15:00:37 <Jeffrey4l> #startmeeting kolla
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15:00:46 <Jeffrey4l> #topic rollcall
15:00:58 <donghm> o/
15:00:59 <ktibi> \o/
15:01:01 <mgoddard> o/
15:01:10 <caoyuan> o/
15:02:11 <Jeffrey4l> #topic Announcements
15:02:27 <Jeffrey4l> no from me. now. any update from the community?
15:02:58 <Jeffrey4l> btw, there is no agenda in the wiki page. guess we will end today's meeting earlier.
15:03:09 <Jeffrey4l> #topic open discussion
15:03:23 <Jeffrey4l> anything wanna be talked?
15:03:46 <ktibi> Jeffrey4l, can you confirm the frezze feature date is the 23 jul ?
15:03:53 <ktibi> for kolla
15:03:53 <Jeffrey4l> i have a patch require another core review https://review.openstack.org/557872 , thanks.
15:04:37 <pbourke> o/
15:04:57 <Jeffrey4l> hi pbourke
15:05:07 <Jeffrey4l> do you have any concern wanna be talked?
15:05:11 <chason> o/
15:05:12 <ktibi> Jeffrey4l, good patch, I working right now on a deploy issue on keyring ceph ^^ Fetching Ceph keyrings ==> failed T_T
15:05:28 <pbourke> nothing from me today
15:05:59 <Jeffrey4l> cool
15:06:16 <Jeffrey4l> seem we could end the meeting today ;)
15:07:03 <mgoddard> how are we looking in terms of features for rocky?
15:07:23 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, release note is a good place
15:07:48 <Jeffrey4l> https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/kolla/unreleased.html
15:08:02 <Jeffrey4l> and
15:08:02 <Jeffrey4l> https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/kolla-ansible/unreleased.html
15:08:10 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, ^^
15:08:25 <mgoddard> for comparison, ironic has a whiteboard
15:08:36 <mgoddard> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IronicWhiteBoard
15:09:02 <mgoddard> it tracks the status of features targeted for the next release, and lists priorities for reviewers to focus on
15:09:46 <mgoddard> it's a bit messy, but L89 is priorities, and L138 has feature status reports
15:10:25 <mgoddard> is this something that kolla could use to try to track the progress of features?
15:10:26 <Jeffrey4l> sound good. it track not only current release.
15:10:50 <mgoddard> I'm sure something similar could be done with storyboard, but might be harder to setup
15:10:58 <mgoddard> does kolla plan to move to storyboard?
15:11:23 <pbourke> we discussed it a few weeks back
15:11:24 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, no plan right now. but the whiteboard is a good idea
15:11:43 <pbourke> seems storyboard is not quite there yet in terms of features, I think the main one highlighted was around stable branch tracking
15:11:50 <Jeffrey4l> i start this link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/KollaWhiteBoard
15:12:04 <mgoddard> yeah, storyboard seems a little raw still
15:12:17 <mgoddard> nice, thanks Jeffrey4l!
15:12:42 <mgoddard> how will we use the whiteboard?
15:12:50 <mgoddard> list of upcoming features with status?
15:13:16 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, we could learn from ironic. some important info + current cycle status
15:13:23 <mgoddard> of course it needs to be kept up to date... normally the ironic PTL announces on IRC just before the meeting to update whiteboard status
15:13:59 <mgoddard> Jeffrey4l: yeah, start fairly lightweight otherwise people will get tired
15:14:46 <mgoddard> now is probably a good time to start thinking about things to discuss at the PTG
15:15:03 <mgoddard> Jeffrey4l: will you be able to make it this time? Would be nice to meet you :)
15:16:14 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, i'd love too.  visa is still a nightmare for me. tried twice. i am trying to apply now.
15:16:19 <mgoddard> pbourke had the kolla update slides from vancouver - we could use those to populate the whiteboard feature list
15:16:29 <mgoddard> Jeffrey4l: sure. good luck
15:20:25 <mgoddard> I had a question about rolling upgrades
15:21:47 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, yes?
15:21:50 <mgoddard> In the ironic rolling upgrade review, we are now pulling images in upgrade.yml. Previously it was required to pull before the upgrade. Is there a reason for this change in behaviour?
15:22:40 <Jeffrey4l> donghm, ^^
15:23:53 <Jeffrey4l> #link https://review.openstack.org/577773
15:24:03 <donghm> Hi mgoddard, as i commented in my patch set, in legacy upgrade, we should pull all images of the services
15:24:46 <mgoddard> donghm, yes - what is the reason for the change?
15:25:09 <donghm> in rolling upgrade, this is good for pull the images in separate service
15:25:32 <mgoddard> why?
15:25:55 <mgoddard> maybe we can discuss on IRC
15:26:58 <mgoddard> one last thing :)
15:26:59 <donghm> i think when you just want to upgrade a service to the new version to fix some bug
15:26:59 <mgoddard> https://review.openstack.org/549775
15:27:05 <donghm> sure :)
15:27:18 <mgoddard> the bifrost CI job
15:28:18 <mgoddard> 3x +2 but no +A. egonzalez had concerns about load on zuul. He suggested creating a periodic job, or filtering only changes to the bifrost role. Any thoughts
15:28:21 <mgoddard> ?
15:28:50 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, what do you think about his idea.
15:28:58 <Jeffrey4l> i think use filter is reasonable
15:29:13 <mgoddard> yeah, I'm ok with that
15:29:17 <Jeffrey4l> and now kolla consumers lots of ci resource for each patch
15:29:50 <mgoddard> where do the results of periodic jobs get displayed?
15:30:35 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, mail will be send if the jobs is failed.
15:31:02 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, check http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-stable-maint/
15:31:21 <mgoddard> ah, great - thanks
15:31:29 <mgoddard> I will go for that approach then
15:31:34 <mgoddard> I will stop talking now :)
15:31:54 <Jeffrey4l> but seems it is only true to periodic-stable pipeline
15:32:17 <mgoddard> oh, not master?
15:32:21 <Jeffrey4l> more info please check https://github.com/openstack-infra/project-config/blob/master/zuul.d/pipelines.yaml
15:32:43 <Jeffrey4l> it is matter will pipeline are you using. not the branch you are testing.
15:32:57 <Jeffrey4l> no idea why there is no mail for periodic pipeline
15:33:59 <mgoddard> ok, could ask in infra channel
15:34:32 <Jeffrey4l> btw, for filter change, egonzalez should be saying change like https://review.openstack.org/575026
15:35:10 <mgoddard> ok, thanks
15:35:49 <mgoddard> I think setup_gate.sh is getting too big :)
15:35:54 <mgoddard> a topic for another day
15:36:43 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, yeah. it is a result of history. and better be converted to zuul roles now ;)
15:37:27 <mgoddard> yeah, or just separate scripts would be a good start
15:38:14 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, i merged you bifrost patch. we could improve it in following patches.
15:38:31 <mgoddard> Jeffrey4l: nice, thanks :)
15:39:20 <Jeffrey4l> np
15:40:04 <Jeffrey4l> ok, any other topics?
15:41:17 <Jeffrey4l> guess no.
15:41:21 <ktibi> Jeffrey4l, I don't know if you see my question
15:41:25 <Jeffrey4l> thanks for everybody coming
15:41:32 <Jeffrey4l> let us end the meeting.
15:41:36 <Jeffrey4l> #endmeeting