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18:02:33 <samueldmq> hi all
18:02:46 <samueldmq> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/keystone-weekly-meeting
18:02:56 <gagehugo> keystone has an ansible gate now?
18:02:56 <samueldmq> here is our agenda for today, nothing long or special
18:03:07 <samueldmq> I hope you all have had a great time at the PTG. it felt very productive
18:03:25 * hrybacki agrees
18:03:36 <gagehugo> agreed
18:03:51 <samueldmq> #topic api-ref reorganization
18:04:07 <samueldmq> so, we did talked about it a bit in our documentation discussion at the PTG
18:04:09 <samueldmq> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/queens-ptg-keystone-doc-cleanup
18:04:41 <samueldmq> we've come to a format we'd like to keep the api-ref docs in, but I came with another approach when looking at the actual docs
18:05:09 <hrybacki> starting on line 54?
18:05:16 <samueldmq> the general idea is to have 3 main sections only: header with description and relationship links
18:05:17 <samueldmq> hrybacki: yes
18:05:26 <samueldmq> another for request, and the last for response
18:05:46 <samueldmq> avoiding request params, response, status codes, example request, example response
18:05:50 <samueldmq> in different places
18:06:20 <samueldmq> I've made 2 patches as example so you may have a feeling of what it looks like
18:06:22 <samueldmq> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/keystone+branch:master+topic:api-ref-reorganization
18:06:28 <samueldmq> reviews appreciated :)
18:06:52 <hrybacki> Looks good at a cursory glance!
18:07:28 <gagehugo> samueldmq will do
18:07:35 <samueldmq> hrybacki: yes, that's my feeling too. if we share that view we can go ahead and change everything
18:07:44 <knikolla> i don't have any particular preferences as long as we're consistent
18:07:45 <samueldmq> we have a potential outreachy intern willing to do some of that work
18:07:57 <samueldmq> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/505135/
18:08:04 <hrybacki> samueldmq: for the win
18:08:14 <samueldmq> Suramya did this ^
18:08:16 <samueldmq> hrybacki: ++
18:08:40 <samueldmq> cool, I guess we can quickly move to open discussion as there isn't much on this topic anymore
18:08:44 <samueldmq> #topic open discussion
18:08:48 <hrybacki> o/
18:09:03 <samueldmq> did it set the topic?
18:09:13 <hrybacki> it did
18:09:25 * samueldmq nods
18:09:29 <hrybacki> Just another ask: If you haven't already, please take a look at the policy roadmap please do. I'll be creating Trello stuff to track items
18:09:31 <hrybacki> #link Just another ask: If you haven't already, please take a look at the policy roadmap
18:09:33 <hrybacki> whoops
18:09:40 <hrybacki> #undo
18:09:43 <hrybacki> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/queens-ptg-keystone-doc-cleanup
18:09:50 <hrybacki> do I need rights for ^^ ?
18:10:08 <hrybacki> grr and I'm really bad with copy/paste today
18:10:15 <gagehugo> the link will be in the log so it's probably good
18:10:16 <samueldmq> I don't think so. I guess you wanted a different link though
18:10:21 <hrybacki> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/queens-PTG-keystone-policy-roadmap
18:10:34 <hrybacki> THAT is what I meant to paste.
18:10:39 <hrybacki> that's all I have
18:10:55 <hrybacki> and thanks for those that have already helped revise it!
18:11:41 <samueldmq> hrybacki: great, thanks for that.
18:12:05 <edmondsw> o/
18:12:12 * edmondsw starts reading back
18:12:56 <samueldmq> gagehugo: you had a question on keystone having an ansible gate at the beginning of the meeting?
18:13:12 <gagehugo> yeah I just noticed it on your api-ref change
18:13:22 <gagehugo> seems like it's a new thing?
18:13:36 <gagehugo> maybe from the upgrade
18:13:48 <samueldmq> yes seems new to me too, I don;t have details on it though
18:14:06 <gagehugo> ok
18:14:48 <samueldmq> does anybody have anything else to discuss?
18:15:06 <edmondsw> just saw that lbragstad has posted a PTG recap everyone should probably read: https://www.lbragstad.com/blog/keystone-queens-ptg-summary
18:15:24 <samueldmq> edmondsw: that's awesome, thanks for the link
18:15:26 <hrybacki> edmondsw++
18:15:30 <samueldmq> #link https://www.lbragstad.com/blog/keystone-queens-ptg-summary
18:15:39 <samueldmq> it's great for those who were there to recap
18:15:47 <samueldmq> and for those who were not able to attend so they can catch up
18:15:52 <edmondsw> yep
18:16:06 <hrybacki> should we push this out to openstack-dev ?
18:16:17 <hrybacki> I see other projects sending out recaps from PTG
18:16:31 <samueldmq> hrybacki: that wouldn't hurt anyone
18:16:33 <edmondsw> hrybacki probably, but I would let lbragstad do that
18:16:40 <hrybacki> ack
18:17:18 <samueldmq> last call, anything else?
18:17:59 <samueldmq> let's keep up the great work keystoners
18:18:04 <samueldmq> thank you all for coming
18:18:10 <hrybacki> thanks for running the mtg samueldmq!
18:18:20 <samueldmq> it was a pleasure
18:18:20 <samueldmq> #endmeeting