15:59:36 <inc0> #startmeeting kolla
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15:59:44 <inc0> #topic w00t!
15:59:53 <duonghq> wo0t
15:59:57 <inc0> I'm back everyone:)
16:00:11 <hrw> o/
16:00:19 <Jeffrey4l> o/
16:00:29 <chason> o/
16:00:29 <rwellum> o/
16:00:40 <coolsvap> o/
16:01:02 <spsurya_> w00t
16:02:00 <jmccarthy> o/
16:04:35 <egonzalez> o/
16:04:49 <inc0> ok let's move on
16:04:53 <inc0> #topic announcements
16:05:56 <bkero-> o/
16:06:21 <inc0> We're in PTL candidacy week, next week are elections. As most of you know, I decided to give up this spot to someone else:)
16:07:27 <inc0> I wanted to thank you all again for trust you've put in me and I'd like to ask you to support next PTL as much as you supported me
16:08:11 <inc0> it was absolute pleasure to lead this wonderful community over last 3 releases
16:08:35 <bkero-> inc0: thank you for your leadership and effort
16:08:58 <Jeffrey4l> inc0 you have done a great jobs ;D
16:09:18 <jmccarthy> inc0: Wow three releases already ? Time flies ! Jobs well done !
16:09:20 <egonzalez> +1 great releases and accomplishment
16:09:28 <rwellum> ++1
16:09:31 <duonghq> thank you  for your invaluable contribution for Kolla
16:09:34 <egonzalez> Thanks for your work
16:09:38 <inc0> jmccarthy: one of them was shorter;) so that's something
16:09:39 <coolsvap> inc0: you have lead kolla by example and I hope you're here for better future of Kolla :-)
16:09:42 <spsurya_> inc0: Thanks for your priceless continuous help and support
16:10:15 <inc0> but yeah, it feels like a blink of the eye:)
16:10:25 <inc0> thank you all for kind words
16:10:34 <inc0> any community announcements?
16:10:46 <duonghq> I have small
16:10:51 <inc0> shoot
16:10:52 <egonzalez> inc0 going to keep working in kolla?
16:11:15 <inc0> egonzalez: not sure how much, but I'll be around:)
16:11:17 <duonghq> my colleague finish bp/support-custom-policy-yaml
16:11:31 <Jeffrey4l> doude, nice jobs
16:11:58 <Jeffrey4l> duonghq, pinged wrong guys^^
16:12:22 <duonghq> many people cannot pronounce my name, that's normal :P
16:12:55 <Jeffrey4l> btw, kolla is released this monday.
16:13:25 <inc0> duonghq: I know a thing or two about this problem;)
16:13:42 <inc0> cool, that means we won't merge new features afterwards
16:13:52 <inc0> lets focus on testing and bugfixed
16:14:40 <spsurya_> inc0: +1
16:14:45 <Jeffrey4l> yes. if there are still BP wanna to be merged. we have a feature freeze exception procedure.
16:15:10 <inc0> yup
16:15:31 <inc0> ok, can we move to agenda? It's fairly packed
16:15:56 <Jeffrey4l> seems the agenda is not updated..
16:16:14 <inc0> ahh right, it's for 24th
16:16:20 <inc0> my bad
16:16:35 <inc0> well, I guess we don't have agenda then:)
16:16:58 <inc0> #topic Open Discussion
16:17:00 <inc0> anyone?
16:17:09 <duonghq> o/
16:17:21 <Jeffrey4l> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-rocky-ptg-planning ptg topics?
16:18:38 <inc0> Duong, you have the floor
16:19:29 <duonghq> inc0,  I think we should follow Jeffrey4l, but I hope that we can discuss about etherpad which list waiting list of bp, bug, patch 1st
16:19:56 <inc0> ok, let's take another look at ptg etherpad
16:21:25 <spsurya_> rwellum: ^^ ?
16:23:34 <spsurya_> inc0: if possible, can you please fill out in kk8s section in PTG etherpad all the gaps left in kk8s to make it production
16:24:13 <spsurya_> i think that would be quite helpful and valuable for PTG discussion for kk8s
16:25:52 <inc0> we have etherpad from last ptg with list of these features
16:25:58 <inc0> I think it still holds true
16:26:53 <rwellum> inc0: you have a link? I lost it annoyingly.
16:27:10 <inc0> pasted
16:27:39 <rwellum> I mean the k8s one
16:29:11 <inc0> yeah
16:29:30 <inc0> I pasted roadmap from last PTG into new etherpad
16:30:02 <duonghq> thanks
16:30:37 <spsurya_> gr8 thanks inc0
16:31:39 <rwellum> Ah great ty!
16:32:40 <inc0> ok, let's move on to bps
16:33:33 <inc0> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible/queens
16:34:48 <inc0> hmm it looks good
16:35:29 <egonzalez> There are few not pointing to queens ready for review
16:35:31 <egonzalez> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible
16:36:11 <duonghq> I forgot push my bp to the https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible/+spec/apply-service-upgrade-procedure
16:37:51 <Jeffrey4l> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla/+spec/build-debian
16:37:57 <Jeffrey4l> this should be done, right?
16:38:34 <inc0> yeah marked it as implemented
16:38:47 <inc0> still needs gates but I trust hrw and gema are on point with this;)
16:39:04 <hrw> let me look
16:39:54 <hrw> no gates but working images
16:40:34 <inc0> yeah, that's why I marked it as implemented
16:40:42 <Jeffrey4l> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla/+spec/config-in-kolla this can be obsoleted, i think inc0
16:42:13 <duonghq> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible/+spec/ansible-specific-task-become -> this bp has one patch left: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/398685/
16:42:31 <inc0> yeah
16:42:40 <inc0> I'll just close it
16:42:50 <inc0> (config in kolla that is)
16:47:38 <inc0> soo
16:47:53 <inc0> I think we can wrap it up? anyone wants to add anything?
16:49:11 <duonghq> inc0,  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529546/ -> can we review it in Q?
16:50:37 <inc0> +2d
16:50:49 <duonghq> thank inc0
16:50:57 <inc0> ok, let's give ourselves 10min back:)
16:51:02 <inc0> thank you all for coming!
16:51:06 <inc0> #endmeeting kolla