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16:00:27 <Jeffrey4l> #topic rollcall
16:00:29 <duonghq> o/
16:00:30 <chason> o/
16:00:33 <ktibi> o/
16:00:34 <donghm> o/
16:00:34 <bmace> o/
16:01:24 <sadasu> Hello!
16:01:33 <spsurya> o/
16:01:37 <jmccarthy> o/
16:01:55 <Jeffrey4l> #topic Announcements
16:02:04 <yankcrime> o/
16:02:21 <niedbalski> o/
16:02:25 <Jeffrey4l> this week is rocky-2 milestone deadline.
16:02:43 <Jeffrey4l> we will going create rocky-rc2 tags for kolla.
16:03:00 <Jeffrey4l> currently the gate is green, so i think it is ready to do.
16:03:32 <Jeffrey4l> i will create the tags tomorrow if there is other issues.
16:03:48 <Jeffrey4l> any other announcements from community?
16:04:23 <Jeffrey4l> guess no, let us move on
16:04:35 <Jeffrey4l> since there is no agenda on meeting wiki page.
16:04:45 <Jeffrey4l> #topic open discussion
16:04:53 <pbourke> o/
16:04:54 <Jeffrey4l> let us move to open discussion directly.
16:05:13 <Jeffrey4l> pbourke, thanks for update the onboarding feedbacks.
16:05:20 <pbourke> np
16:05:25 <pbourke> I think it went fairly well
16:05:50 <pbourke> Jeffrey4l: wrt to rocky-rc2
16:05:54 <spsurya> yes it good feedback session
16:06:00 <pbourke> at what point do we feature freeze?
16:06:14 <Jeffrey4l> pbourke, no. rc3 is a feature freeze.
16:06:31 <pbourke> Jeffrey4l: ok. we should do our best to get the bluestore functionality in before then
16:06:40 <pbourke> it seems almost ready
16:06:47 <Jeffrey4l> and since there is no trailing-cycle tag for deploy project, technially, there is no feature freeze at all now.
16:07:09 <Jeffrey4l> yeah. tong did a great job.
16:07:48 <Jeffrey4l> anyway, we still have another one month to merge bp.
16:08:32 <Jeffrey4l> one thing i wanna to talk is the meeting time.
16:08:43 <Jeffrey4l> currently the meeting time is UTC 16:00, it is US friendly.
16:09:03 <Jeffrey4l> but kolla do not have much US guys as before.
16:09:39 <Jeffrey4l> so is this time suitable with you? or do you wanna to adjust it?
16:09:44 <Jeffrey4l> any comments on this?
16:09:50 <spsurya> Jeffrey4l: yes please make it Asia and Europe friendly
16:10:05 <spsurya> +1 from my side
16:10:29 <pbourke> it's reasonably friendly for Europe right now, at least in Ireland
16:10:35 <ktibi> Jeffrey4l, for Europe, UTC 16 is good, maybe UTC 15
16:10:37 <bmace> depending on when it is moved to i may not be able to attend anymore, but i appreciate the reason for it.
16:10:45 <pbourke> ktibi: +1
16:10:58 <pbourke> actually I meant to +1 bmace :)
16:11:00 <pbourke> but also ktibi
16:11:07 <chason> Let's have a vote for meeting time.
16:11:11 <pbourke> Jeffrey4l: if we want to vote on a new time that would be fine
16:11:37 <Jeffrey4l> yeah, if guys wanna to change the meeting time, we will have a voting
16:12:13 <Jeffrey4l> does UTC 16 work with you pbourke bmace ?
16:12:19 <spsurya> may be 1 or 2 hrs before would be fine
16:12:28 <Jeffrey4l> utc 15 i mean.
16:12:37 <pbourke> that would be ok with me, probably too early for bmace
16:13:05 <bmace> so just 1 hour earlier?  i might be able to survive.. right now it is at 9am for me, so it would be 8am, which, though painful, is still possible :)
16:13:22 <bmace> 7am is right out.. lol
16:13:30 <Jeffrey4l> bmace, great.
16:13:44 <Jeffrey4l> i will choose a several time span for voting.
16:13:46 <mgiles> bmace keep in mind that will be 7am in the winter hours, I think
16:13:53 <ktibi> for the Spanish guys it's siesta time !
16:14:12 <bmace> mgiles: i will just have to hibernate through winter i guess ;)
16:14:14 <Jeffrey4l> i will sent the updates into ML
16:15:03 <Jeffrey4l> then next open discussion.
