20:02:07 <sdake> #startmeeting kolla
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20:02:15 <sdake> #topic rollcall
20:02:22 <sdake> howdy \o/ !
20:02:30 <radez> I'm here
20:02:32 <jpeeler> hi
20:03:09 <rhallisey> hi
20:03:10 <sdake> larsks around?
20:03:15 <larsks> Here!
20:03:25 <sdake> I think daneyon is out
20:03:34 <sdake> #topic milestone #2
20:04:15 <sdake> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla/milestone-2
20:04:30 <sdake> this is planned for Friday, but no patches have landed
20:04:42 <sdake> and the blueprints are all marked not-started
20:04:47 <sdake> are any started, that should be marked as such?
20:05:11 <radez> I've not been able to get to mine.... :(
20:05:24 <sdake> rhallisey or jpeeler?
20:05:26 <jpeeler> not yet
20:05:26 <rhallisey> nope
20:05:36 <larsks> Uhhh...what they said.
20:05:47 <sdake> yar openstack recovery month ftw :)
20:06:02 <sdake> ok folks, well try to get cracking on em, each service is pretty easy - generally takes me a day or so to knock one out
20:06:30 <sdake> any blueprints in milestone #2 in doubt of not making friday?
20:07:53 <sdake> larsks config-out-container look ok for friday?
20:08:00 <sdake> out/outside
20:08:12 <larsks> Oh, no, I'm afriad the "not-started" state of those blueprints is accurate.
20:08:38 <sdake> there are 4.5 days between now and friday - is it oging to be done during that period :)
20:08:44 <sdake> I don't quite understand how difficult it is
20:08:46 <larsks> It seems unlikely.
20:08:52 <sdake> cool i'll push to milestone #2
20:08:55 <radez> yea I don't think the os-config will make it either. I think that may have more than a milestone of work in it too
20:09:18 <radez> probably need to break it down into smaller pieces
20:10:04 <sdake> cool the rest look simple enough
20:10:14 <sdake> (for milestone #2 that is)
20:10:31 <sdake> #topic the business track discussion of docker containers
20:10:40 <sdake> radez would you mind giving us a rundown of the business track
20:10:43 <sdake> I found a youtube link here:
20:11:04 <sdake> #link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZBkCovEIZI
20:11:26 <radez> sure James and Brent did a nice overview of the life cycle problem that we're working to address
20:11:48 <radez> they showed a few different options of config mgmt and image based and container based
20:12:29 <radez> they walked through a basic arch of kubernetes and explained a bit of how things go toether
20:13:10 <radez> brent did a *successful* live demo launching a few pods and showing auth with keystone and
20:13:14 <radez> interacting with glance
20:13:27 <radez> he launched the nova pod but didn't interactwith it
20:14:09 <radez> then finished with a little bit more technical discussion of some of the networking
20:14:29 <sdake> live demo ftw
20:14:31 * stevebaker was there
20:14:33 <radez> how things are wired together and communicate
20:14:39 <rhallisey> nice
20:14:40 <radez> larsks: did I miss anything there?
20:14:41 <sdake> what kind of questions popped up
20:14:50 <radez> they also gave some nice props to the kolla team
20:14:56 <larsks> No, that seems fair.  I was watching from the hallway so had a hard time following things :)
20:15:20 <radez> there weren't many open questions that were asked that I remember
20:15:31 <radez> but there was a quite a swarm around the guys afterwards
20:15:32 <sdake> cool, any questions from anyone in channel then?
20:15:39 <sdake> ya - wtb microphone on during swarm :)
20:15:46 <larsks> I fielded some questions after the demo from folks who came up to the front of the room.
20:16:00 <larsks> Mostly about what we were doing and what sort of issues we had run into.
20:16:34 <sdake> #topic magnum
20:16:56 <sdake> so magnum is in stackforge now - yay - which may be an interesting integration point for our work
20:17:38 <sdake> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:+stackforge/magnum,n,z
20:17:45 <sdake> I think there is some qeustion as to what magnum will be
20:18:06 <sdake> one option is a REST API as k8s and docker backends
20:18:10 <sdake> as/over
20:18:21 <sdake> time will tell
20:18:37 <sdake> at some point, we may consider using that software, especially if it backends k8s
20:18:54 <sdake> I intend to help on magnum a bit too
20:18:59 <sdake> any questions re magnum?
20:19:39 <radez> could you elaborate on it a bit?
20:19:50 <sdake> magnum is a container scheduler project
20:19:51 <radez> I'm not sure I get what's trying to be done there
20:20:01 <radez> oh gotcha
20:20:11 <sdake> it will schedule containers - it could do this using docker or k8s
20:20:35 <sdake> presenting one api intially may be a challenge, but it could be done
20:20:44 <sdake> especially if docker adopts pods, which looks possible
20:21:00 <sdake> any more qs?
20:21:12 <sdake> #topic open topics
20:21:15 <sdake> fast meeting yay :)
20:21:21 <sdake> any open topics folks would like to discuss
20:22:03 <sdake> well on that long drawn out note i'll end the meeting :)
20:22:04 <sdake> thanks folks
20:22:07 <sdake> #endmeeting