16:01:04 <inc0> #startmeeting kolla
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16:01:33 <rwellum> o/
16:01:35 <spsurya_> w00t
16:01:46 <Jeffrey4l> w00t
16:01:50 <emccormickva> o/
16:01:51 <pbourke> o/
16:01:57 <dardelean> o/
16:02:00 <duonghq> o/ wo0t
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16:04:43 <inc0> #topic announcements
16:04:51 <JamesBenson> w00t
16:05:27 <inc0> 1. PTL election nominations are close to an end
16:05:40 <inc0> we have 3 great candidates so far, that's awesome
16:06:17 <inc0> that means lots of people cares about our project:) thank you duonghq Jeffrey4l pbourke
16:06:28 <rwellum> +1
16:06:58 <inc0> I suggest everyone take time to read their candidacy statements here https://github.com/openstack/election/tree/master/candidates/rocky/Kolla
16:06:59 <spsurya_> inc0: looks great
16:07:15 <inc0> 2. We are tagging Q-3 this week
16:07:27 <inc0> Jeffrey4l: do we wait for any patch to land or we are good to go?
16:07:55 <Jeffrey4l> q-3 == milestone 3?
16:08:09 <Jeffrey4l> it is tagged already
16:08:21 <Jeffrey4l> our next tag should be rc1
16:08:26 <inc0> ah
16:08:29 <inc0> yeah, my bad
16:08:44 * inc0 is not fully awake, sorry
16:08:53 <Jeffrey4l> need more coffee :D
16:09:10 <inc0> right, RC1
16:09:40 <Jeffrey4l> rc1 will be tagged more later. because we are tailing cycle project.
16:10:01 <inc0> yes, and this is feature freeze for us, but we did that before really
16:10:49 <inc0> well, ok let's just move on to open discussion, as we don't have agenda;)
16:10:56 <inc0> #topic open discussion
16:11:00 <inc0> anyone?
16:11:06 <spsurya_> inc0: yes
16:11:14 <inc0> go ahead Surya
16:11:27 <spsurya_> tomorrow is last date for CFP
16:12:02 <spsurya_> I have added one talk along with Jeffrey4l duonghq
16:12:33 <duonghq> thank spsurya_  for this
16:12:58 <inc0> cool, good luck!
16:13:10 <spsurya_> would like to help on stage for Kolla update session if i got the chance
16:15:01 <rwellum> I have loosely based on kolla-k8s
16:15:06 <rwellum> (one)
16:16:03 <spsurya_> rwellum: would be great if elaborate little bit about it
16:17:28 <dardelean> hmm, I might submit a paper as well on how we deploy with kolla on windows
16:17:40 <rwellum> spsurya_: sure will do - I'll ping it on the main IRC after meeting
16:17:48 <inc0> dardelean: quick then as deadline is looming
16:18:05 <Jeffrey4l> dardelean, use kolla manage HyperV?
16:18:09 <Jeffrey4l> interesting.
16:18:25 <inc0> Jeffrey4l: I believe dardelean wrote it back in Pike
16:18:34 <dardelean> indeed, cinder is in review
16:18:48 <dardelean> atm only nova is merged(and the neutron agent ofc)
16:18:51 <spsurya_> rwellum: thanks
16:19:01 <Jeffrey4l> cool.
16:21:40 <inc0> ok, let's move on
16:21:48 <inc0> anyone else wants to add anything?:)
16:22:13 <duonghq> hmm, seem that we don't have much topic?
16:22:18 <inc0> yeah
16:22:26 <duonghq> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/398685/
16:22:26 <inc0> let's wrap up and give ourselves 40min back
16:22:39 <duonghq> can we merge it in Q, and mark the bp is done?
16:22:45 <vhosakot> inc0: Jeffrey4l: sorry for not being active in kolla, I have a point about vendor driver if I may.
16:23:09 <inc0> duonghq: yeah I think so
16:23:12 <inc0> shoot Vikram
16:23:28 <vhosakot> as I'm now working on kolla these days, I'm not online IRC sorry, I'll be in kolla IRC more now.
16:23:47 <vhosakot> inc0: ok, so we spoke about vendor driver containerization at DevNet PTG
16:24:23 <vhosakot> what is the status of what as we plan to containerize a vendor driver needed which will be helpful for the community and customers.
