15:00:12 <egonzalez> #startmeeting kolla
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15:00:27 <egonzalez> #topic roll call
15:00:44 <chason> o/
15:00:50 <yankcrime> \o
15:00:55 <donghm_> o/
15:01:11 <gema> o/
15:01:19 <ktibi> o/
15:01:21 <mgoddard> o/
15:01:23 <spiette> o/
15:02:41 <egonzalez> nice to see new people today o/
15:02:46 <egonzalez> #topic Announcements
15:03:12 <egonzalez> This week release candidate 2 has been created
15:03:38 <pbourke> o/
15:03:39 <egonzalez> it should be as much similar as possible to the final rocky release
15:03:57 <duonghq> o/
15:03:59 <egonzalez> if nothing critical appears, i think we can release in about 3 weeks
15:05:00 <egonzalez> any other community update?
15:06:19 <egonzalez> #topic Core members revision
15:06:47 <egonzalez> Proposal for chason is still open, please give a vote on the mailing list
15:07:02 <gema> egonzalez: only cores get to vote, right?
15:07:49 <gema> anyway, he gets my +1 moral support :D
15:07:56 <egonzalez> gema as official vote with +2/veto yes, but can give an opinion if you feel it
15:08:06 <gema> egonzalez: ack, thanks
15:08:38 <egonzalez> on the other hand, regarding core member clean up
15:09:10 <egonzalez> last week i sent emails to non active core members, already have 3 who answered to be removed from the core list
15:09:42 <duonghq> o/
15:09:49 <egonzalez> if the next week lasts remaining doesnt answer, i'll propose another vote for their removal in the mailing list
15:10:23 <egonzalez> i think this is important to keep the members up to date and let space for new members
15:11:23 <egonzalez> anything to add on this topic?
15:11:28 <duonghq> o/
15:12:39 <duonghq> Due to this topic relates to core members, so I'm sadly to say that I step down from core, thank you guys for support me all the time
15:13:17 <donghm_> duonghq so sad to hear that
15:13:19 <egonzalez> duonghq so bad to see you leaving, was nice to work with you
15:13:41 <duonghq> I'll always remember moments working with you, and meet you in PTG and summit
15:14:02 <gema> duonghq: thank you for your contributions!
15:14:03 <duonghq> It's time for me to put down my CR hat
15:14:08 <egonzalez> hope the best for you in the future
15:14:29 <mgoddard> thanks duonghq, all the best
15:14:47 <egonzalez> duonghq if anytime feel have more time to come back, have the doors opened
15:15:14 <duonghq> thank you egonzalez, gema, mgoddard . I'm looking forward to have chance to meet you in person, with other hat
15:16:36 <egonzalez> i'm keeping an eye for contributors who are not in the core list, maybe i missed someone, if any of you feel someone deserves it, please let me know or send an email propossal
15:16:39 <donghm_> thank duonghq, I have learn so much from you
15:17:29 <egonzalez> lets move the nest topic
15:17:31 <duonghq> donghm_, you're talent boy, keep rolling forward :P
15:17:41 <egonzalez> #topic Stein summit forum https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-forum-stein
15:18:35 <egonzalez> forum topic propossal date ended, in the etherpad only 3 kolla topics are propossed
15:19:01 <egonzalez> hope to get those approved, specially the user feed back
15:19:20 <duonghq> Will we have onboarding session?
15:19:22 <egonzalez> the others can be discussed with german beers ;)
15:19:40 <egonzalez> duonghq yes, onboarding and project update also
15:19:53 <egonzalez> 20m each
15:20:09 <JamesBenson> I look forward to seeing your edge cloud talk online... I wont be able to attend (though I have family in Potsdam)
15:20:46 <egonzalez> JamesBenson is not a talk, doubt will be recorded, will be a discussion in a room with operators and developers
15:20:52 <JamesBenson> bummer
15:21:35 <egonzalez> hopefully we can get a document with architectures and TODO's for kolla in the edge
15:22:49 <egonzalez> anything else for Summit forum topic?
15:23:34 <egonzalez> #topic open discussion
15:23:53 <egonzalez> anything else for this meeting?
15:25:13 <hrw> o/
15:25:19 * hrw on two meetings at time
15:25:36 <donghm_> I have one, please to review these patch-sets https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/apply-service-upgrade-procedure+status:open
15:27:05 <egonzalez> donghm_ sure, added to favorites, will focus on your changes
15:27:14 <yankcrime> i've also got a couple of wip changes up for early visibility related to mariadb backups - https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/database-backup-recovery+status:open
15:27:31 <yankcrime> if anyone has time to give me some feedback on these i'd be very grateful
15:27:48 <yankcrime> (documentation being the glaring omission for now...)
15:27:53 <donghm_> egonzalez, thanks
15:28:41 <egonzalez> yankcrime cool, will take a look too
15:28:58 <egonzalez> hrw your turn, have the word
15:29:18 <spiette> o/
15:29:33 <hrw> egonzalez: just wanted to drop and did not realized that it is already 17:25 ;(
15:29:44 <egonzalez> hrw hehe, no problem
15:29:50 <egonzalez> spiette then is your word
15:29:59 * spiette waves
15:30:01 <yankcrime> thanks egonzalez
15:33:09 <spiette> I'd be happy to have feedbacks on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kolla/+spec/calico . As I planned to do it, etcd, bird and felix will not be provided by kolla.
15:34:05 <egonzalez> spiette why bird and felix not?
15:34:32 <egonzalez> etcd is already implemented in k-ansible? cannot re-use it?
15:35:28 <spiette> it doesn't make sense, because your entire network is relying on it, so it should be outside of your kolla-deployment
15:36:18 <egonzalez> spiette we could add it too, and allow the usage of external services
15:36:41 <egonzalez> just like external ceph
15:37:15 <spiette> I've set separate configuration for etcd endpoints, so if you want to use kolla's, you can
15:37:33 <egonzalez> it doesnt make sense for me having a non finished deployment of calico
15:38:21 <egonzalez> need to look more into calico architecture and the code changes, we can discuss this in the upcoming reviews or later meetings with more info about it
15:38:31 <spiette> sure
15:38:48 <gema> spiette: the link to the review topic on that blueprint doesn't take my anywhere
15:38:51 <gema> 404
15:39:00 <gema> spiette: if you fix that I can also review/give you feedback
15:39:50 <egonzalez> gema dont know why, but all the links for topics gives 404, bad url formated. in the specific change link it opens properly
15:40:01 <gema> egonzalez: ah, so maybe an infra issue?
15:40:18 <gema> maybe they've been moved
15:40:20 <egonzalez> gerrit-launchpad i would say
15:41:07 <egonzalez> anything else to discuss today?
15:41:31 <gema> spiette: never mind, I found it (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack/?searchtext=calico)
15:42:34 <egonzalez> guess not, lets end the meeting
15:42:40 <egonzalez> thank you all for comming
15:42:49 <egonzalez> nice to see new faces o/
15:42:51 <gema> egonzalez: thank you for running the meeting
15:42:59 <egonzalez> have a nice day
15:43:12 <mgoddard> thanks alll
15:43:24 <egonzalez> #endmeeting