18:17:46 <morganfainberg> rodrigods: talk about being more restrictive in M with more operator feedback
18:17:54 <htruta_> so, in Liberty we'll just warn people?
18:18:00 <morganfainberg> I want to eliminate slash. But i want to avoid breaking anyone.
18:18:03 <geoffarnold> I'd like a "safe" mode in CLI and Horizon, rejecting "/" in non-HMT contexts
18:18:04 <htruta_> or will we already make this restriction?
18:18:06 <morganfainberg> Dont change anything in L
18:18:30 <morganfainberg> geoffarnold: we cant because everyhing is HMT soon
18:18:35 <bknudson> we'll need identty API v4 to support HMT
18:18:58 <geoffarnold> I mean any context where a token is meant to represent a node, not a path
18:19:01 <morganfainberg> So in specifying a hierarchy \/ == / in a prkect name
18:19:17 <morganfainberg> But onlu in the hierarchy represenataiton
18:19:47 <morganfainberg> Very similar to filesystem referencing special characters/spaces/etc
18:19:49 <ayoung> practical concern:  will our webobjectwhatever support that?
18:20:29 <morganfainberg> ayoung: since we dont do anything by project name as part of the url, (query string aside) we shpuld be ok
18:20:40 <ayoung> Yet.
18:20:53 <ayoung> morganfainberg, ...lets face it UUIDs are abusive
18:20:54 <htruta_> can't we filter something by the name?
18:20:56 <ayoung> people want names.
18:21:08 <morganfainberg> ayoung: so in m we talk about being more restrictive
18:21:31 <morganfainberg> We need more feedback before hard locking that out. Or knowing we need urlencoding
18:21:34 <ayoung> fair enough.  Works for me.  Although ,  I would argue we should be restrictive for new resources now...
18:21:46 <morganfainberg> This isnt really "new though"
18:21:46 <rodrigods> ayoung, ++
18:21:54 <ayoung> but that might put the hurt on upgrades that do a full export-import
18:21:57 <morganfainberg> And all projects are part of a hierarchy in l
18:22:09 <morganfainberg> ayoung: that too
18:23:13 <morganfainberg> Most cases we wont ever hit issues
18:23:26 <geoffarnold> So let's be clear: what will be in "L" and what in "M"? Is HMT usable in "L" (without APIv4?
18:23:28 <jamielennox> so we decided to not do project names are unique in a domain?
18:23:29 <morganfainberg> But we address where people put slashes into the names.
18:23:45 <htruta_> jamielennox, not yet
18:24:02 <morganfainberg> geoffarnold: we will not be doing an api v4 in L. And i dont want to talk about thst for M at this point
18:24:09 <ayoung> Meiji!
18:24:15 <geoffarnold> So is HMT usable in L?
18:24:20 <morganfainberg> geoffarnold: yes.
18:24:39 <ayoung> 明治
18:24:58 <morganfainberg> That is the plan. The only edge case is: if a project has a / in the name, do \/ in the hierarchy definition. Dont change the name
18:25:03 <morganfainberg> Think of it like a path
18:25:04 <geoffarnold> Good
18:25:06 <samueldmq> geoffarnold: it's already usable in K, for organizating the projects in a hierarchy (let's say representing a departmental organization, for ex)
18:25:26 <ayoung> OK...anything that needs formal approval for this htruta_ ?
18:25:33 <ayoung> spec or anything
18:25:38 <morganfainberg> ayoung: just an update to a spec
18:25:55 <morganfainberg> Unless anyone has concerns with the proposal?
18:26:10 <stevemar> 20 minutes on slash, good thing we only have 1 other topic
18:26:11 <jamielennox> so the plan will be if i create a new project and i name it "A/B/C", i'll automatically be creating a hierarchy?
18:26:17 <dstanek> morganfainberg: who has to do that escaping? the keystone servers or the clients?
18:26:23 <bknudson> it's not backwards compatible
18:26:27 <morganfainberg> dstanek: clients
18:26:32 <bknudson> so it violates the stability guidelines
18:26:42 <morganfainberg> bknudson: we dont require specification of the heirarchy today
18:26:49 <morganfainberg> So this doesnt break anything
18:26:55 <dstanek> jamielennox: i don't think so
18:27:06 <david8hu> is "A/B/C" absolute or relative?
18:27:07 <dstanek> morganfainberg: is there anyway we can do it on the server side?
18:27:10 <morganfainberg> The escape is only in the hierarchy representation.
18:27:18 <htruta_> jamielennox, we are not doing this, at least, not now. I think we should restrict using slash in create projects
18:27:25 <lbragstad> it should be relative, right?
