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16:00:53 <pbourke> #topic rollcall
16:01:00 <pbourke> o/
16:01:02 <bmace> \o/
16:01:04 <mgoddard> o/
16:01:06 <donghm> o/
16:01:09 <caoyuan> o/
16:01:25 <yankcrime> \o
16:02:54 <pbourke> #topic annoucements
16:03:01 <pbourke> hi all, thanks for attending :)
16:03:14 <pbourke> Jeffrey4l is away today so I'll be chairing
16:03:16 <duonghq> o/
16:03:31 <pbourke> only annoucement he asked me to pass on is that the vote went through to move the meeting one hour earlier
16:03:39 <pbourke> so the new time will be 15:00 UTC, starting from next week
16:04:00 <pbourke> anything else from the community?
16:05:05 <pbourke> ok, no agenda for today so will move to discussion
16:05:11 <pbourke> #topic open discussion
16:05:33 <pbourke> I have one area I noticed today I wanted to bring up
16:05:53 <pbourke> which is, does anyone have a feel for which if any images we can remove from kolla now kolla-k8s has been retired?
16:06:07 <pbourke> I see our gates are moving beyond the 1h mark, so anything we can remove will be a plus here
16:07:58 <pbourke> this thing on?
16:08:05 <bmace> speak up please ;)
16:08:27 <tone_zrt> hi all
16:08:31 <pbourke> hey tone_zrt
16:08:42 <caoyuan> tone_zrt welcome
16:08:45 <tone_zrt> Hi pbourke
16:09:04 <tone_zrt> caoyuan, thanks. :)
16:09:07 <pbourke> tone_zrt: I see at least one of the failures in your reviews is down to some images timing out trying to fetch get-pip.py
16:09:36 <pbourke> it doesn't really solve the underlying issue but I think some of these images can be removed as they're related to kolla-k8s which is no longer a thing
16:09:54 <tone_zrt> yes.
16:10:06 <tone_zrt> so what shall I do?
16:10:07 <pbourke> anyway, that's just an fyi
16:10:13 <pbourke> you don't need to do anything for now :)
16:10:17 <pbourke> I'll +2 your review soon
16:10:19 <mgoddard> pbourke: do you have some candidates in mind?
16:10:22 <pbourke> mgoddard: yes
16:10:48 <tone_zrt> pbourke: thanks! :)
16:10:53 <pbourke> mgoddard: pretty much anything with helm or kube in the title
16:10:54 <mgoddard> maybe an initial list on the ML would be the best place to start
16:11:01 <pbourke> mgoddard: though obviously need to be careful
16:11:07 <pbourke> mgoddard: ML seems the way to go
16:12:21 <pbourke> anyone have anything else?
16:12:27 <pbourke> I'll leave it open for another few mins just in case
16:12:58 <donghm> hi all
16:13:15 <donghm> this bp https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible/+spec/ansible-specific-task-become seem like done, can someone checks and closes it
16:13:34 <pbourke> donghm: will do
16:14:04 <donghm> pbourke, thanks you
16:14:31 <duonghq> o/
16:15:04 <duonghq> I draft a idea about neutron rolling upgrade (only some neutron service/agent support 2-phase db upgrade)
16:15:11 <duonghq> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/569071/
16:15:21 <duonghq> can somebody help me review this
16:15:40 <pbourke> duonghq: sounds good, will take a look :)
16:15:53 <duonghq> thanks
16:16:03 <mandre> hey, sorry I'm late
16:16:19 <mandre> are you done duonghq?
16:16:22 <pbourke> hey mandre
16:16:29 <pbourke> just in time
16:16:37 <duonghq> mandre, hi
16:16:53 <duonghq> I'm working on this, but not sure if it's the best way
16:17:12 <mandre> I've been thinking a little bit about the issue I raised last week regarding building python3 only containers based on fedora
16:17:31 <duonghq> that's all from me
16:18:35 <mandre> i'm not super happy about working in a separate branch because that would essentially mean the two branches would diverge
16:18:59 <mandre> and i don't want to merge some fedora specific code in master
16:19:07 <pbourke> mandre: did you consider just working on a fork?
16:19:13 <pbourke> or would that have similar divergence issues
16:20:09 <mandre> so I've started prototyping a small patch that rdo folks can apply on top of a kolla checkout that would re-use all of the centos logic, except it would build using fedora:28 with the repos they provide
16:20:23 <mandre> it seems to work well so far
16:20:42 <pbourke> yeah I would assume the rest can be done with template overrides
16:20:52 <mandre> exactly
16:21:01 <mandre> keep it contained
16:21:30 <mandre> that's all :)
16:21:41 <pbourke> sounds good mandre, thanks for the update
16:22:05 <yankcrime> so speaking of draft ideas, i've got a backup mini-spec i'm drafting up for early review / feedback here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/573311/
16:22:19 <pbourke> nice!
16:22:20 <yankcrime> thanks to those that have taken a look and left comments already
16:22:39 <yankcrime> i was on holiday last week so i'm still somewhat in catch-up mode, but i'll get around to updating it in the next few days
16:22:45 <pbourke> i'll add it to my list
16:22:53 <pbourke> great to see some new functionality making it way into kolla
16:22:55 <yankcrime> great, thanks pbourke
16:22:56 <pbourke> *it's
16:24:31 <pbourke> anyone else?
16:25:26 <pbourke> ok lets call it here, thanks everyone!
16:25:36 <pbourke> see you next week at the new time
16:25:39 <pbourke> #endmeeting