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18:00:58 <henrynash> hi
18:01:07 * shaleh waves
18:01:08 <stevemar_> henrynash: you had to put the biggest item as #1
18:01:17 <henrynash> moi?
18:01:17 <stevemar_> #topic HMT Phase 1 & Phase 2
18:01:23 <stevemar_> henrynash: go!
18:01:37 <henrynash> ok, so this is a follow on from the discussion at the summit
18:01:43 <henrynash> we agreed Phase 1
18:01:56 <henrynash> (store domains as projects, bt only top level domains)
18:01:58 <samueldmq> hi
18:02:04 <xek> o/
18:02:05 <henrynash> Phase 2 is the actual resller functionality
18:02:17 <ayoung> So long as domain names are globally unique, it does not mattewhere they are in the tree
18:02:21 <henrynash> request from Morgan was….go see if we can make federation cover this use case
18:02:57 <henrynash> and as per my mail to the list (http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-October/078063.html)
18:03:02 <henrynash> …this doesn’t really cut it
18:03:18 <henrynash> so proposal is (as ayoung just stated)
18:03:25 <stevemar_> hmm, morgan seems to be afk
18:03:46 <ayoung> I still think the uniqueness thing is going to be an issue
18:03:51 <marekd> henrynash: how long will Phase 1 take?
18:04:03 <htruta> marekd: what do you mean by long?
18:04:09 <henrynash> so we ahd all the code for that ready for Liberty
18:04:11 <marekd> htruta: days, months
18:04:23 <marekd> ayoung: domains unique globally?
18:04:25 <gyee> marekd, 21 story points
18:04:29 <amakarov> hey all!
18:04:31 <htruta> marekd: it is already implemented. how long it takes depend on reviews
18:04:31 <henrynash> and is ready for review now….it;s in pretty good shape haveing been beaten about
18:04:32 <ayoung> marekd, yes
18:04:51 <henrynash> ayoung: on uniquness
18:04:54 <ayoung> marekd, if I want to "squat" on the domain name "CERN" can I cretea domain under my project with that name?
18:05:02 <marekd> ayoung: so yes...there will be a  problem :-)
18:05:09 <henrynash> 1) Yes, all domains names stay unique
18:05:11 <marekd> unless we use some existing systems like DNS :P
18:05:54 <VictimOfCulture> http://tomatobubble.com/economist_magazine_cover.html
18:06:13 <stevemar_> ignore ^
18:06:21 <htruta> lol
18:06:21 <henrynash> 2) I also believe we can avoid the origional issue of there being two child projects of teh same name (with one being a reguakr project, one being a domain)…we can jsut ensure that is not allowed…and you can’t get into that issue via migration
18:06:45 <henrynash> SO
18:06:50 <henrynash> proposal to team is
18:07:11 <henrynash> Use domains for HMT…but with the restrictions of:
18:07:18 <henrynash> 1) all domain names unique
18:07:43 <henrynash> 2) NO inheritance across domains…i.e. we are just using domain parent as an indiactor of owner
18:08:37 <henrynash> This is as the oriinal spec was written and agreed for Liberty
18:09:15 <henrynash> questions: ?
18:09:28 <davechen> what's the domain parent comes from if no inheritance is allowed?
18:09:30 <stevemar_> is this the spec? http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/keystone-specs/specs/backlog/reseller.html
18:09:31 <bknudson_> inheritance of what?
18:09:32 <htruta> and this is already implemented
18:09:56 <htruta> stevemar_: yes
18:10:06 <gyee> role assignment inheritance?
18:10:09 <bknudson_> domain is anywhere in the tree?
18:10:14 <henrynash> davechen: parent is just ownership, where you inherite assignments down the tree is a different matter
18:10:20 <htruta> lots of things changed since the spec... maybe we need to update it
18:10:32 <henrynash> bknduson_: only at top….parent of a domin must be another domai
18:10:42 <htruta> stevemar_: but if it helps, henrynash has already updated the api
18:10:56 <bknudson_> ok, domain parent can't be a project
18:11:14 <henrynash> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/200624/
18:11:26 <henrynash> bknduson_: true
18:11:42 <ayoung> henrynash, I don't like it
18:11:48 <henrynash> ayoung: :-)
18:11:50 <ayoung> it violates the scope fo project assignments
18:11:55 <bknudson_> and we're still doing a domain is a special type of project?
