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18:00:32 <lbragstad> agenda #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/keystone-weekly-meeting
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18:01:20 <dstanek> ehlo
18:01:58 <lbragstad> maybe next week we will start doing roll call
18:02:24 <breton> yes, that would be useful
18:02:37 <breton> i think the list will be twice less after that
18:02:38 <lbragstad> and give people and opportunity to opt into the ping list again
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18:03:01 * lbragstad makes a note
18:03:23 <lbragstad> alright - we have a lot to do today so let's go ahead and get started
18:03:26 <dstanek> i bet you can just look at the speakers in the last 10 meetings
18:03:38 <lbragstad> #topic Pike goals: deploy in wsgi
18:03:54 <lbragstad> so far there are two community goals that have been accepted for Pike
18:04:06 <lbragstad> the first one is deploy in wsgi - which we already support
18:04:09 <lbragstad> so that's good
18:04:09 <lbragstad> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/440840/
18:04:33 <lbragstad> #topic Pike goals: python3.5 support
18:04:39 <lbragstad> the second is supporting python 3.5 which we already do as well
18:04:40 <lbragstad> #link https://governance.openstack.org/tc/goals/pike/python35.html
18:04:57 <notmorgan> except python-memcached*
18:04:58 <rodrigods> great :)
18:05:15 <notmorgan> sortof...sometimes..whoknows
18:05:31 <lbragstad> notmorgan that's the only case where we don't support py3 deployments, right?
18:06:06 <notmorgan> yeah, well also mod_wsgi is weird with py3
18:06:13 <notmorgan> but you can make it work...ish
18:06:18 <lbragstad> (and i think that would be mitigated after/if we move pymemcached
18:06:20 <dstanek> python-memcache has a py3 version....but i think we just don't like it
18:06:24 <ayoung> python3-memcached.noarch
18:06:35 <notmorgan> dstanek: it has been spotty in actually working
18:06:42 <ayoung> Summary     : Pure python3 memcached client
18:06:42 <ayoung> URL         : https://github.com/eguven/python3-memcached
18:06:54 <dstanek> notmorgan: i use it all the time outside of keystone without any issues
18:06:55 <notmorgan> behaves badly at times then gets fixed...then doesn't...
18:07:07 <notmorgan> basically move to pymemcache
18:07:10 <ayoung> looks to be actively worked on
18:07:10 <knikolla> o/
18:07:18 <notmorgan> ayoung: not really
18:07:32 <notmorgan> I've talked with the maintainer, he has next to no time on it
18:07:41 <ayoung> https://github.com/eguven/python3-memcached/commit/5539869760b2c13ddf0820df66b97cbb72f99043
18:07:45 <notmorgan> I tried to take it over 3 different times
18:07:50 <ayoung> https://github.com/linsomniac/python-memcached
18:08:04 <notmorgan> yeah linsomniac has no time
18:08:15 <ayoung> What was last touched in December
18:08:16 <ayoung> joy
18:08:22 <notmorgan> not a bad dude, just overwhelmed
18:08:25 <notmorgan> with other work
18:08:37 <lbragstad> that happens
18:08:42 <notmorgan> pymemcached is maintained by Pinterest
18:08:46 <lbragstad> but should it stop us from asserting that pike goal?
18:08:58 <lbragstad> or do we need to move to pymemcached?
18:09:07 <notmorgan> we should move to pymemcached
18:09:11 <lbragstad> or use the goal as an excuse to move to pymemcached this release?
18:09:23 <notmorgan> use the goal as the excuse
18:09:26 <notmorgan> :)
18:09:31 <lbragstad> fair enough
18:09:33 <ayoung> Need to get it into the distributions.  Does Debian support it?
18:09:50 <dstanek> if we want it then we should create a spec. it doesn't change the fact that we already assert py3 support
18:09:50 <notmorgan> iirc, everyone but fedora
18:10:12 <notmorgan> we support py3, except in some cases with other deps
18:10:33 <ayoung> Should not be hard to get the package accepted then
18:11:01 * notmorgan will brb, coffees
18:11:20 <ayoung> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/package/rpms/python-pymemcache/  Fedora has it, too
18:11:51 <lbragstad> dstanek well - it would prevent keystone from running in specific python3 environments, so i'm wondering if that is enough to keep us from asserting the goal?
18:12:25 <dstanek> lbragstad: python-memcached is a packaging issue. there is no work for us there.
18:12:27 <notmorgan> ayoung: cool.
18:12:30 <ayoung> Yeah we have python3-pymemcache.noarch
18:12:32 <lbragstad> or if the goal is only specific to keystone source?
