15:00:53 <egonzalez> #startmeeting kolla
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15:01:15 <egonzalez> #topic roll-call
15:01:25 <dougsz> hi all
15:01:31 <chason> o/
15:01:33 <donghm_> o/ hi
15:01:57 <egonzalez> hi all
15:02:11 <JamesBenson> hi
15:02:22 <letrangg_> o/ hi
15:03:33 <egonzalez> #topic agenda
15:03:40 <egonzalez> * Roll-call
15:03:40 <egonzalez> * Announcements
15:03:40 <egonzalez> * open discussion
15:04:18 <egonzalez> #topci Announcements
15:04:25 <egonzalez> #topic Announcements
15:04:44 <egonzalez> Rocky release is out!
15:04:55 <JamesBenson> Doing a deploy now of it. ;-)
15:05:00 <egonzalez> thanks everybody involved in this release
15:05:08 <egonzalez> you guys rock!
15:05:28 <donghm_> yeah, I saw it was w+1 today
15:06:17 <egonzalez> now we have to give some love to stable branches, and move forward on new features for stein release
15:07:03 <pbourke> o/
15:07:32 <egonzalez> any other anounncement?
15:07:41 <hrw> o/
15:09:04 <egonzalez> guess no, as there is no other agenda item, lets move to open discussion
15:09:12 <egonzalez> #topic open discussion
15:09:50 <egonzalez> any topic to discuss out of the meeting agenda?
15:10:12 * hrw lacks questions
15:10:38 <hrw> at Linaro we are now understuffed so lot of activity got cut
15:10:59 <dougsz> Monasca is pretty much finished at a basic level
15:11:09 <dougsz> A small patch chain remaining: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/612981/
15:11:21 <dougsz> Thanks for all the reviews so far :)
15:11:41 <egonzalez> hrw hope you can get more poeple to the team or more budget for it
15:11:58 <hrw> egonzalez: it is more people rather than budget
15:12:13 <hrw> at least that's how I see it
15:12:54 <hrw> I wonder how OpenStack Superuser Award will go. If good then we use it as a lever probably
15:13:17 <egonzalez> dougsz that was a great work, monasca is a huge project with many dependencies around it, not easy to orchestrate
15:13:19 <hrw> as it is Linaro member companies which provide people
15:13:34 <hrw> dougsz: thanks for the work.
15:13:57 <egonzalez> hrw yep, wish you the best luck for the award, would be good a company using kolla wins :)
15:13:57 <hrw> dougsz: I saw *.jar there and it scares me enough ;D
15:14:11 <dougsz> thanks all, most of all, thanks for reviewing it! I appreciate there were a lot of commits.
15:14:29 <dougsz> hrw: yes - there is gradual progress to remove the jars!
15:15:07 <egonzalez> who is going to berlin summit, are you going?
15:15:16 <dougsz> Most of StackHPC will be going
15:15:20 * hrw goes to Linux Plumbers at same time
15:15:44 <hrw> from Linaro gema goes and maybe someone else too
15:16:17 <egonzalez> nice, is always nice meet new people and hang some beers
15:16:58 <hrw> that's why I go Plumbers
15:17:15 <hrw> after 5 years at Red Hat it is time to finally meet people from my team ;D
15:17:24 <egonzalez> BC have some good craft beers ;)
15:18:18 <egonzalez> anyway, we're out of a meeting topic
15:18:45 <egonzalez> anything else someone need to discuss?
15:18:52 <hrw> nope
15:20:45 <egonzalez> lets move to #openstack-kolla for further discussion if someone have one
15:21:00 <egonzalez> thanks all for comming this meeting
15:21:19 <dougsz> thanks egonzalez, bye all
15:21:23 <egonzalez> #endmeeting