18:11:57 <ayoung> the global naming thing really complicates issues
18:12:15 <henrynash> bknudson_: yes, that’s wjhat phase 1 is
18:12:16 <ayoung> think from an RBAC perspective
18:12:34 <ayoung> what would you need to have as a role in order to create a domain under a project?
18:13:09 <gyee> we don't support creating a domain under a project
18:13:14 <henrynash> bkundson_: (so strictly the parent of a project acting as a domin must be another poject acting as a domain)
18:13:14 <henrynash> ayoung: hu? we don’t allow that
18:13:56 <ayoung> henrynash, so domains not under a project?  Nested domains still  problematic.
18:14:06 <davechen> gyee: what's about he domain is actually a project, project inheritence is allowed, right?
18:14:25 <htruta> ayoung: projects acting as domains only under other projects that act as domains
18:14:38 <gyee> davechen, we support D -> D -> D but not D -> P -> D
18:14:39 <ayoung> henrynash, so, this is why I said at one point "put domains only yunder other domains, and then give an approach for nesting the names"
18:15:03 <ayoung> henrynash, let me write it up in email and I think I can make it clearer
18:15:05 <henrynash> ayoung: we are putting domain under other domains…
18:15:25 <davechen> gyee: when the reseller is done, that's still not possible?
18:15:37 <xek> Ok, so I already briefly talked with stevemar_ at the summit about my idea to introduce a unit test for checking for incompatible sql db changes
18:15:38 <ayoung> henrynash, domains under domains will only work with a DNS style naming
18:15:45 <xek> ^ ignore that
18:16:06 <henrynash> ayoung: what’s DNS got to do with it?
18:16:14 <ayoung> henrynash, unique naming
18:16:21 <htruta> ayoung: that might be our next steps... to remove the uniquness of domain name across the cloud
18:16:21 <ayoung> "coke"  vs "pepsi"
18:16:32 <ayoung> pepsi should not be able to create a domain named "coke"
18:16:39 <gyee> davechen, no, we can't have D -> P -> D or this is going to be a bloody mess
18:16:43 <gyee> not that it hasn't already
18:16:51 <ayoung> only  ["pepsi","coke"] etc
18:17:35 <henrynash> ayoung: we can always look to relax that rule later
18:17:44 <stevemar_> i think the take away here is we need to better explain the problem and proposed solution
18:17:50 <henrynash> ayoung: let’s not fix everything at once!
18:18:05 <ayoung> henrynash, relax what rule?  We can't allow nesting without breaking things at the policy level
18:18:06 <gyee> stevemar_, ++, still a bunch of mysteries :)
18:18:08 <stevemar_> theres a lot of moving parts here
18:18:16 <stevemar_> yeah, i'm having trouble keeping track of it all
18:18:19 <ayoung> henrynash, let me write it up..too much to explain here
18:18:22 <marekd> henrynash: so,you don't have a solution for domain uniqieness?
18:18:30 <marekd> henrynash: i thought you had said you have
18:19:01 <henrynash> marekd: I didn;t try and solve that…since people (at the summit) demanded that domains sat unique!
18:19:16 <marekd> henrynash: ok
18:19:23 <samueldmq> stevemar_: ++ me too
18:19:26 <xek> I think updating the spec is a good idea
18:19:28 <marekd> henrynash: no, wait...'sat unique' ?
18:19:33 <gyee> henrynash, domains has to be unique, or we'll need to introduce Keystone V4
18:19:35 <henrynash> (stay unique)
18:19:36 <marekd> henrynash: what's that mean?
18:19:48 <ayoung> sit and stay sitting
18:19:59 <marekd> ok
18:20:04 <henrynash> Ok, so sounds like we need a new spec?
