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15:00:20 <mgoddard> \o
15:00:23 <egonzalez> #topic rollcall
15:00:27 <mgoddard> \o
15:00:41 <egonzalez> hi o/
15:01:03 <chason> o/
15:02:35 <egonzalez> #topic agenda
15:02:38 <egonzalez> * Roll-call
15:02:39 <egonzalez> * Announcements
15:02:39 <egonzalez> * CI state
15:02:39 <egonzalez> * Berlin summit recap https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-stein-summit
15:02:39 <egonzalez> * open discussion
15:03:03 <egonzalez> #topic Announcements
15:03:12 <egonzalez> just a couple Announcements
15:03:14 <pbourke> o/
15:03:28 <dougsz> \o
15:03:29 <egonzalez> Next openstack release is going to be called Train
15:04:31 <egonzalez> Next year summits will be located in Denver during spring and China in november
15:05:19 <egonzalez> PTG will be coolocated with summit, no idea of how will be if same week or not
15:05:58 <egonzalez> thats all from me, anyone have an announcement?
15:06:09 <pbourke> thanks for the recap egonzalez, useful :)
15:06:57 <egonzalez> #topic CI state
15:07:39 <egonzalez> a recent release of kafka broke our gates, changes are being merged to fix it
15:08:17 <egonzalez> pike publishing jobs are working now after 3 months
15:08:21 <dougsz> thanks for fixing egonzalez - happy to lend a hand with monitoring related breakages
15:08:58 <egonzalez> ocata is waiting for the fix to merge once kafka ones is merged https://review.openstack.org/#/c/619237/
15:09:27 <egonzalez> dougsz thanks
15:10:13 <egonzalez> hopufully that will make our gates green and start thinking about EOL ocata
15:11:06 <egonzalez> k-ansible gates are green currently, some jobs randomly fails because repos timeouts
15:11:28 <mgoddard> I wonder if we can add retries to help?
15:12:41 <egonzalez> problem is when breakages is because us, will retry many times until finish retries, wasting many instances from infra
15:13:16 <egonzalez> there is an autobot to retry, never seen doing the job tho
15:13:31 <egonzalez> maybe only works for devstack jobs
15:14:05 <mgoddard> I mean in the job
15:14:08 <spsurya> O/
15:14:31 <mgoddard> depends on how it fails really
15:14:45 <mgoddard> but if it's a temporary network failure, we could retry
15:14:51 <mgoddard> e.g. for a curl
15:15:37 <egonzalez> aa right, that would be usefull
15:16:38 <mgoddard> maybe we need an etherpad to keep track of failures?
15:17:26 <egonzalez> +1
15:17:49 <egonzalez> also for CI changes are currently under review
15:19:50 <egonzalez> #todo Create etherpad to track CI status about breakages and work in progress
15:20:38 <egonzalez> anything else on this topic?
15:21:47 <egonzalez> #topic Berlin summit recap https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-stein-summit
15:23:18 <egonzalez> Fhe project onboarding session, around 70 people came over, left a good impression about kolla
15:23:40 <pbourke> wow thats a massive increase over what we had in vancouver
15:23:51 <egonzalez> many of attendees are kolla users in production with some work downstream which are whiling to upstream it
15:24:09 <egonzalez> hopefully we see many new faces around here :)
15:24:20 <mgoddard> +1, heard lots of people saying good things about kolla ansible
15:24:59 <mgoddard> it seems more popular in europe and asia
15:26:03 <mgoddard> also good turn out at the kayobe feedback session (not quite 70 though :))
15:26:52 <egonzalez> want able to make your feedback session because conflict, etherpad and resume looks good :)
15:27:01 <egonzalez> wasnt*
15:27:37 <egonzalez> kolla feedback session was great too https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/berlin-2018-kolla-user-feedback
15:27:50 <egonzalez> many people come over, many from the onboarding too
15:28:18 <egonzalez> some really big production deployments are appearing, and some other will appear soon
15:28:28 <mgoddard> the main concern I heard was about documentation
15:29:01 <spsurya> Also massive attendees in Project Update session :)
15:29:03 <egonzalez> yep, mainly good words, a few feature requests and lack of docs