16:15:09 <Jeffrey4l> any volunteers?
16:15:54 <donghm> About bp, i implemented the blueprint ansible-specific-task-become, hope that somebody can review it
16:15:55 <spsurya> Jeffrey4l: yes
16:15:59 <donghm> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/571090/
16:16:34 <Jeffrey4l> donghm, cool.
16:16:36 <ktibi> donghm, good job ! very good for security
16:16:58 <Jeffrey4l> added myself, will review tomorrow.
16:17:14 <donghm> Jeffrey4l, thank you
16:17:21 <spsurya> Berlin CFP is open, I personally feel kolla team should have a workshop
16:17:40 <duonghq> spsurya,  +1 as usual
16:17:41 <spsurya> it will attract more operators and contributor
16:17:58 <pbourke> I would like to see a bigger kolla presence than we had in vancouver
16:18:18 <spsurya> as we had god amount of attendee in Vancouver
16:18:21 <donghm> ktibi, thank you too
16:18:33 <ktibi> I'll go to berlin with 3 or 4 op team.
16:19:21 <spsurya> pbourke: i think no. of good w.r.t other community
16:20:21 <spsurya> in vacouver
16:22:04 <spsurya> Jeffrey4l: pbourke duonghq ^^
16:22:13 <pbourke> spsurya: I don't understand?
16:22:38 <spsurya> pbourke: sorry, typo
16:22:52 <Jeffrey4l> is the workshop equal onboarding + ops feedback?
16:23:18 <spsurya> I mean we had good amount of attendee in kolla session w.r.t to other community
16:23:25 <spsurya> pbourke:
16:23:27 <pbourke> spsurya: oh yes, absolutely
16:23:38 <spsurya> Jeffrey4l: no
16:23:43 <pbourke> just would be nice to see some more talks, demos, workshops etc.
16:24:05 <Jeffrey4l> and some good sign is i see some new contributor for kolla recently.
16:24:24 <spsurya> Jeffrey4l: workshop can be about handson exp of kolla, kolla-ansible and kolla-cli
16:25:09 <spsurya> it can include deployment of some new features
16:25:25 <spsurya> like we have rolling upgrade for core services
16:25:50 <Jeffrey4l> got
16:26:39 <spsurya> and some other crucial deployments in which operators face issue
16:27:04 <Jeffrey4l> and it will be great if some guys could share there experince on a large scale openstack deployed with kolla.
16:27:27 <spsurya> Jeffrey4l: yes, we need volunteers for that
16:28:59 <Jeffrey4l> the deadline for CFP is end of june.
16:29:16 <spsurya> yes 30th June, so we can create workshop before that and can propose the same
16:29:17 <Jeffrey4l> so please apply the topics before that ;)
16:29:42 <spsurya> workshop agenda*   <- typo
16:29:42 <Jeffrey4l> rolling upgrade is a good point
16:31:23 <Jeffrey4l> ok, this is about the comming summit.
16:31:31 <Jeffrey4l> any other topics?
16:31:49 <bmace> It was suggested that, not that we have the cli working fairly well with the upstream bits, that we start to look at possibly depricating use of kolla-ansible, at least in the gate, and start using things like the cli properties commands instead of hand edits to the property files, etc.  if there are no objections.
16:32:30 <Jeffrey4l> bmace, +1
16:32:38 <bmace> in the next couple of days i hope to have a script finished / committed so that there are no manual steps to getting the cli running w/ kolla-ansible, just run a script and it is all set up.
16:33:18 <bmace> i think that is it on the cli front.  also, folks feel free to create blueprints for stuff you would like to see in the cli.  we have had a number of new folks reviewing and commenting on the changes we are putting in, and that is very appreciated.
16:33:50 <Jeffrey4l> this will make kolla-cli and kolla-ansible work together very well.
16:34:36 <bmace> yup, and the more people use it i am hoping the more ideas people will have on improving the cli and making the whole kolla experience better / easier.
16:34:52 <Jeffrey4l> definitely :D
16:35:35 <spsurya> bmace: +1
16:36:37 <Jeffrey4l> btw, this patch is ready for review, https://review.openstack.org/568422 it will be good for operators :)
16:38:47 <Jeffrey4l> seem we could end the meeting ealier today.
16:38:59 <Jeffrey4l> thanks every for comming
16:39:09 <Jeffrey4l> #endmeeting