16:00:21 <Jeffrey4l> #startmeeting kolla
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16:00:27 <Jeffrey4l> #topic rollcall
16:00:28 <duonghq> o/
16:00:34 <bmace> o/
16:00:46 <mgiles> o/
16:00:56 <yankcrime> o/
16:01:01 <spsurya> o/
16:01:33 <sadasu> Hello!
16:01:47 <chason> o/
16:01:47 <Jeffrey4l> hey sadasu
16:01:49 <caoyuan> o/
16:02:20 <mgoddard> o/
16:02:23 <Jeffrey4l> #topic Announcements
16:02:34 <Jeffrey4l> two from me,
16:03:01 <Jeffrey4l> 1. kolla-kuberetes voting is end. at finally, this deliverable will be retired.
16:03:47 <Jeffrey4l> and thanks all the contributors for kolla-kubernetes
16:04:36 <Jeffrey4l> 2. another voting mail to nomination mgoddard as core member is ongoing. feel free to vote ;D
16:04:48 <Jeffrey4l> any other announcement from community?
16:05:30 <Jeffrey4l> #topic kolla rdo collaboration test
16:05:45 <Jeffrey4l> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-rdo-rocky-m1
16:05:56 <Jeffrey4l> rdo team provides us 5 nodes to test for 3 day.
16:06:18 <Jeffrey4l> it is a good time and opptunity to testing latest openstack by using latest kolla / rdo
16:06:36 <Jeffrey4l> currently, i am run the deployment.
16:06:49 <Jeffrey4l> any volunteer is welcome to join the test.
16:07:18 <Jeffrey4l> if you are interested in this, just ping me :D
16:08:40 <Jeffrey4l> you could get the context and plan in the etherpad page.
16:09:22 <Jeffrey4l> #topic vancouver summit
16:09:47 <Jeffrey4l> i just wanna to know who will be the summit in vancover?
16:09:54 <sadasu> me
16:11:10 <bmace> pbourke doesn't seem to be here today but I believe he will be.
16:11:21 <Jeffrey4l> cool.
16:11:52 <Jeffrey4l> there is not much topic today.
16:12:04 <Jeffrey4l> is there any volunteer to contribute a open discuss?
16:12:16 <Jeffrey4l> #topic open discussion
16:12:30 <sadasu> I had a question
16:12:36 <Jeffrey4l> sadasu, please
16:12:53 <sadasu> I am working on the 3rd party ML2 vendor driver integration into Kolla
16:13:11 <sadasu> I have the changes done in koala and koala-ansible
16:13:22 <sadasu> kolla* (spell check)
16:13:36 <sadasu> is there documentation on how to test them together?
16:13:45 <Jeffrey4l> btw, there is the kolla on tour link, feel free to join the hangout chat group
16:13:46 <Jeffrey4l> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Kolla-On-Tour
16:13:58 <sadasu> this is a newbie question, but I didn't find any
16:14:25 <Jeffrey4l> sadasu, just deploy the openstack environment through kolla with your changes?
16:15:10 <sadasu> ok...should pick up changes from kolla-ansible automatically?
16:15:17 <sadasu> thanks!
16:16:05 <Jeffrey4l> sadasu, it depends how the 3rd driver works.
16:16:39 <Jeffrey4l> normally, you need install the driver in kolla image when building image ( customized tempalte may be a better solution)
16:17:02 <sadasu> @Jeffrey41 I have that part working
16:17:03 <Jeffrey4l> and configure the ml2_conf.ini throught advanced config feature ( merge_config )
16:18:17 <sadasu> yes, I think I have that too
16:18:34 <sadasu> need to test and make sure
16:18:43 <Jeffrey4l> then just follow the doc to deploy the environment.
16:19:01 <sadasu> ok. will do. Thanks
16:19:02 <Jeffrey4l> quickstart doc is a good start
16:19:04 <Jeffrey4l> np
16:19:29 <Jeffrey4l> any other topics?
16:20:12 <spsurya> Jeffrey4l: i may be there too
16:20:20 <Jeffrey4l> cool please
16:22:01 <Jeffrey4l> seem no topics.
16:22:07 <Jeffrey4l> let us end the meeting.
16:22:15 <Jeffrey4l> thanks guys for coming.
16:22:21 <Jeffrey4l> have a good day/night
16:22:24 <Jeffrey4l> #endmeeting