18:12:39 <ayoung> is just not memcached, only client
18:12:45 <notmorgan> dstanek: we need a driver for oslo.cache and a fix in ksm
18:12:49 <notmorgan> dstanek: not just packaging
18:12:49 <dstanek> i can't speak to any mod_swgi issues, but uwsgi is fine with py3
18:13:02 <ayoung> https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=19104
18:13:08 <notmorgan> uwsgi works fine, mod_wsgi is odd, but works, you need to be very specific about how you configure it
18:13:15 <dstanek> notmorgan: a driver to use python3-memcached?
18:13:15 <lbragstad> oh - i was under the assumption that parts of python-memcached weren't py3 compatible
18:13:20 <notmorgan> it assumes py2 (iirc)
18:13:28 <ayoung> So mod_wsgi is the C code part
18:13:29 <notmorgan> lbragstad: python-memcache behaves weirdly in py3
18:13:33 <notmorgan> ayoung: yes
18:13:44 <notmorgan> but you can specify a different interpreter
18:13:50 <notmorgan> and it has always seemed to work
18:13:54 <notmorgan> uwsgi doesn't care.
18:13:58 <notmorgan> and works perfectly
18:14:14 <notmorgan> but by default py2 is what mod_wsgi uses
18:14:54 <lbragstad> ok - so what i'm hearing is that we should be good to move forward with asserting that goal is completed for keystone
18:15:09 <notmorgan> yes.
18:15:19 <lbragstad> ok - but we should move at some point
18:15:24 <notmorgan> but we *should* ensure we move to pymemcache this cycle if at all possible
18:15:26 <lbragstad> s/move/move to pymemcached/
18:15:32 <lbragstad> ok
18:15:42 <lbragstad> is anyone interested in helping dig into that work
18:15:47 <notmorgan> and make sure we have mod_wsgi for keystone configured to run in py3 mode in gate at least for some tests
18:16:05 <ayoung> python3-mod_wsgi
18:16:13 <ayoung> its a different package  in Fedora
18:16:23 <notmorgan> the work is 1) write a dogpile/oslo.cache driver, 2) convert ksm to use pymemcached instead of python-memcached *or* to use oslo.cache
18:16:43 <notmorgan> 3) default keystone to use the new oslo.cache driver instead of the python-memcache one
18:16:47 <notmorgan> all should be very easy to do
18:17:13 <lbragstad> i can only imagine that a spec is required for #2
18:17:14 <notmorgan> (you might need a minor layer of conversion, since pymemcache does not support the same interfaces as python-memcached)
18:17:21 <notmorgan> lbragstad: nah.
18:17:29 <notmorgan> just do it as a straight up conversion.
18:17:42 <notmorgan> this imo, is a bug if we do a conver to pymemcache
18:17:46 <notmorgan> a spec if we move to oslo.cache
18:18:15 <lbragstad> a spec if we move ksm to use oslo.cache?
18:18:20 <notmorgan> yeah
18:18:24 <notmorgan> because that isa  much bigger change
18:18:33 <notmorgan> a lot of "setuyp the region" etc
18:18:37 <notmorgan> same things we do in keystone
18:18:53 <notmorgan> where direct use of pymemcache is "create translation and instantiate correct object"
18:19:04 <notmorgan> no functional changes, no option changes, etc
18:19:11 <notmorgan> oslo.cache is a *much* bigger change
18:19:24 <lbragstad> notmorgan is there a noticeable advantage to one approach over the other?
18:19:50 <notmorgan> oslo.cache might impact swift more
18:19:53 <lbragstad> i could see having everything using oslo.cache consistently being an advantage of simplicity
18:20:01 <notmorgan> pymemcache, if you use a simple translation object, would have no impact
18:20:08 <notmorgan> oslo.cache is more consistent with *all* of openstack
18:20:18 <dolphm> lbragstad: ++
18:20:32 <notmorgan> those are the two sides of the concerns
18:20:34 <notmorgan> i prefer oslo.cache
18:20:44 <notmorgan> i think pymemcache might be *way* simpler to just drop in
18:20:49 <lbragstad> ok - i can work on drafting a spec that details the work and at least propose it for review
18:20:53 <notmorgan> depenmding on the amount of time folks have to dedicate to it
18:21:28 <dstanek> we use python-memcache directly not because we wanted to limit dependencies right?
18:23:30 <lbragstad> dstanek or was it because keystonemiddleware's caching implementation pre-dated oslo.cache?