18:27:27 <morganfainberg> dstanek: well the server will hand back the hierarchy like that if asked
18:27:45 <htruta_> jamielennox, we need parent_id (not name), a domain and a name
18:27:45 <morganfainberg> dstanek: but if they havent asked for the hierarchy, the client would need to construct it
18:28:04 <david8hu> It should be relative to the current project scope.
18:28:18 <stevemar> htruta_: create and set
18:28:18 <dstanek> if the server can has here is your project name and the hierarchy under which it sets they wouldn't have to - i don't like the idea of putting this kind of logic in the clients
18:28:54 <morganfainberg> dstanek: if you have the info from the server its fine. The part that the client needs to know is *if* you dont already have that info
18:29:01 <ayoung> if we are going to support creating a hierarchy, it should be a new API call.  like mkdir -P
18:29:04 <morganfainberg> Same as today.
18:29:29 <dstanek> morganfainberg: can't it ask for it?
18:29:32 <morganfainberg> If you know your project id, from previous query etc, you can use it
18:29:40 <jamielennox> ok, i didn't mean to derail that onto creation but i'm just trying to figure out where you would use this
18:29:47 <morganfainberg> Depends on auth by name
18:29:57 <dstanek> i worry that as we make changes we can't do it as easily is we have clients that depends on doing the logic themselves
18:29:57 <jamielennox> why using a slash is better than listing subprojects of the current project then doing things by id
18:29:59 <htruta_> jamielennox, it's on token request by project name
18:30:00 <morganfainberg> You may not be able to know it dstanek
18:30:46 <morganfainberg> Uuid/uuid/uuid is awful and borderline unusable from a ux
18:30:49 <stevemar> htruta_: if i'm authenticating with project name, do i have to supply the whole 'a/b/c' or just 'c' ?
18:31:06 <bknudson> so because we decided we're not going to change token request to use a list rather than a string now we're forced down this path of restricting project names to not have /
18:31:09 <ayoung> stevemar, whole thing if it is ambiguous
18:31:13 <bknudson> that was pretty sneaky
18:31:28 <morganfainberg> bknudson: we didnt restrict / from project names
18:31:28 <dstanek> stevemar: the whole thing if there is another project with the same name, i think
18:31:47 <jamielennox> ayoung: we can't say if it's ambiguous, if it works today where name is unique and suddenly tomorrow name is not unique then everything breaks
18:31:55 <bknudson> morganfainberg: that's the proposal -- don't allow / in project names
18:32:01 <morganfainberg> bknudson: we just require escaping / in the hierarchy specification thats all that is being proposed now
18:32:04 <bknudson> Start restricting "/" in project names in Liberty?
18:32:20 <morganfainberg> bknudson: right and weve shifted from that as incompatible
18:32:28 <geoffarnold> +1 bknudson
18:32:29 <htruta_> stevemar, I'd be fine if you passed just C when there is no conflict. if there is another C in the domain, you'd need the hierarchy
18:32:37 <morganfainberg> Though I would like to restrict that. We cant atm
18:32:39 <david8hu> bknudson, +1
18:33:05 <dstanek> stevemar: htruta_: that was/is one of my concerns about what the user has to know
18:33:09 <bknudson> so is htruta and rodrigods fine with that change?
18:33:28 <geoffarnold> So what will "GET /v3/projects" yield from the root of the HMT?
18:33:34 <dstanek> i'd be happier if they always had to provide an unambiguous project name
18:33:41 <morganfainberg> htruta, rodrigods ^^ bknudson's question
18:33:44 <rodrigods> dstanek, ++
18:33:50 <lbragstad> dstanek: ++
18:33:51 <rodrigods> bknudson, restricting / ?
18:34:09 <morganfainberg> Re the change to escape / vs restrict /
18:34:25 <morganfainberg> And escape only in the hierarchy representation
18:34:37 <ayoung> jamielennox, nothing else is backwards compatible
18:34:51 <stevemar> dstanek: yeah, that'll be clunky when authenticating i think
18:34:57 <rodrigods> morganfainberg, I'd be glad to follow any of them
18:35:10 <rodrigods> just looking for a consensus :)
18:35:25 <htruta_> i'd be okay with any of them, but I'd prefer restricting
18:35:25 <stevemar> project:{ name: {"a/b/c/"}} - i guess that works
18:35:43 <bknudson> doesn't work since it's not valid json
18:35:53 <stevemar> bknudson: it's valid
18:36:17 <morganfainberg> stevemar: uh. {"thing"} isnt
18:36:31 <dstanek> project: {root: 'a/b', name]'
18:36:36 <dstanek> ugg...