18:20:36 <samueldmq> for resellet in general we should be moving in small steps; I think we should get reseller, but: i) domains only under domains and ii) it should be allowed to get project scoped tokens in is-domain projects, only is-domain-project scoped tokens
18:20:43 <ayoung> henrynash, this is a reseller issue.  I think that requesting a new domain should be workflow, but not subject to HMT....its a superblock, not a mountpoint
18:21:17 <stevemar_> henrynash: not necessarily a new spec
18:21:29 <stevemar_> damn, i'll settle for a paste or an email
18:21:37 <stevemar_> update the exisitng backlog spec
18:21:47 <stevemar_> something that clears things up
18:21:51 <henrynash> so teh exiisting spec mixes pahse 1 and phase 2
18:22:03 <samueldmq> henrynash: so we need to first fix that
18:22:31 <stevemar_> i have no problem ripping the completed parts of phase1 from the backspec and marking them as completed
18:23:14 <topol> o/
18:23:32 <stevemar_> we gotta keep chugging along, i'll ping you after the meeting henrynash
18:23:35 <henrynash> Ok, so I’ll write up teh propased pahse 2 solution…maybe as a spec
18:23:47 <stevemar_> henrynash: we can figure out the logistics together
18:23:47 <henrynash> ok, I yield :-)
18:23:51 <stevemar_> :)
18:23:55 <stevemar_> #topic New reno-based process for release notes
18:23:59 <stevemar_> bknudson_: you're up!
18:24:11 <bknudson_> so openstack has a new tool for doing release notes
18:24:12 <bknudson_> reno
18:24:30 <bknudson_> instead of doing release notes on the wiki at the end of the release we can propose release notes with the patch
18:24:56 <bknudson_> and the proposal is that we use this new approach
18:25:23 <gyee> bknudson_, link?
18:25:24 <bknudson_> which means a change to how we do reviews -- essentially if release notes for the change are required then we need to make sure they're included
18:25:46 <marekd> bknudson_: i think it's still author's responsibility
18:26:03 <breton_> and reviewers'
18:26:03 <davechen> what's kind of thing should include release notes in the patchset?
18:26:10 <stevemar_> davechen: yes
18:26:14 <breton_> -1 if you think it should be in release notes
18:26:19 <gyee> http://docs.openstack.org/developer/reno/
18:26:21 <henrynash> so I think this is great…and in fact I’ve already written my first one…but wasn’t sure on teh scope of each RN….is it just that one feature? you are implementing (see https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242853/14/releasenotes/notes/Assignment_V9_driver-c22be069f7baccb0.yaml)
18:26:35 <AJaeger> For output, see http://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/neutron/ (good initial content) or http://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/keystone (empty)
18:26:41 <stevemar_> there's one review in particular that says when to add stuff: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/246455/
18:26:43 <xek> davechen, incompatible config changes is one example
18:27:14 <davechen> stevemar_: i didnt't get it.
18:27:17 <bknudson_> #link http://docs.openstack.org/developer/keystone/developing.html#release-notes
18:27:22 <stevemar_> i've proposed our liberty release notes here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/246145/ stable-cores please review :)
18:28:04 <bknudson_> our developer guidelines have a section saying what the changes are that should have release notes
18:28:15 <stevemar_> davechen: oops, it says so here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/246455/
18:28:32 <davechen> cool, thanks, check it out later.
18:28:43 <bknudson_> Also, I started an etherpad with the changes that have already merged and should have release notes: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/keystone-mitaka-release-notes
18:29:17 <stevemar_> bknudson_: oh nice
18:29:30 <henrynash> bkundson_:, stevemar_: but it sill isn’t clear to me which section you fill out in the yaml doc for your partiuclar change…there’s one RN doc per change?
18:29:49 <stevemar_> RN?
18:29:55 <stevemar_> oh release note
18:29:58 <henrynash> or do you update a release RN
18:30:09 <henrynash> i.e. teh Mitaka RN?
18:30:13 <bknudson_> we just want the release notes to look right by the time we're at the end of the release.
18:30:16 <stevemar_> henrynash: one release note per bug/blueprint/backwards incompatible thing
18:30:26 <bknudson_> I don't think it has to be one release note per patch
18:30:37 <bknudson_> you could update an existing release note if you're changing something
18:30:45 <stevemar_> not ALL bugs need release notes, just if they impact operators
18:30:46 <dolphm> Not all bugs deserve release notes
18:30:56 <stevemar_> dolphm: thanks :)
18:31:04 <samueldmq> orend-users, etc
18:31:06 <henrynash> sure, get that….