18:23:56 <dstanek> lbragstad: someone told me way back when that is was a dep thing. not sure who though
18:23:57 <dolphm> lbragstad: that's definitely true, but i don't know if it's the *because*
18:24:25 <lbragstad> dolphm me either
18:24:31 <lbragstad> notmorgan do you know?
18:25:41 <lbragstad> we can circle back on this, too
18:25:57 <dstanek> wha... https://review.openstack.org/#/c/268662/
18:26:28 <ayoung> dstanek, yes?
18:26:31 <lbragstad> dstanek huh
18:26:47 <lbragstad> dstanek looks like jamie was at least planning on moving to oslo.cache
18:26:59 <ayoung> perpetually
18:27:07 <lbragstad> that's a good enough answer for me
18:27:20 <lbragstad> i can attempt to document this in a keystonemiddleware spec
18:27:49 <lbragstad> #action lbragstad to propose spec to keystonemiddleware detailing the steps required to move to oslo.cache
18:28:32 <lbragstad> #topic Boston Forum Brainstorming
18:28:37 <dstanek> lbragstad: ++
18:28:43 <lbragstad> who all is planning on going to the forum?
18:28:56 <dstanek> lbragstad: there is a linked bug that you touched last too
18:29:01 <lbragstad> apparently there are planning sessions and we have a deadline of April 2 to have things submitted
18:29:13 <dstanek> i'm planning on going. just have to work out parking.
18:29:34 <lbragstad> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BOS-Keystone-brainstorming
18:29:40 <gagehugo> I might be going
18:29:59 * cmurphy likely going
18:30:05 <lbragstad> i just need a rough idea of what our attendance might look like
18:30:09 <knikolla> i'm going
18:30:12 <lbragstad> and possible topics
18:30:13 <ayoung> I'll be there
18:30:43 <knikolla> it's a 15 min walk from my office
18:30:48 <lbragstad> knikolla nice
18:30:59 <lbragstad> i'm planning on organizing this just like we did for the PTG
18:31:10 <dstanek> lbragstad: are you planning on doing keystone sessions?
18:31:12 <lbragstad> just start dumping information in the etherpad and i'll go through and organzie it
18:31:21 <lbragstad> dstanek that's what i'm trying to figure out
18:31:38 <lbragstad> given a list of topic, i'll try and organize them into buckets and propose them
18:31:55 <dstanek> lbragstad: i probably won't be in many of those. i'm planning on going to presentations and hallway talking about openstack
18:32:18 <lbragstad> and since the deadlines is within a couple weeks - it would be nice if everyone threw their ideas down sooner rather than later
18:32:27 <ayoung> I'm presenting on the RBAC proposal, along with knikolla
18:33:00 <lbragstad> i was under the assumption that the forum was going to be tailored for operator feedback, so i wasn't expecting to have to organize many keystone specific dev sessions
18:33:04 <ayoung> Hope to have a demo ready for then
18:33:44 <dstanek> lbragstad: as in having a keystone "room" for operators to visit?
18:34:03 <lbragstad> dstanek yeah - i was for sure going to try and get that
18:34:17 <ayoung> Will also plan on having a Climbing gym night.
18:34:33 <lbragstad> it seems like a lot of other projects are planning on having dev-like discussions (like the PTG)
18:35:04 <dstanek> i'm actually hoping to learn more about the rest of the ecosystem
18:36:11 <lbragstad> ok - maybe i'll swing by the release room and ask specific in there
18:36:36 <lbragstad> because I'm kind of unsure what to plan for based on who is going to be there in comparison to past summits
18:36:59 <lbragstad> regardless, if there are things you want to talk about at the forum, please feel free to add them to the etherpad #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BOS-Keystone-brainstorming
18:37:52 <lbragstad> anyone have any questions on the forum that they want me to relay?
18:38:02 <notmorgan> dstanek: in ksm, we uses python-memcached because swift passes us an object in some cases, and 2) history (not dep related)
18:38:10 <notmorgan> sorry for the delay
18:38:23 <lbragstad> notmorgan no worries, thanks for the update
18:38:33 * notmorgan is chatting with landlord about dishwasher and potential "giving up the ghost" issues.
18:38:41 <henrynash> (henry joined, sorry to most unfashionably late)
18:38:52 <dstanek> notmorgan: thanks. i wish i could remember who told me is was a dep issue
18:38:53 <ayoung> henrynash, !  You coming to Boston?