18:36:53 <morganfainberg> dstanek: still needs escapes but.. Sure?
18:37:05 <dstanek> project: {root: 'a/b', name: 'c'}    --or-- project: {name: 'a/b/c'}?
18:37:22 <stevemar> morganfainberg: oops, yeah, i was more concerned about slashes in the value part
18:37:25 <morganfainberg> dstanek: both need to handle / in the names.
18:37:33 <morganfainberg> But either work for me
18:37:35 <rodrigods> dstanek, {root: '/a/b', name: 'c'}
18:37:38 <rodrigods> I'd prefer
18:37:38 <ayoung> project: ['a','b','c']
18:37:40 <rodrigods> so we could
18:37:40 <dstanek> --or -- project: {root: ['a', 'b'], name: 'c'}
18:37:45 <rodrigods> dstanek, {root: '/', name: 'a'}
18:37:45 <stevemar> both should work
18:37:52 <ayoung> ++
18:37:57 <morganfainberg> ayoung: also an option. And id be fine with that
18:37:58 <htruta_> dstanek, the one with the root
18:38:20 <htruta_> so, we could keep passing just the name when no conflict happens :D less people broken
18:38:36 <dstanek> htruta_: how do we know when there will be a confilct?
18:39:03 <morganfainberg> dstanek: until you try you dont.
18:39:11 <morganfainberg> And you can suddenly have a conflict
18:39:21 <morganfainberg> So a valid request could suddenly fail
18:39:24 <ayoung> yep
18:39:31 <dstanek> morganfainberg: and then how do they get the list of hierarchies?
18:39:38 <ayoung> and that means that if you are worried about that, use the full path version
18:39:47 <dstanek> if you can get a list the clients don't have to know how to encode
18:39:47 <morganfainberg> dstanek: we should always pass the full path
18:39:57 <rodrigods> dstanek, we can include the "root" attribute in projects info
18:40:14 <bknudson> maybe we should use URLs for project IDs
18:40:15 <dstanek> but this is the thing i didn't like before. working code can suddenly break
18:40:20 <morganfainberg> If you want deeper than 1 level below the domain.
18:40:45 <morganfainberg> bknudson: we should do that for all resources in openstack
18:40:46 <ayoung> bknudson, I think we should work towards that
18:40:56 <morganfainberg> Not just in keystone.
18:41:11 <jamielennox> bknudson: ++
18:41:12 <dstanek> so users will have OS_PROJECT_NAME and OS_PROJECT_ROOT defined when using the clients?
18:41:12 <ayoung> dstanek, that is the price we pay for making this feature work
18:41:32 <rodrigods> dstanek, yes
18:41:35 <bknudson> dstanek: I'll put it in my clouds.yaml
18:41:43 <ayoung> dstanek, that will make people sad
18:41:46 <bknudson> need to change all the auth plugins
18:41:52 <dstanek> ayoung: i disagree this is the price we pay for having the is_domain project point to itself
18:42:05 <htruta_> I guess this is another discussion
18:42:06 <morganfainberg> Always pass a hierarchy if you want anything below the first layer of the domain
18:42:13 <rodrigods> using / has the advantage for SAML assertions generated by keystone too
18:42:22 <morganfainberg> If you dont pass a hierarchy it works like today. Nothing nested.
18:42:29 <rodrigods> otherwise we would include another attribute to identity projects/domains
18:42:31 <morganfainberg> ?
18:42:35 <ayoung> Why do we do this to ourselves?
18:42:38 <jamielennox> so i say this is divisive and nobody really knows how this will work because HMT really isn't out there. I think we initially restrict login by name to that top level of existing projects, require login by id for others and we figure out the rescoping process better in future
18:42:42 <ayoung> Oh, wait, we inherited this mess....
18:43:06 <rodrigods> ayoung, lol
18:43:24 <ayoung> jamielennox, and add in a new rule that says that project names under the root must not contain /
18:43:48 <ayoung> OK,  that took 43 minutes
18:43:52 <lbragstad> ~16 minutes left
18:43:52 <morganfainberg> Ok this is going in circles
18:43:56 <morganfainberg> We need to move on
18:43:56 <ayoung> anything else we want to talk about?
18:44:08 <samueldmq> ayoung: morganfainberg dynamic policies ..
18:44:10 <htruta_> ok, morganfainberg... so... nothing changes in L?