18:31:07 <samueldmq> or*
18:31:13 <dolphm> if you care about ALL bugs, refer to LP
18:31:22 <bknudson_> hopefully the guidelines here make it clear that not all bugs require a patch : http://docs.openstack.org/developer/keystone/developing.html#release-notes
18:31:27 <bknudson_> require a release note
18:31:43 <stevemar_> henrynash: so yeah, just do: reno new <bug/bp>, then fill in the section that matters
18:31:43 <AJaeger> henrynash: if you have a series of changes, add the release note to the last one that "finishes" the implementation.
18:31:59 <bknudson_> the only bugs the guidelines say need a release note are security bugs.
18:32:11 <davechen> so, i may say it's a little subjective, but good to go.
18:32:11 <stevemar_> the build process lumps the sections together, so all "features" are together and all "upgrades" are together
18:32:36 <henrynash> AJaegar: actually no, I build the release note incremental as my patches add changes
18:32:52 <henrynash> stevemar_: ahh, right THAT was my question…how doe sthat happen
18:32:59 <stevemar_> henrynash: magic :)
18:33:13 <stevemar_> specifically build-sphinx-magic
18:33:22 <stevemar_> it's a branch off of sorcery
18:33:23 <AJaeger> henrynash: that's another option of doing it ;)
18:33:34 <henrynash> but then you must wriet your text assuming they are distributed amongst other RNs
18:33:47 <henrynash> which i didn’t do
18:34:04 <stevemar_> henrynash: right
18:34:14 <stevemar_> henrynash: looking at your patch, i would remove the "Nones"
18:34:41 <henrynash> ok
18:35:00 <henrynash> thx
18:35:18 <stevemar_> henrynash: maybe look at https://github.com/openstack/neutron/tree/stable/liberty/releasenotes/notes and compare to http://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/neutron/liberty.html
18:35:50 <henrynash> perfect!
18:35:53 <stevemar_> ^ should make it clear how the build will look like
18:35:58 <stevemar_> \o/
18:36:00 <bknudson_> pretty
18:36:08 <henrynash> yep, absolutley answerits it.
18:36:16 <stevemar_> alright
18:36:20 <stevemar_> #topic Online Schema Migration
18:36:23 <xek> ok, that's me
18:36:28 <henrynash> (henry can’t type straight anyway)
18:36:31 <stevemar_> hi xek!
18:36:38 <xek> the idea is to introduce a unit test for checking for incompatible sql db changes
18:36:56 <xek> after the unit test is merged, it's easy for reviewers to spot any incompatibilities
18:37:06 <breton_> incompatible with what?
18:37:22 <xek> incopatible with previous versions
18:37:31 <xek> so an upgrade without downtime is possible
18:37:43 <xek> breton suggested a spec is needed, so I made one
18:37:55 <bknudson_> we're never had this requirement before
18:37:55 <xek> I think it's a good idea to get more eyeballs on the issue
18:38:06 <bknudson_> and I don't see how it could catch any incompatibility
18:38:24 <bknudson_> because we could just change the way we interpret a field
18:38:27 <xek> well it just checks for drops and alters
18:38:34 <davechen> xek: how we know it's incompatiblity with previous versions?
18:38:44 <bknudson_> we can never drop a table or column?
18:38:50 <bknudson_> the tables will just keep getting wider and wider
18:39:17 <xek> dropping a column or changing a name will obviously be incompatible with the previous sqlalchemy model
18:39:23 <dstanek> is there a specific issue that this is trying to prevent?
18:39:41 <xek> this limits what db changes one can make between releases
18:39:44 <davechen> xek: but it's always what migration does.
18:39:51 <xek> so a schema change, which previously took one release, can take 3
18:39:55 <bknudson_> we should be able to drop a column if we've stopped using it for a release
18:40:29 <bknudson_> Is there a spec proposed?
18:40:38 <breton_> as far as I understand, xek wants to be able to do "git checkout master; k-m db_sync;" and have no downtime
18:40:48 <xek> bknudson_, yes, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/245186/
18:40:49 <davechen> bknudson_: i think so, there is spec.
