15:00:19 <egonzalez> #startmeeting kolla
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15:00:30 <egonzalez> #topic rollcall
15:00:37 <chason> o/
15:01:01 <spsurya> o/
15:01:19 <dougsz> \o
15:02:32 <egonzalez> o/
15:02:34 <egonzalez> #topic agenda
15:02:41 <egonzalez> * Roll-call
15:02:41 <egonzalez> * Announcements
15:02:41 <egonzalez> * CI state https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-ci-status
15:02:41 <egonzalez> * open discussion
15:02:50 <egonzalez> #topic Announcements
15:03:15 <egonzalez> Hi, just one new
15:03:24 <egonzalez> call for presentations for denver summit is open
15:03:52 <egonzalez> start thinking and proposing talks before 23th january
15:03:55 <jroll> \o
15:04:08 <egonzalez> thats all from me, any other announcement?
15:04:30 <spsurya> yeah one from me
15:04:46 <egonzalez> spsurya have the voice!
15:04:49 <spsurya> more like information rather announcement
15:05:13 <spsurya> openstack-dev ML is now openstack-discuss
15:05:37 <spsurya> if somebody not finding confirmation mail then check your junk folder
15:05:48 <egonzalez> right, forgot that, thanks for raising it
15:06:16 <egonzalez> just a note on that, openstack-dev and openstack-operators has been merged into openstack-discuss ML
15:06:31 <egonzalez> not sure if the SIGs is or is going to be moved as well
15:07:04 <jroll> openstack@ (users list) also merged in
15:07:31 <egonzalez> spsurya jroll thanks for the info!
15:07:50 <egonzalez> any other announcement?
15:08:49 <egonzalez> guess not, lets move to the next topic
15:08:53 <egonzalez> #topic CI state https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-ci-status
15:09:22 <egonzalez> this week we have another breakage but has been fixed already
15:09:52 <egonzalez> some cinder changes also broke all our ceph/cinder jobs in kolla-ansible https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1808598
15:09:53 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1808598 in Cinder "db migration issue on CentOS" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Gorka Eguileor (gorka)
15:10:08 <egonzalez> is WIP now, hopefully lands soon
15:10:41 <egonzalez> actually is passing the merge gate now, yay!
15:11:35 <egonzalez> so now that we have green gates again, i'll re-propose a minor release for all stable branchs
15:11:47 <egonzalez> is there any patch or critical bug i've missed?
15:11:54 <spsurya> egonzalez: thanks a lot for fix
15:11:57 <egonzalez> is OK to create a new release?
15:12:51 <spsurya> egonzalez: seems ok i think
15:13:46 <egonzalez> ok, i'll propose a new release later today
15:14:38 <egonzalez> anything else on this topic?
15:15:16 <chason> egonzalez Thumb up!
15:15:58 <egonzalez> chason not sure if thump up means OK or have something in the topic
15:16:46 <chason> Hahah..It means great job!
15:17:16 <egonzalez> hahah
15:17:21 <egonzalez> lets move to open discussion
15:17:32 <egonzalez> #topic open discussion
15:17:41 <egonzalez> i've a few things
15:17:58 <egonzalez> first placement-api split
15:18:14 <egonzalez> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/613589/ kolla images
15:18:38 <egonzalez> this change is ready to go, except that ubuntu doesnt have the package because using older rocky
15:19:09 <egonzalez> will open the work for kolla images consumers to start working on the split by deployment side
15:19:28 <egonzalez> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/613629/ kolla-ansible
15:19:42 <egonzalez> deploy is working, missing the upgrade tasks
15:20:13 <egonzalez> please put those changes into your review priorities as if we dont finish before stein we will be broken
15:20:32 <egonzalez> help accepted in kolla-ansible change ;)
15:20:44 <chason> Roger
15:21:17 <jroll> nice
15:21:44 <spsurya> egonzalez: noted
15:21:51 <egonzalez> second, related to the previous
15:22:25 <egonzalez> while migrating placement-api we found we are still using ubuntu rocky UCA in master rather than stein
15:22:32 <egonzalez> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/625298/
15:22:39 <spsurya> was waiting if https://review.openstack.org/#/c/618215/  gets merge
15:23:34 <egonzalez> there is a problem with it, many ubuntu API services has dropped support for python 2, so we need to update both deployment and images to use py3 depending on the service
15:24:18 <egonzalez> spsurya if that merges we're broken at this moment :(
15:25:33 <spsurya> ok
15:26:37 <egonzalez> re ubuntu python 3, any volunteer to work on it? images are almost ready, need to migrate and test the ansible config in the wsgi
15:29:05 <chason> I'd like to accomplish it, but I'm not very good at python.. ;(
15:29:54 <egonzalez> chason python is not required, is ansible
15:30:35 <egonzalez> we're not changing the base deployment, "just"(what i found) for now is changing /usr/lib/python.2.7/ to python3.6
15:30:48 <egonzalez> in the wsgi depending on the distro and install  type
15:31:33 <egonzalez> probably something else appears, but is a matter of deployment changes
15:33:10 <chason> Not too clear.. Is there an example or guideline?
