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16:01:01 <Jeffrey4l> #topic rollcall
16:01:07 <gema> o/
16:01:12 <chmarkus> o/
16:01:14 <egonzalez> o/
16:01:30 <coolsvap> o/
16:01:30 <duonghq> o/
16:02:10 <chason_> o/
16:02:17 <Jeffrey4l> #topic announcements
16:03:01 <Jeffrey4l> any annoucements from community?
16:03:14 <rwellum> o/
16:03:28 <Jeffrey4l> guess no
16:03:33 <Jeffrey4l> lets move on
16:03:39 <niedbalski> o/
16:03:41 <Jeffrey4l> #topic  Alpine Linux base distro (chmarkus)
16:03:47 <Jeffrey4l> chmarkus, yours
16:04:01 <chmarkus> ok
16:04:35 <chmarkus> So far, I was able to provide basic Alpine support for both base and openstack-base
16:04:56 <chmarkus> that excludes the 3rd party repos from openstack-base (ceph, galera, etc.)
16:05:27 <Jeffrey4l> ceph and galera is  necessary
16:05:40 <chmarkus> I'm aware of that
16:06:17 <chmarkus> I tested it by building a barbican service ontop of the alpine image using kolla and put it into an existing OpenStack infrastructure which uses ubuntu based kolla images otherwise - this worked fine for both manual and tempest tests so far
16:06:30 <chmarkus> so simple API services and the like are possible
16:06:48 <chmarkus> however the showstoppers here are dependencies like ceph
16:06:54 <chmarkus> which is needed for compute
16:07:14 <chmarkus> ceph is not available for alpine and from quick research there still seem to be conflicts
16:07:48 <chmarkus> another thing is libguestfs - which is requested on the alpine tracker but has not been packaged yet - it is presumably necessary for KVM support of compute iirc
16:08:15 <Jeffrey4l> chmarkus, libguestfs is only need when using "libvirt_inject_xx"
16:08:24 <Jeffrey4l> and this feature is removing
16:08:28 <chmarkus> okay
16:08:51 <chmarkus> one showstopper less I guess
16:08:58 <chmarkus> but still ceph is a problem
16:09:26 <Jeffrey4l> yes. lots of openstack env depends on ceph.
16:09:47 <chmarkus> also from my experience, Qpid support (rabbitmq alternative) is not possible due to proton-c not compiling (during the pip install process) on alpine due to musl libc problem
16:10:08 <chmarkus> which was part of the openstack-base template as well, so I had to omit that also
16:10:26 <chmarkus> so in conclusion, alpine is not there yet unfortunately :/
16:10:41 <Jeffrey4l> nice jobs chmarkus
16:10:43 <egonzalez> not sure which services uses that library, we do not have qpid support
16:10:57 <chmarkus> the plan to provide a proof-of-concept with the compute services sadly did not come to realization
16:11:28 <Jeffrey4l> egonzalez, check https://review.openstack.org/#/c/494519/
16:11:59 <Jeffrey4l> do you notice the size of the built alpine images?
16:12:16 <Jeffrey4l> is it small as expected?
16:12:55 <chmarkus> sec
16:13:25 <chmarkus> the problem is that openstack-base preloads everything that might potentially be needed by any service ontop of it - so it is still big - 576MB for alpine-source-openstack-base
16:14:04 <Jeffrey4l> yes. but this reduce the total size of all images.
16:14:16 <chmarkus> it does yea
16:14:44 <chmarkus> however, this would require all images to be compatible with the alpine base
16:15:03 <chmarkus> which in the current state would not be possible from my pov
16:15:27 <Jeffrey4l> anyway, thanks chmarkus for the testing.
16:15:41 <Jeffrey4l> and kolla won't support alpine image.
16:15:55 <chmarkus> would it be of any use to provide the code for alpine+source for base and openstack-base upstream to you?
16:16:08 <chmarkus> i guess not huh?
16:16:23 <Jeffrey4l> upstream? what that mean?
16:16:48 <Jeffrey4l> compile ceph from code?
16:16:52 <chmarkus> the code adjustments I did for the alpine support for those images
16:17:05 <chmarkus> in my clone of the kolla repo
16:17:16 <Jeffrey4l> i guess no. no one will use that.
16:17:31 <chmarkus> what about the blueprint for alpine?
16:17:39 <chmarkus> should that be updated/rejected?
16:17:45 <Jeffrey4l> i think we can close it with what you found.
16:17:59 <Jeffrey4l> what do you think? chmarkus
16:18:22 <chmarkus> Sadly, that's the only conclusion I can draw from my experience yes.
