15:00:03 <egonzalez> #startmeeting kolla
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15:00:17 <egonzalez> #topic agenda
15:00:25 <egonzalez> * Roll-call
15:00:25 <egonzalez> * Announcements
15:00:25 <egonzalez> * CI state https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-ci-status
15:00:25 <egonzalez> * open discussion
15:00:35 <egonzalez> #topic rollcall
15:00:41 <egonzalez> hi o/
15:01:10 <chason> o/
15:01:31 <dougsz> \o
15:04:06 <egonzalez> seems not much people in here today
15:04:12 <pbourke> o/
15:04:19 <dougsz> mgoddard is away
15:04:44 <egonzalez> #topic Announcements
15:05:02 <egonzalez> I dont have any announcement for today
15:05:14 <egonzalez> Any news from you?
15:05:35 <pbourke> none here
15:06:17 <dougsz> I'm in the process of updating the cells spec, but nothing apart from that.
15:06:24 <egonzalez> #topic CI state https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-ci-status
15:06:43 <egonzalez> gates are currently broken in kolla build
15:06:49 <egonzalez> few issues
15:07:04 <egonzalez> Oraclelinux repositories changed versions
15:07:24 <egonzalez> ona monasca image fails to install golang in centos
15:07:50 <egonzalez> and collectd role used to gather info during image build fails to start
15:08:15 <egonzalez> 1 and 3rd are being fixed by https://review.openstack.org/#/c/622122/
15:08:48 <egonzalez> i suspect the second is due centos 7.6 was just released and repos has not been mirrored yet
15:09:14 <dougsz> Hmm, golang is for Grafana I guess?
15:09:55 <egonzalez> yep, tested locally but build succeed, likely because havent removed cached centos version
15:12:03 <egonzalez> pbourke was oraclelinux 7.6 released already?
15:12:08 <pbourke> egonzalez: yes
15:12:36 <pbourke> egonzalez: I didn't expect it to issues though as we are just plugging in the centos repos in kolla
15:12:40 <pbourke> *to cause issues
15:13:09 <egonzalez> yep, maybe the releaseserveror contentdir used in yum.conf causes to look in different repos
15:13:14 <pbourke> egonzalez: your patch above looks like it does the trick but if OL needs more work in general please let me know
15:13:57 <egonzalez> pbourke sure, thanks
15:14:17 <egonzalez> anything else in this topic?
15:15:24 <dougsz> egonzalez: ping me if I can help with the Grafana issues
15:16:12 <egonzalez> hopefully is already fixed with the last recheck, tomorrow is a bank day in spain so will have some time to dig into the error
15:16:55 <dougsz> thanks egonzalez, not a good day for rock climbing then I guess!
15:17:14 <egonzalez> #topic kolla-cli status
15:17:42 <egonzalez> while this topic was not in the agenda, i would like to discuss how kolla-cli is and if we should be doing a release soon
15:18:04 <egonzalez> pbourke any idea about the state?
15:18:20 <pbourke> egonzalez: good point this has been on my list for a bit
15:19:22 <pbourke> oracle are still releasing it commercially
15:20:26 <pbourke> upstream wise it seems quiet, Im still unsure as to the appetite from the community for this in general
15:20:42 <pbourke> generally if you say to people, "do you want a cli", the answer is of course, yes :)
15:20:52 <pbourke> however, how useful it is in it's current form, Im unsure
15:21:24 <pbourke> has anyone here tried it?
15:22:28 <egonzalez> not me
15:22:34 <dougsz> nor I
15:22:52 <pbourke> I think it needs more polish and advocacy to become a fully fledged part of kolla
15:23:03 <ktibi_> o/
15:23:07 <pbourke> I'll bring it up internally to see if we can get some of that
15:23:12 <pbourke> otherwise I think its future is uncertain
15:23:31 <egonzalez> +1 , first thing is to add into kolla-ansible deploy notes pointing to the cli
15:23:57 <egonzalez> *docs, so poeple may be aware of is existence
15:24:04 <pbourke> Ideally we'd need to update CI to use it intead of tools/kolla-ansible
15:24:05 <egonzalez> otherwise is only known by us
15:24:30 <pbourke> let me get back to you on it
15:24:45 <egonzalez> sure, thanks pbourke
15:25:07 <egonzalez> anything else for open discussion?
15:28:02 <egonzalez> guess not
15:28:11 <egonzalez> thank you all for coming
15:28:16 <egonzalez> have nice day
15:28:25 <pbourke> thanks egonzalez
15:28:30 <egonzalez> #endmeeting