18:44:12 <dstanek> should this be a topic for the midcycle?
18:44:12 <morganfainberg> Discuss this more offline
18:44:13 <ayoung> OK...so
18:44:15 <geoffarnold> The worst thing would be if we created a horrible solution for working with API v3 and then felt constrained to perpetuate the bad bits in v4
18:44:17 <morganfainberg> dstanek: likely
18:44:18 <lbragstad> dstanek: ++
18:44:20 <ayoung> "Should "Policy Fetch & Cache + Endpoint Constraint Enforcement" live in their own Middleware ?"
18:44:20 <jamielennox> ayoung: i don't really care. I think we want to enforce the unscoped token, then scoped token flow and we have the client search for project name as a convenience and do auth by id
18:44:27 <ayoung> short answer "yes and no"
18:44:32 <ayoung> yes in that it would be cleaner
18:44:39 <ayoung> and that we should be able to deploy that way
18:44:42 <ayoung> no in that it is a PITA
18:44:45 <ayoung> so...we do both
18:44:54 <stevemar> #topic Should "Policy Fetch & Cache + Endpoint Constraint Enforcement" live in their own Middleware
18:44:56 <ayoung> make ATM work as a stack of separatable middelwares
18:45:03 <gyee> sooo which one is yes and which one is no?
18:45:21 <ayoung> gyee, we make ATM work as a pre-canned pipeline
18:45:30 <samueldmq> so, first of all, Spec Freeze Exception email from last week
18:45:37 <samueldmq> #link https://www.mail-archive.com/openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org/msg57416.html
18:45:38 <ayoung> but make it so we can deploy the middleware's separately as well
18:46:01 <gyee> jamielennox, you have any nasty thing to say to ayoung?
18:46:10 <gyee> for making it separate middleware? :)
18:46:23 <samueldmq> one of the topics for dynamic polcieis today is whether we create a separate middleware filter for dynamic fething of policies + endpoint constraint enforcement
18:46:43 <jamielennox> i think it should be seperate, i don't really see the difference in the auth_token middleware pipeline to being in the regular pipeline after auth_token middleware
18:46:50 <ayoung> lets make it "separatable" and then the question is whether we make it possible to link into  ATM as well
18:47:18 <dstanek> what do you mean by link into?
18:47:19 <ayoung> jamielennox, modifying every single puppet deployment script for each service would be painful
18:47:52 <gyee> ayoung, it is separatable right now, _enforce_global_target is a separate class
18:47:54 <ayoung> dstanek, Ideally, ATM would be something like a list of middlewares
18:48:05 <gyee> trivial to move it to separate middleware
18:48:06 <ayoung> gyee, we are on the way to it, yes
18:48:12 <ayoung> exactly,
18:48:15 <gyee> just put a shim around it
18:49:06 <ayoung> so make it explicit: Auth token middleware contains no code other than managing a list of other middlewares executed in order, and we add policy to that to start.
18:49:24 <ayoung> messing with paste means that this will go nowhere
18:49:44 <ayoung> we want to minimize the impact on other projects
18:49:47 <gyee> mo refactoring :)
18:49:55 <gyee> but I like it
18:50:07 <ayoung> we already made them all update to run oslo as a library.  Let's hold it there
18:50:18 <samueldmq> yes make sense .. although auth_token could be called anything else then
18:50:29 <samueldmq> but if we change its name, we fall into the same issue
18:50:38 <gyee> authnz
18:50:53 <ayoung> the trickier parts of getting the other projects to agree is still in the future
18:50:53 * gyee is stealing from apache mod_authnz
18:51:05 <jamielennox> gyee: i read that as auth new zealand
18:51:05 <ayoung> and it has to do with unifying the approach to the policy content itself.
18:51:12 <samueldmq> jamielennox: hehe
18:51:27 <lbragstad> ~9 minutes left
18:51:39 <ayoung> How to identify the endpoint at Middleware ? Endpoint URL vs Endpoint ID vs Policy custom ID
18:51:41 <samueldmq> so auth_token would be refactored to be a middleware 'wrapper', containing the actual auth_token + the policy fetch thing
18:51:42 <gyee> jamielennox, nice
18:51:43 <ayoung> short answer.  URL
18:51:43 <samueldmq> ayoung: gyee ^
18:52:10 <ayoung> URL must map to at least one endpoint's URL value in order to work
18:52:29 <morganfainberg> ayoung: long answer "U                       R                      L"? :P
18:52:36 <ayoung> if there are multiple "endpoints" at the same URL, but with different endpoint_ids...we force them all to use the same policy file
18:52:38 <gyee> samueldmq, didn't we agree on custom endpoint ID?