16:18:51 <egonzalez> nice work chmarkus
16:18:54 <Jeffrey4l> cool. i will write some comments and close it later.
16:18:57 <Jeffrey4l> thanks chmarkus
16:19:05 <chmarkus> should I put some information there?
16:19:09 <gema> good work indeed
16:19:10 <Jeffrey4l> anything else chmarkus ?
16:19:14 <gema> chmarkus: you should
16:19:16 <Jeffrey4l> chmarkus, sure.
16:19:17 <gema> put your conclusions
16:19:31 <gema> chmarkus: makes Jeffrey4l's job easier
16:19:33 <gema> :)
16:19:33 <chmarkus> ok how do I edit it? ^^'
16:19:38 <Jeffrey4l> yep ;D
16:19:41 <chason_> thanks for your work chmarkus :)
16:20:00 <gema> chmarkus: you can edit the whiteboard , there is an edit button
16:20:02 <gema> if you log in
16:20:03 <Jeffrey4l> chmarkus, let's talk this later. i am not sure whether you can do this now.
16:20:12 <Jeffrey4l> let's move on?
16:20:15 <gema> sure
16:20:15 <chmarkus> ok
16:20:20 <Jeffrey4l> thanks.
16:20:25 <chmarkus> thank's for hearing me out :D
16:20:37 <Jeffrey4l> #topic open discussion
16:20:44 <Jeffrey4l> any topics?
16:20:56 <duonghq> o/
16:21:03 <Jeffrey4l> duonghq, please
16:21:26 <duonghq> thank Jeffrey4l
16:21:46 <duonghq> first thing I want to bring to this meeting is work from my colleague (daidv)
16:21:47 <duonghq> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/531641/
16:21:56 <duonghq> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/531641/
16:22:16 <duonghq> it's 2nd of policy.yaml supporting series
16:22:27 <duonghq> the 1st one is merged
16:22:36 <rwellum> o/ when duonghq is done
16:22:38 <Jeffrey4l> ( the # line is not necessary now :) )
16:23:07 <Jeffrey4l> yes. this is nice and we should merge it.
16:23:10 <duonghq> so please review it due to it's one of Q goal for OpenStack services
16:23:23 <duonghq> *many OpenStack service indeed
16:23:26 <Jeffrey4l> the patches are big but easy to review.
16:23:51 <egonzalez> wait, found a typo
16:24:01 <duonghq> yep, but part 8 is different from other
16:24:32 <Jeffrey4l> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/support-custom-policy-yaml+(status:open+OR+status:merged)
16:24:43 <Jeffrey4l> feel free to review this ^^
16:25:13 <duonghq> Jeffrey4l, thanks
16:25:19 <Jeffrey4l> i see, part 8 copy all policy file to horizon
16:26:01 <duonghq> Jeffrey4l, it's quite painful to make Ansible happy
16:26:33 <Jeffrey4l> but you did it ;D
16:26:51 <duonghq> my colleague and me did it :P
16:26:59 <Jeffrey4l> cool. thanks duonghq
16:27:04 <Jeffrey4l> anything?
16:27:24 <duonghq> the second topic I want to take is about rolling upgrade
16:27:38 <duonghq> egonzalez, thank for your review
16:27:51 <duonghq> so, can I go to my 2nd topic?
16:28:54 <Jeffrey4l> yes. please duonghq
16:29:27 <duonghq> I have some ps on the review queue, the oldest is neutron one:
16:29:31 <duonghq> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/407922/
16:29:40 <Jeffrey4l> rolling upgrade is very hard. i still have on courage to facing it ;D
16:29:53 <duonghq> but it's a bit hard to debug so I move  to next project: cinder
16:30:16 <duonghq> #linke https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529546/
16:30:19 <duonghq> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529546/
16:30:46 <duonghq> I see the ansible(-image) is merged, thank egonzalez and sp for it
16:31:04 <duonghq> so I hope that somebody can review the kolla-ansible part
16:31:11 <duonghq> (ansible-image -> kolla-image)
16:31:46 <egonzalez> duonghq, re neutron upgrade, how works with plugins?
16:32:00 <egonzalez> are they upgraded after server or is part of all db sync
16:32:02 <Jeffrey4l> added to my review list~
16:32:05 <duonghq> I also pushed the glance ps but I face bug from glance size, so I think I'll set it aside for awhile
16:32:15 <duonghq> *size -> side
16:32:18 <duonghq> Jeffrey4l, thanks
16:33:05 <egonzalez> I mean, wont be any conflict when having n-server db in queens and networking-sfc/fwaas/vpnaas in pike?