18:40:55 <henrynash> xek: so what’s the goal, code upgrade withut simultaneious schema change, or schema upgrade without simultaneious code change?
18:41:29 <xek> partial schema change before upgrading the code, then both versions - the old one, and the new one running simultaneously
18:42:00 <lbragstad> so, the goal is to be able to update schema without having to restart database nodes, right?
18:42:03 <davechen> the change looks like for rolling upgrade, and reduce the downtime?
18:42:10 <henrynash> xek: ok, right so now we getting to the issue..so you can roll your update out across your OS deploymet
18:42:26 <bknudson_> if we're going to do this then we should have tests for it.
18:42:29 <xek> henrynash, yep
18:42:45 <gyee> shouldn't this be a grenade requirement as oppose to service-specific?
18:42:49 <xek> bknudson_, probably grenade multi-node tests
18:42:50 <bknudson_> as in, run tempest on stable keystone after migrating to master db
18:44:01 <bknudson_> and maybe we could even have unit test for it somehow.
18:44:27 <lbragstad> wouldn't you have to test that you can use a service, update the api node, then update the db
18:44:29 <shaleh> xek, have you tried it today to see how badly say kilo -> liberty went
18:44:52 <bknudson_> I hope we don't have to support new code with old db, too.
18:44:58 <xek> shaleh, I checked that there were a couple of patches which dropped things
18:45:18 <xek> shaleh, that's why I want to start with Mitaka
18:45:23 <lbragstad> bknudson_ wouldn't your api layer have to know how to deal with both versions of the schema before you can drop the old schema?
18:45:26 <gyee> bknudon, I hope not :)
18:45:27 <shaleh> xek, but have you tried to perform this style of upgrade and documented the failures?
18:45:39 <bknudson_> but we will have to support old code writing to db and new code using it.
18:45:52 <dstanek> xek: how do we add features is alter isn't allowed?
18:46:06 <bknudson_> dstanek: alter column
18:46:12 <xek> dstanek, you can add things, and drop them the next release
18:46:32 <lbragstad> xek but the api layer has logic that knows how to handle both cases of the schema
18:46:57 <samueldmq> so the idea is to deprecte the feature/db model vefore droping table/column whatever?
18:47:02 <samueldmq> don't we do this already ?
18:47:11 <marekd> i think not
18:47:25 <dstanek> bknudson_: we have had columns altered in the last release (?) to support feature
18:47:26 <dstanek> s
18:47:32 <samueldmq> I think we do, I can't think of a thing we remove without deprecation
18:48:44 <xek> if we already do it the unit test will just be an additional hint for the code reviewers
18:49:25 <xek> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/241603/ - link to the unit test
18:49:30 <bknudson_> if this is what our users want then I think we should give it to them.
18:49:51 <lbragstad> xek have you talked to odyssey4me about this?
18:49:53 <bknudson_> a unit test is only the start of it
18:50:08 <xek> lbragstad, not yet
18:50:14 <shaleh> bknudson_, perhaps we do a dry run of this for mitaka and implement it fully in N?
18:50:18 <lbragstad> xek he has a lot of the same ideas
18:50:58 <xek> lbragstad, I'll get in touch
18:50:58 <lbragstad> shaleh bknudson_ I'd like to make some changes to the revocation_event table, we could try it there
18:51:09 <lbragstad> xek you can find him in #openstack-ansible
18:51:37 <shaleh> I would like to see someone run the upgrade like xek suggests and document just how well (or not) it goes
18:51:38 <bknudson_> lbragstad: dropping and altering columns?
18:51:38 <lbragstad> xek he wanted to discuss this today in the meeting, but is based in the uk
18:51:49 <dstanek> to really support 0-downtime we have to deal with a multiple phase migration....i think i need to read the spec on this to understand it better
18:52:01 <lbragstad> bknudson_ I want to remove the datetime format usage in sql
18:52:18 <bknudson_> that's going to break everything
18:52:22 <stevemar_> xek: we're gonna have to continue in -keystone, i want to give davechen a few minutes
18:52:30 <bknudson_> you're going to need to do both for a release
18:52:35 <davechen> ++ :)
18:52:37 <xek> stevemar_, ok, I welcome any reviews
18:52:43 <bknudson_> both formats in separate columns
18:52:44 <lbragstad> bknudson_ it will be a long running migration, yes
18:52:46 <davechen> stevemar_: my topic is pretty light.