18:52:43 <ayoung> gyee, nope
18:52:48 <stevemar> morganfainberg: you're enjoying the peanut gallery too much today
18:52:53 <gyee> whahhh?
18:52:53 <ayoung> gyee, here is the goal:
18:53:07 <morganfainberg> stevemar: hey im not heckling much.
18:53:09 <ayoung> we need something that is pre-calculated but that maps to an endpoint
18:53:22 <ayoung> if we do a custom name, that requires a whole new mapping
18:53:22 <samueldmq> ayoung: that could be a custom endpoint id
18:53:34 <ayoung> samueldmq, nope
18:53:38 <samueldmq> ayoung: custom endpoint id != custom policy id
18:53:49 <ayoung> "cuystome endpoint id" means something that we need to map to a new endpoint
18:53:55 <ayoung> we need these to resolve upwards
18:54:02 <ayoung> we don't expect policy to be deployed per endpoint
18:54:04 <gyee> ayoung, endpoint group then?
18:54:10 <gyee> dynamic endpoint group
18:54:10 <ayoung> gyee, lets not
18:54:19 <ayoung> please...keep it simple
18:54:26 <ayoung> you are making this much harder than needs be
18:54:33 <gyee> simpler than endpoint groups?
18:54:42 <ayoung> gyee, we don't have those in every deployment
18:54:42 <gyee> just a filter
18:54:47 <ayoung> No
18:54:48 <ayoung> No
18:54:49 <ayoung> No
18:54:54 <ayoung> just the end point
18:55:03 <ayoung> you "fetch" based on the most specific
18:55:03 <gyee> endpoint what?
18:55:09 <ayoung> you resolve to the most general
18:55:23 <ayoung> I would do endpoint ID, but we want something that is precalculatable
18:55:26 <gyee> URL is too ambiguous
18:55:34 <ayoung> no it is not
18:55:46 <gyee> huh
18:55:46 <ayoung> if the same URL is used by two endpoints they get the same policy. Period
18:55:58 <gyee> public URL is just an API proxy in must deployments
18:56:04 <ayoung> that is fine
18:56:10 <ayoung> then they all get the same policy file
18:56:12 <dstanek> in my mind this was as simple as a service containing an id that maps to a particular policy. the service looks up the id in their config and then periodically requests it from keystone
18:56:19 <ayoung> dstanek, no
18:56:32 <ayoung> servioce does not say "give me this particular policy"
18:56:34 <gyee> same policy for multiple services?
18:56:50 <ayoung> services endpoint says "I am endpoijjnt blah, give me my policy" and keystone choses which to serve
18:56:53 <gyee> thought we are not doing that in the first round
18:57:05 <ayoung> this has always been the starting point
18:57:27 <ayoung> if you don't get this...well, that is why I have a 30+ slide presentation I am preparing for next week
18:57:28 <samueldmq> ayoung: yes I agree, however, if we allowed custom *endpoint* ids, we would identify the endpoints
18:57:32 <gyee> I thought for the first phase, we are still keeping the service policies separate
18:57:37 <samueldmq> ayoung: with something that could be known a priori
18:57:55 <dstanek> ayoung: it's basically the same thing - here is the ID i have configured...give me the correct policy
18:57:58 <dstanek> just slightly different
18:57:59 <gyee> if we are going to combine them, then yeah, we have a different ball game
18:58:20 <ayoung> OK...the only reason we went with URL is beacuse we know it ahead of time.  If we don't do URL, we go back to endpoint_id.  But URL is *good enough*
18:58:38 <gyee> URL is not good enough till we combine policies
18:58:47 <gyee> otherwise it would be ambiguous
18:59:00 <gyee> security people hate ambiguity
18:59:10 <ayoung> dstanek, gyee are you talking based on real experience or is this just a mind experiment?
18:59:19 <ayoung> No...there is no ambiguity
18:59:21 <gyee> ayoung, real deployment
18:59:42 <dstanek> ayoung: mind experiment!
18:59:48 <ayoung> gyee, so you have a deployment, where one service host has multiple endpoints with different policy on them?
19:00:07 <samueldmq> stevemar: I think time's over, we should leave the floor to #infra ... should we continue in #keystone ?
19:00:11 <ayoung> keystone admin has different policy than keystone main?
19:00:18 <gyee> ayoung, out public URL has multiple services behind it
19:00:21 <lbragstad> out of time,
19:00:22 <gyee> our
19:00:28 <stevemar> #endmeeting