15:33:46 <egonzalez> chason https://github.com/openstack/kolla-ansible/blob/master/ansible/roles/aodh/templates/wsgi-aodh.conf.j2#L1 as example
15:35:30 <chason> So we need  all services use wsgi config?
15:35:54 <egonzalez> chason no, only those who are changed to py3 in ubuntu and also use wsgi
15:37:07 <chason> OK
15:37:31 <egonzalez> third and last item from me
15:38:10 <egonzalez> christmas is coming!
15:38:19 <egonzalez> let's skip the next or two meetings so you can have time enjoying the family
15:38:45 <jroll> ++ :)
15:39:11 <chason> +1 :D
15:39:13 <egonzalez> what you prefer , next week or next two weeks?
15:39:57 * jroll is fine either way
15:40:54 * spsurya i won't be available on next to next
15:41:15 <egonzalez> nice , then 2 weeks :)
15:41:31 <spsurya> +1
15:41:40 <egonzalez> anybody have a topic to discuss today?
15:41:48 <spsurya> egonzalez: yes
15:41:54 <jroll> just a quick question from me
15:41:58 <jroll> spsurya can go first :)
15:42:04 <egonzalez> spsurya your turn, jroll go next :)
15:42:59 <spsurya> egonzalez: I will propose session Denver and let you know you by next to next week
15:43:15 <spsurya> *for Denver Summit
15:43:58 <spsurya> that is all from my side :)
15:44:17 <egonzalez> cool, i'm thinking on some talks, havent decided about what yet
15:44:31 <egonzalez> jroll your turn
15:44:45 <jroll> my question: does kolla have a policy on master stability? or in other words, is it considered safe to continuously deploy from master?
15:45:04 <egonzalez> jroll not safe, as we usually are broken due external changes
15:45:12 <egonzalez> repositories, changes in other projects, etc
15:45:27 <jroll> ok
15:45:30 <egonzalez> is safe from stable/<branch>
15:45:42 <egonzalez> more than from pip packages
15:46:25 <jroll> thanks egonzalez, is that written down somewhere in docs?
15:46:53 <egonzalez> re master, take the example of the placement-split, one day you have code inside nova in same database, next day is outside and different database(without db schema migrations)
15:46:56 * jroll would really prefer to be deploying master, but external breakage is a fair point
15:47:20 <jroll> right - though the upgrade process would be handled in kolla, correct?
15:47:26 <egonzalez> jroll dont think there are docs about it
15:47:46 <egonzalez> jroll yep, but you will usually be doing deploy rather than upgrade in same release
15:48:04 <egonzalez> stable policies dont allow db schema changes in released branches
15:48:32 <jroll> yeah, that was one thing I was still working out, deploy vs upgrade while tracking master
15:49:05 <egonzalez> in master you should do upgrade always, as the projects may be adding new tables during the cycle
15:49:11 <jroll> ok, thanks, that answers my question
15:49:12 <jroll> yeah
15:50:11 <egonzalez> we need more docs...
15:51:47 <jroll> doesn't everyone? :)
15:52:34 <egonzalez> yep
15:52:48 <egonzalez> jroll thats all?
15:52:56 <jroll> yep
15:53:43 <egonzalez> any other topic?
15:53:46 <egonzalez> someone?
15:55:22 <egonzalez> guess not
15:55:28 <egonzalez> thank you all for coming!
15:55:39 <chason> thanks egonzalez
15:55:39 <spsurya> thanks egonzalez for holding
15:55:40 <jroll> thanks for hosting!
15:55:47 <egonzalez> have nice holidays
15:56:07 <egonzalez> #endmeeting