15:00:29 <Jeffrey4l> #startmeeting kolla
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15:00:51 <Jeffrey4l> #topic rollcall
15:00:59 <donghm_> o/
15:01:35 <mandre> o/
15:01:40 <pbourke> o/
15:02:07 <yankcrime> o/
15:02:12 <Jeffrey4l> #topic annoucement
15:02:18 <Jeffrey4l> any annoucement from community/
15:03:09 <Jeffrey4l> i attent openinfra china days, and there are several topic related to kolla project ;D
15:03:19 <Jeffrey4l> on the last week
15:03:39 <mgoddard> o/
15:03:54 <Jeffrey4l> ok move on
15:04:02 <Jeffrey4l> #topic open discussion
15:04:18 <Jeffrey4l> since there is no agenda, let us move to open discussion dirctly.
15:04:28 <Jeffrey4l> anything wanna to talk?
15:04:51 <donghm_> can you list some interest topics in china days, Jeffrey4l
15:05:00 <donghm_> oh sorry, i type so slow
15:05:53 <Jeffrey4l> sure.
15:06:05 <Jeffrey4l> here is the schedule  agenda
15:06:05 <Jeffrey4l> http://openstack.puhanda.com/Statics/%E6%97%A5%E7%A8%8B.pdf
15:06:35 <Jeffrey4l> there are
15:07:01 <Jeffrey4l> 1. containerized openstack for ci/cd in practise
15:07:36 <Jeffrey4l> 2.delploy kolla in 48 hours on 300 nodes
15:07:53 <Jeffrey4l> 3. how integrate openstack & kubernetes
15:08:13 <caoyuan> o/
15:08:14 <donghm_> so many Chinese word, lol
15:08:28 <caoyuan> sorry I'm late
15:08:30 <donghm_> thank Jeffrey4l :)
15:08:55 <Jeffrey4l> there is also other topics refer to kolla, even though it is not focus on kolla.
15:09:03 <Jeffrey4l> my pleasure :D
15:10:04 <Jeffrey4l> any volunteers for open discussion?
15:12:43 <donghm_> I implementing bp apply services rolling upgrade with duonghq, can some one review it, please, thanks
15:12:59 <donghm_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/577030/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/558770/
15:13:37 <Jeffrey4l> donghm_, cool. added to my review queens, thanks
15:14:13 <donghm_> Jeffrey4l, thank you so much.
15:15:22 <Jeffrey4l> okay, guess we have no topics today.
15:15:28 <Jeffrey4l> let us end the meeting
15:15:43 <Jeffrey4l> thanks guys for coming, hope you have a nice day :D
15:15:45 <Jeffrey4l> #endmeeting