15:00:09 <Jeffrey4l> #startmeeting kolla
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15:00:27 <Jeffrey4l> #topic rollcall
15:00:37 <spsurya_> 0/
15:00:48 <donghm> o/
15:00:52 <chason[m]> o/
15:01:00 <pbourke> o/
15:01:16 <mgoddard> \o
15:01:48 <caoyuan> o/
15:02:09 <Jeffrey4l> #topic announcements
15:02:36 <Jeffrey4l> 1. this week i release next stream for all branch in kolla.
15:02:59 <Jeffrey4l> including ocata 4.0.5 , pike 5.0.3 and queens 6.1.0
15:03:29 <mandre> o/
15:04:11 <Jeffrey4l> 2. This week is ptl self nomination week, so if you are interested in, please send a self-nominate in the election repo.
15:04:36 <Jeffrey4l> 3. for my personal reason, i will not run for the kolla ptl in the next ;)
15:04:48 <Jeffrey4l> next cycle*
15:05:12 <Jeffrey4l> any other news from community?
15:05:26 <spsurya_> YeS
15:05:43 <Jeffrey4l> spsurya_, please
15:05:55 <spsurya_> Vote for speaker is open now for Berlin Summit
15:06:14 <spsurya_> So please vote Kolla sessions
15:06:39 <spsurya_> Thanks
15:06:49 <Jeffrey4l> yeah, and here is the topic list
15:06:51 <Jeffrey4l> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/berlin-2018/vote-for-speakers/
15:07:40 <Jeffrey4l> ok, let us move on
15:07:49 <Jeffrey4l> #topic kolla rocky milestone
15:08:05 <Jeffrey4l> This week is also the milestone 3 dead line week.
15:08:17 <Jeffrey4l> so we will release kolla m3 tag too.
15:08:41 <Jeffrey4l> after this, pb is not allow to be merged..
15:08:51 <Jeffrey4l> unless you apply a FFE
15:09:25 <Jeffrey4l> now i wanna all guys could check the bp list again.
15:09:49 <Jeffrey4l> update the status and close the pb which is already done
15:10:04 <Jeffrey4l> let us take 5 minutes on this
15:10:18 <Jeffrey4l> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla
15:10:20 <Jeffrey4l> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible
15:11:11 <Jeffrey4l> donghm, status for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible/+spec/migrate-to-ansible-2-2-0 ?
15:12:19 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, i think your guys are working on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla/+spec/monasca-containers , is it done?
15:12:47 <donghm> Jeffrey4l, sorry, i'm not follow up this bp of duonghq, I will ask him as soon as.
15:12:56 <mgoddard> Jeffrey4l: yeah, I think so. dougsz is out today though
15:12:57 <Jeffrey4l> great, thanks
15:15:04 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, and its ansible part https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible/+spec/monasca-roles
15:15:18 <mgoddard> Jeffrey4l: yeah
15:16:20 <Jeffrey4l> ok, thanks for managing the bps
15:16:22 <Jeffrey4l> let us move
15:16:27 <mgoddard> Jeffrey4l: there might be one more patch for kolla-ansible & monasca
15:16:59 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, if it is not critial, we could merge it as a bug fix :)
15:17:18 <mgoddard> Jeffrey4l: ok. I'll speak to him tomorrow
15:17:26 <Jeffrey4l> cool, thanks
15:18:07 <Jeffrey4l> #topic kolla ptg
15:18:14 <Jeffrey4l> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-stein-ptg-planning
15:18:38 <Jeffrey4l> the ptg is closed.
15:19:04 <Jeffrey4l> from now, we should take some time to manage the topics during the ptg
15:19:17 <Jeffrey4l> now let us move to the link
15:19:37 <Jeffrey4l> and add items you wanna
15:19:51 <Jeffrey4l> let us back to irc after 15mins
15:35:14 <Jeffrey4l> ok guys, let us move
15:35:29 <Jeffrey4l> #topic  haproxy refactor
15:35:35 <Jeffrey4l> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/576361/
15:35:50 <Jeffrey4l> seems adam is not here.
15:36:12 <Jeffrey4l> This patch is a great star for split haproxy.cfg file
15:36:25 <Jeffrey4l> this file is too big and hard to maintain now.
15:37:18 <mgoddard> +1
15:37:36 <Jeffrey4l> but base on mgoddard and my suggestion, we may need try a better solution for this refactor
15:37:46 <mgoddard> as egonzalez said, too late for rocky :(
15:38:04 <Jeffrey4l> that's why we added "DRY Ansible" in ptg list
15:38:55 <Jeffrey4l> yeah, it is too late and we also need catch up a better solution during ptg
15:39:15 <Jeffrey4l> so let us keep it until the ptg ;)
15:39:45 <Jeffrey4l> any thoughts for this?
15:41:10 <Jeffrey4l> guess no, so let us block it for now
15:41:19 <Jeffrey4l> #topic open discussion
15:41:25 <Jeffrey4l> any volunteers?
15:42:00 <mgoddard> I put links to some kolla-related summit talk proposals on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/KollaWhiteBoard
15:42:10 <mgoddard> votes would be appreciated :)
15:42:40 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, thanks
15:43:20 <mgoddard> should we make some kolla-ansible deploy jobs voting?
15:43:35 <mgoddard> kolla has voting kolla-ansible jobs :)
15:45:00 <Jeffrey4l> yeah, we cloud try to enable the source related jobs, like kolla does
15:46:11 <mgoddard> +1
15:46:43 <chason[m]> +1
15:48:37 <Jeffrey4l> any other topics?
15:49:37 <Jeffrey4l> guess no, let us end the meeting
15:49:43 <mgoddard> anyone running for PTL?
15:50:24 <Jeffrey4l> i think pbourke may be interested ;)
15:50:34 <mgoddard> great
15:50:46 <pbourke> right now I dont see myself having the time
15:50:46 <mgoddard> this ship needs a new captain :)
15:50:49 <mgoddard> ah...
15:51:01 <pbourke> will see what happens
15:51:15 <spsurya_> mgoddard: +1
15:51:26 <donghm> +1
15:52:36 <mgoddard> if anyone is considering it, why not talk to Jeffrey4l about what is required
15:53:17 <Jeffrey4l> i still encounter anyone who interested in kolla cloud consider run for this position. :D
15:53:23 <mgoddard> anyone know if egonzalez would be interested?
15:53:25 <Jeffrey4l> mgoddard, yeah good idea
15:54:12 <spsurya_> mgoddard: +1
15:54:35 <spsurya_> egonzalez seems not around
15:55:49 <Jeffrey4l> will sync with him tomorrow
15:56:04 <mgoddard> cool, thanks Jeffrey4l
15:57:54 <donghm> good night everyone :)
15:58:09 <spsurya_> night donghm
15:58:43 <Jeffrey4l> good night
15:58:54 <Jeffrey4l> we are running out of time.
15:58:58 <Jeffrey4l> let us end the meeting
15:59:07 <spsurya_> thanks Jeffrey4l
15:59:07 <Jeffrey4l> thanks for coming
15:59:11 <Jeffrey4l> #endmeeting