16:24:41 <inc0> we didn't move it any forward
16:24:46 <inc0> afaik
16:25:01 <vhosakot> also, we plan to establish a common design/framework that any other vendors can use to containerize their vendor drivers in kolla
16:25:24 <vhosakot> inc0: I see
16:25:54 <vhosakot> sadasu is an OpenStack developer we spoke with in Denver.  She has some ideas about it she would like to discuss today.
16:26:14 <vhosakot> sadasu: do you want to explain the idea?
16:26:40 <sadasu> vhosakot: thanks for the intro.
16:27:22 <sadasu> Hi! Kolla team, I have some rudimentaryideas and since I am new to Kolla would like your help ironing out the rough edges
16:27:39 <vhosakot> kolla team is amazing!
16:27:42 <spsurya_> sadasu: hi...
16:27:50 <duonghq> sadasu,  o/
16:27:55 <inc0> sadasu vhosakot can we move it to post-release discussion? or PTG?
16:28:13 <inc0> I feel like discussing design during feature freeze might be sub-optimal:)
16:28:13 <sadasu> I am looking at a framework where 3rd party vendor drivers do not have to integrate into the upstream Kolla containers
16:28:17 <vhosakot> inc0: sure, good point, sadasu can we discuss this in the regular IRC channel instead of this meeting?
16:28:27 <sadasu> sounds good
16:28:41 <inc0> I'll be happy to help you draft initial ideas
16:28:41 <duonghq> vhosakot, sadasu will you go to the next PTG (Dublin)?
16:28:41 <vhosakot> great, thanks for the opportunity inc0 and Jeffrey4l and all
16:28:58 <vhosakot> duonghq: no, I'm not working on kolla a lot thee days.
16:29:08 <sadasu> thanks inc0 and Jeffrey4l
16:29:15 <vhosakot> duonghq: are you?  inc0, Jeffrey4l? you guys going to Dublin?
16:29:30 <sadasu> unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to PTG but would welcome any method to join remotely
16:29:34 <inc0> I'm not going :(
16:29:47 <Jeffrey4l> i can not be there ;(
16:29:57 <duonghq> vhosakot, no, Ireland Visa requires 2 months for processing
16:30:16 <vhosakot> ok, nobody from kolla this PTG then ? :(
16:30:38 <spsurya_> vhosakot: hope i would if get the VISA on time
16:30:55 <vhosakot> yeha, I needed good guiness beer ;)
16:31:49 <pbourke> vhosakot: some of us will be there :)
16:31:56 <vhosakot> ok, sadasu and I will discuss about vendor driver contaerization in the mail koall channel.  if nothing else to discuss, we can end the meeting.
16:32:03 <vhosakot> ah, nice pbourke !! :)
16:32:12 <inc0> pbourke: are you walking distance from PTG?;)
16:32:16 <duonghq> I guess that egonzalez can go  there
16:32:25 <pbourke> actually, yes :D
16:32:30 <inc0> lol
16:32:30 <sadasu> maybe we can join the ether pad if this topic is added to the PTG agenda
16:32:33 <vhosakot> isnt' it at a stadium this tim?
16:33:09 <vhosakot> my and I've been to Dublin - love the city and Temple Bar! :)
16:33:11 <spsurya_> sadasu: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-rocky-ptg-planning
16:33:17 <spsurya_> add here
16:33:34 <sadasu> spsurya_:thanks!
16:36:00 <duonghq> Jeffrey4l, can you review this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529546/
16:36:24 <sadasu> vhosakot and me plan to submit a talk for the vancouver summit regarding this topic
16:36:30 <sadasu> just a heads up
16:36:40 <duonghq> sadasu, nice
16:36:51 <duonghq> but I think it's close the the CFP deadline?
16:37:03 <sadasu> yes, we are being brave
16:37:30 <sadasu> will put in the proposal by end of day today
16:37:55 <duonghq> sadasu, +1
16:38:09 <spsurya_> sadasu: nice
16:38:33 <sadasu> thanks for the support
16:38:36 <Jeffrey4l> duonghq, sure. will review it later.
16:38:49 <duonghq> thank Jeffrey4l
16:39:43 <Jeffrey4l> np
16:39:49 <inc0> so, anyone else have topic?
16:42:28 <inc0> allright, thank you all for coming
16:42:39 <inc0> remember to vote for PTL!
16:42:43 <inc0> #endmeeting kolla