16:33:32 <duonghq> egonzalez, it should be upgrade after n-server is upgraded as neutron doc points out
16:33:34 <duonghq> Once neutron-server services are restarted with the new database schema and the new code, it’s time to upgrade Neutron agents.
16:33:36 <duonghq> https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/latest/contributor/internals/upgrade.html
16:33:58 <duonghq> the n-server upgrade contains database migration
16:34:08 <Jeffrey4l> egonzalez, it depends on the implementation on the plugins side. if it implement version objects, then it should be OK.
16:34:18 <Jeffrey4l> if not, we can do nothing for this ;(
16:35:21 <egonzalez> duonghq, will test the networking-sfc upgrade case at let you know
16:35:42 <duonghq> Jeffrey4l, egonzalez, thanks very much
16:35:51 <duonghq> that's all from me
16:36:07 <rwellum> o/
16:36:22 <Jeffrey4l> thanks duonghq , please rwellum
16:36:57 <Jeffrey4l> i check the networking-sfc's code. version object is not implemented. i guess upgrade n-server will break networking-sfc.
16:37:06 <rwellum> Can we have some cores take a look at: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-rocky-ptg-planning - and add achievements and goals for kolla/kolla-ansible? Otherwise there'll be nothing to discuss :)
16:37:27 <spsurya_> 0/
16:37:53 <spsurya_> sorry guys a bit late
16:38:15 <duonghq> hi spsurya_
16:38:18 <Jeffrey4l> rwellum, thanks.
16:38:37 <duonghq> thanks Rich
16:38:41 <Jeffrey4l> yes. this page should be filled before the ptg.
16:38:45 <rwellum> Sure that was it from me
16:38:51 <Jeffrey4l> hey spsurya_  D
16:39:10 <egonzalez> should we do a brainstorming and then select which topics discuss at PTG?
16:39:44 <Jeffrey4l> rwellum, we will add this into the next weekly meeting.
16:39:53 <duonghq> thank Jeffrey4l  for information, it's a bit more painful here if it's in this case :P
16:39:58 <duonghq> egonzalez, +1
16:40:14 <chason_> egonzalez, +1
16:40:28 <Jeffrey4l> since we only have 20 min. if there is no other topic,
16:40:48 <spsurya_> egonzalez: +1
16:41:07 <Jeffrey4l> let's focus on the Rocky goals for "kolla" repo projects.
16:41:29 <Jeffrey4l> what the painful and what you want to added to kolla?
16:41:34 <Jeffrey4l> feel free to add it .
16:41:39 <Jeffrey4l> or talk here.
16:41:43 <rwellum> +1
16:44:25 <rwellum> For kolla-k8s - it's a little hard to discuss without kfox/jascott around as they have a few things they are working on/planning.
16:44:46 <rwellum> So can defer that until I catch up with them.
16:44:52 <egonzalez> the ever recurring topic "plugin split from main images"
16:44:59 <Jeffrey4l> rwellum, sure.
16:45:27 <Jeffrey4l> egonzalez, what's this topic meaning?
16:45:54 <duonghq> I think the result is our images are much smaller
16:45:59 <egonzalez> how to handle plugin installation in images (ie neutron ovn)
16:45:59 <duonghq> without unused stuff
16:46:28 <Jeffrey4l> duonghq, the current result or the expectation?
16:46:51 <duonghq> Jeffrey4l,  then expectation
16:47:07 <egonzalez> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-queens-ptg-images
16:47:08 <duonghq> if we can factor out the "unused" plugin
16:47:56 <Jeffrey4l> in fact the "unused"  plugin do not use much size.
16:48:10 <Jeffrey4l> just several python text file.
16:52:22 <duonghq> yup
16:56:17 <Jeffrey4l> ok, we will focus on the page next meeting.
16:56:32 <duonghq> nice
16:56:43 <duonghq> will you go to the PTG Jeffrey4l ?
16:56:51 <Jeffrey4l> duonghq, no :(
16:56:58 <Jeffrey4l> will you ?
16:57:23 <duonghq> Jeffrey4l, I'm waiting for the TSP result
16:57:45 <Jeffrey4l> cool hope you can got it.
16:57:52 <duonghq> thanks
16:57:55 <Jeffrey4l> anyway, we are running out of time.
16:58:14 <Jeffrey4l> thanks for everybody coming. let end the meeting
16:58:17 <duonghq> thank you guys
16:58:23 <chmarkus> thanks
16:58:23 <Jeffrey4l> and have a nice day/night
16:58:29 <Jeffrey4l> #endmeeting