18:39:01 <henrynash> no, unfortunately not
18:39:15 <lbragstad> if there aren't any more questions specific to the forum we can move on
18:39:17 <lbragstad> henrynash o/
18:39:28 <lbragstad> #topic VMT Update: keystonemiddleware diagram and docs
18:39:30 <lbragstad> knikolla gagehugo
18:39:36 <notmorgan> dstanek: in ksa it would be a dep issue
18:39:50 <notmorgan> but we don't cache there
18:40:00 <gagehugo> wip draft review is here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/447139/
18:40:16 <gagehugo> which has the updated arch diagram
18:40:36 <lbragstad> knikolla gagehugo you two just need reviews on #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/447139/ ?
18:40:43 <lbragstad> as of right now?
18:41:10 <gagehugo> yeah, but those docs still need to be filled in more
18:41:19 <ayoung> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/447139/2/doc/source/artifacts/keystonemiddleware/pike/figures/keystonemiddleware_architecture-diagram.png,unified
18:41:26 <lbragstad> yeah - i parsed it a bit
18:41:31 <lbragstad> gagehugo i need to review it again
18:42:03 <ayoung> um... knikolla isn't the fetch from Memcache prior to the call to keystone?
18:42:04 <lbragstad> gagehugo knikolla anything else VMT related?
18:42:32 <knikolla> ayoung: nice catch.
18:42:37 <gagehugo> ah yeah
18:42:59 <ayoung> I thought we stored the token validations in memcache, so why else would we be doing memcache stuff if not to see if we have a valid token? Is there another reason?
18:43:29 <knikolla> i'll double check to make sure, but it would make sense that memcache is checked first.
18:43:45 <gagehugo> ayoung I probably just put the numbers in the wrong order
18:43:50 <ayoung> Do we also pass on the memcache key for the service to use later on?
18:44:39 <knikolla> ayoung: i do not think so. will check that too, see if they share config sections for that.
18:44:47 <ayoung> so, it should be steps 3, then 4, then 2, with something to indicate that steps 2 depends on there being no response in step 4
18:45:06 <lbragstad> sounds like we can keep this going in the review
18:45:27 <knikolla> yeah
18:45:33 <gagehugo> ok
18:45:42 <lbragstad> gagehugo knikolla ayoung thanks!
18:45:49 <lbragstad> #topic pike specs
18:45:55 <lbragstad> #info 3.5 weeks until Spec Proposal Freeze
18:46:01 <lbragstad> #info 11 weeks until Spec Freeze
18:46:07 <ayoung> RBAC in middleware should be there
18:46:17 <ayoung> its already approved, but in future state
18:46:18 <lbragstad> lets spend the last 15 minutes on spec
18:46:22 <lbragstad> specs*
18:46:30 <lbragstad> ayoung i think its in ongoing
18:46:37 <lbragstad> #topic pike specs: Project Tags
18:46:43 <lbragstad> gagehugo o/
18:46:50 <gagehugo> o/
18:46:52 <lbragstad> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/431785/
18:46:56 <lbragstad> this one is looking good
18:47:01 <ayoung> lbragstad, right, and knikolla is picking up active development of the server side piece.  It was working in Nov, but then has lain fallow
18:47:05 <lbragstad> i only had a couple last minute/minor questions
18:47:26 <gagehugo> I am fine with limiting tags by # per request
18:47:36 <ayoung> I think I am actually OK with this. I've seen how Kubernetes uses labels, and I think this will be done is somewhat the same way
18:47:40 <lbragstad> gagehugo do we have an idea of what that number should be?
18:47:58 <ayoung> the real question is priority:
18:48:01 <gagehugo> nova uses 50 for instances
18:48:19 <lbragstad> gagehugo they limit the total number of tags an instance can have to 50?
18:48:33 <gagehugo> no that was per request
18:48:37 <gagehugo> from that schema
18:48:38 <ayoung> IE:  who can set the tag.  And I think that was the issue we had last time.  I could see a scalability issue with number.
18:48:38 <lbragstad> i.e. bulk tag options are limited to 50 as a part of API validation?
18:48:58 <lbragstad> ayoung yeah - that was something edleafe was describing to me the other day
18:49:04 <gagehugo> https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/nova-specs/specs/kilo/approved/tag-instances.html#rest-api-impact
18:49:13 <lbragstad> it's better to have a bunch of smaller tags than to have one *massive* tag
18:49:19 <ayoung> cuz I think the way that you explained it to me before it was a huge gaping security hole
18:49:33 <lbragstad> which begs another question, do we want to do more strict validation on the length/size of individual tags?