15:29:26 <mgoddard> it's not really possible to do much beyond all-in-one without looking at the code
15:29:40 <spsurya> also many were interested in database recovery
15:29:59 <spsurya> feature from Kolla
15:30:14 <egonzalez> mgoddard +1 need to change that
15:30:24 <egonzalez> i have a suggestion for reviews
15:30:35 <mgoddard> spsurya: +1
15:30:36 <egonzalez> if code changes behaviour -> docs
15:30:44 <egonzalez> if code adds new service -> docs
15:31:19 <mgoddard> egonzalez: I agree. The problem is when someone makes a small change in an already undocumented area
15:31:29 <egonzalez> we need to encourage add documentation for services and usage
15:32:00 <egonzalez> thats the hard thing, we cannot block a review of an undocumented service
15:32:14 <spsurya> Some of the new contributors weren’t aware about the process of contribution to OpenStack/Kolla
15:32:49 <spsurya> egonzalez +1 yes can’t block review for undocumented changes
15:32:51 <egonzalez> maybe with the gate work, we can add some brief docs as starting point
15:33:09 <egonzalez> ie, add CI job for zun, document zun too
15:35:49 <spsurya> +1 will reduce documentation issue up to an extent
15:36:48 <egonzalez> i'm doing a resume for kolla sessions in berlin, will send an email soon
15:37:19 <spsurya> egonzalez nice
15:38:25 <egonzalez> anything else on this topic?
15:40:14 <egonzalez> #topic open discussion
15:40:14 <ktibi> o/ (sorry for late)
15:40:38 <egonzalez> some other item to discuss today?
15:40:43 <egonzalez> ktibi sup o/
15:41:34 <ktibi> I'm working on the feature for add custom logo in horizon
15:42:14 <ktibi> but I'm in front of a personal question about kolla
15:43:05 <ktibi> We can add some custom things if we build the image. So what is the border between build image and add feature in kolla-a ?
15:43:48 <ktibi> how do you determine if we add features in kolla-a even if we can do that with the build of images.
15:44:12 <mgoddard> maybe it depends on how common the feature is
15:44:29 <mgoddard> for commonly used features, we could argue that you shouldn't need to build images
15:45:24 <mgoddard> logo seems to be a common customisation
15:45:29 <ktibi> because by example: the CA self signed in a company. For now, we need to build image with the CA.
15:48:14 <ktibi> mgoddard, ok thx for your explanation ;)
15:48:36 <egonzalez> there is no real border between images and ansible, is more depending of what the feature requires to be done
15:48:37 <mgoddard> just my opinion, not 'official' kolla stance :)
15:49:07 <mgoddard> someone at the forum suggested supporting merge_yaml/json for adding to config.json
15:49:15 <egonzalez> in the CA example, will make a lot of entries in config.json for each container, seems simpler to add the CA in the base image
15:49:22 <mgoddard> that could be good for adding a CA to every container
15:49:58 <egonzalez> +1, not sure if there was a limitation on the merge_json
15:50:43 <egonzalez> if we make it only for config.json may be easy, but given the difficult to parse a complex json file, a common merge_json seems difficul to acchieve
15:51:46 <mgoddard> is it harder than merge_yaml? (which we already have)
15:52:42 <mgoddard> I suppose we would have to concatenate lists
15:52:50 <mgoddard> which merge_yaml doesn't do
15:55:08 <egonzalez> yep, we can work out something
15:55:29 <mgoddard> ktibi: don't you build your own images?
15:55:40 <ktibi> mgoddard, it's depend
15:56:08 <ktibi> mgoddard, some client need to build own image (no internet, CA, custom some package)
15:56:43 <ktibi> but I have plateform with standard conf and modules, so they use dockerhub kolla image directly
15:57:33 <ktibi> when you don't have ressource for build and maintain your own registry + a CI for build.
15:58:26 <egonzalez> ktibi they can have a local registry mirror in some node with a proxy or internet
15:59:06 <egonzalez> anyway, lets talk about this in #openstack-kolla channel
15:59:33 <egonzalez> we run out of meeting time, thank you all for comming
15:59:43 <egonzalez> have a nice day
15:59:46 <spsurya> Thanks egonzalez
15:59:51 <ktibi> thx ;)
16:00:01 <egonzalez> #endmeeting