18:52:53 <lbragstad> bknudson_ yeah, exactly
18:53:05 <stevemar_> #topic Should return the endpoints from endpoint_group when using "endpoint_filter.sql" as catalog's backend driver?
18:53:11 <davechen> okay.
18:53:11 <stevemar_> davechen: what's up?
18:53:18 <davechen> i filed a bug there.
18:53:39 <davechen> i just found when using endpoint_filter.sql as the backend for catalog
18:53:43 <stevemar_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/1516469
18:53:43 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1516469 in OpenStack Identity (keystone) "endpoints not show correctly when using "endpoint_filter.sql" as catalog's backend driver" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Dave Chen (wei-d-chen)
18:53:46 <gyee> davechen, yes
18:53:53 <davechen> gyee: yes?
18:53:57 <davechen> yes for what?
18:54:08 <davechen> i am not sure whtether it's a bug or not
18:54:30 <davechen> since I am not sure about the fearure implemented long time ago
18:54:32 <gyee> that is a bug
18:54:51 <davechen> but seem not many people use it.
18:54:54 <gyee> we should be filtering the endpoints when the endpoint_filter.sql backend is used
18:55:07 <davechen> it's hanging around for so long time, no one found it?
18:55:14 <bknudson_> both of those calls should be going through the same backend method so should get the same result :(
18:55:30 <davechen> yes. but it's currently not.
18:55:39 <shaleh> I ran into some of this when working on Mercador.
18:55:43 <davechen> there might be some code to be changed.
18:55:46 <stevemar_> davechen: i doubt many folks are using endpoint filter
18:55:52 <ayoung> I think they are
18:55:58 <davechen> but's it not hard to so this, or to fix this.
18:56:01 <ayoung> keeps catalog managable
18:56:15 <davechen> stevemar_: but no report for it so far?
18:56:22 <stevemar_> davechen: looks like you found it
18:56:43 <davechen> okay, not that all of you experts agree it's a bug, i am going to fix it shortly.
18:56:48 <davechen> now that
18:57:01 <gyee> you mean bug or feature?
18:57:08 <davechen> the bug
18:57:14 <stevemar_> it's a bug
18:57:17 <gyee> its a "special feature"
18:57:20 <davechen> i think it's should be a bug instead of a feature.
18:57:22 <stevemar_> :P
18:57:26 <gyee> so yes, its a bug!
18:57:34 <stevemar_> alright alright gyee
18:57:35 <davechen> gyee: you are asking for spec for review :)
18:57:36 <davechen> ?
18:57:45 <stevemar_> davechen: he's failing at being funny :)
18:57:53 <gyee> sorry
18:57:57 <stevemar_> davechen: thanks for staying up!
18:58:01 <stevemar_> i know it's late there
18:58:11 <davechen> nope, it's good time for me, i am in US
18:58:24 <stevemar_> davechen: :O
18:58:25 <gyee> davechen, you in Santa Clara?
18:58:30 <davechen> stevemar_: thanks for your kindness.
18:58:32 <gyee> we should go grab coffee
18:58:34 <davechen> SAT
18:58:44 <davechen> yes, I am done
18:58:45 <stevemar_> #topic REVIEW SPECS!
18:58:46 <davechen> thanks guys
18:58:53 <stevemar_> everyone review specs, go go go
18:59:00 * gyee runs
18:59:01 <stevemar_> we need more eyes
18:59:07 <stevemar_> eyes on all the specs!
18:59:17 <stevemar_> looking at you bknudson_
18:59:21 <stevemar_> not reviewing enough
18:59:26 <stevemar_> that is all
18:59:27 <bknudson_> I don't care about specs
18:59:28 <stevemar_> thank you everyone
18:59:32 <gyee> hah
18:59:36 <stevemar_> bknudson_: the specs care about you <3
18:59:44 <stevemar_> #endmeeting