18:49:48 <ayoung> yes. yes yes
18:49:54 <ayoung> strictissississimo
18:50:07 <ayoung> make sure they are URL safe
18:50:14 <gagehugo> sure
18:50:21 <lbragstad> i think that's a requirement of the API WG
18:50:32 <lbragstad> er, a guideline that they suggest for tag implementation
18:50:39 <lbragstad> implementations*
18:50:50 <ayoung> gagehugo, BTW... you do realize that this is going to be a security nightmare, right?
18:51:10 <ayoung> people are going to want to be able to tag their own projects, but that will get in the way with the "official" tags
18:51:19 <ayoung> which will have security/billing info implications
18:51:24 <lbragstad> ayoung right now only a project admin is going to be able to modify tags
18:51:39 <ayoung> lbragstad, define "project admin"
18:51:50 <lbragstad> "god-mode" admin
18:52:04 <lbragstad> whatever admin we use in the rest of our policy file
18:52:09 <ayoung> lbragstad, admin and is_admin_project=True?
18:52:28 <ayoung> lbragstad, gagehugo what if....
18:52:34 <ayoung> 2 distinct entities
18:52:49 <ayoung> one which is the labels that a user can put on their own resources, the other which are admin only
18:52:52 <lbragstad> ayoung it should require the same rules as https://github.com/openstack/keystone/blob/master/etc/policy.json#L40-L41
18:53:11 <lbragstad> at least until we have a better way to define granularity in policy that allows us to get around the security concerns
18:53:14 <ayoung> lbragstad, three little words:
18:53:17 <ayoung> hierarchical
18:53:18 <ayoung> multi
18:53:22 <ayoung> tenancy
18:53:26 <lbragstad> sure
18:53:32 <ayoung> all the same issues come up here
18:53:45 <lbragstad> I expect that to make this more complicated
18:53:46 <ayoung> a global set of tags is going to be a  nuisance
18:54:06 <ayoung> lbragstad, I wonder if tags should be scoped to domains.
18:54:08 <ayoung> lets as henrynash
18:54:13 <gagehugo> hmm
18:54:15 <ayoung> henrynash, should tags be scoped to domains?
18:54:23 <lbragstad> we're going to run into similar permission issues with the limits proposal
18:54:26 <henrynash> hmm\
18:54:48 <henrynash> on tags my cut feel is probably yes
18:54:52 <henrynash> gut
18:55:15 <dstanek> i don't know how you'd do that
18:55:23 <ayoung> dstanek, me either
18:55:37 <dstanek> if i want to see all the projects that i have access to that are tagged with 'dev' - which dev?
18:55:47 <ayoung> gagehugo, lets plan on a pretty heavy brainstorming session on this at the summit
18:55:58 <gagehugo> ayoung: ok
18:56:08 <dstanek> to me tags are really an arbitrary string added by the user that has permission to modify the resource
18:56:21 <lbragstad> dstanek ++
18:56:38 <gagehugo> dstanek: ++ that is the intended goal
18:56:42 <ayoung> dstanek, if the tag is used for some billing purposes, then you want to limit who can add that tag to any resource
18:56:45 <ayoung> or remove it
18:56:45 <lbragstad> that's how i was thinking ofit
18:57:21 <ayoung> so, if the end goal is to be able to tag all "high-cost" projects you can't do that without removing the ability to set tags from the project admin
18:57:38 <lbragstad> i would think that would be up to the deployer to make sure if they are using billing tags that they control who has that access
18:58:01 <dstanek> lbragstad: how would they do that?
18:58:03 <ayoung> so, if you want tags as a way to be able to self organize, that is a very different use case than the "tag all projects across domains for billing purposes"
18:58:23 <lbragstad> dstanek currently our project api requires an admin
18:58:32 <dstanek> ayoung: ++
18:58:39 <lbragstad> dstanek i'd keep the tags api for projects consistent with that
18:58:57 <dstanek> lbragstad: but you could have domain admins be able to edit and they there's a security hole for the billing usecase
18:59:47 <dstanek> hmmm...i have to think about this a little more. i just got done reading the spec and was pretty happy
18:59:47 <lbragstad> dstanek can domain admins have the admin role?
18:59:53 <lbragstad> #link https://github.com/openstack/keystone/blob/master/etc/policy.json#L40-L41
19:00:05 <breton> no my topic today again, eh?
19:00:21 <dstanek> lbragstad: that is our default policy and not the policy everyone necessarily uses
19:00:23 <ayoung> Times up
19:00:33 <lbragstad> breton wanna talk about in -keystone?
19:00:34 <lbragstad> dstanek right
19:00:36 <lbragstad> #endmeeting