14:00:17 <mnasiadka> #startmeeting kolla
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14:00:20 <mnasiadka> #topic rollcall
14:00:21 <mnasiadka> o/
14:00:30 <parallax> \o
14:00:40 <frickler> o/
14:00:41 <mmalchuk> hi
14:00:51 <bbezak> o\
14:01:08 <mmalchuk> \/o\
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14:01:21 <hrw> [o][_]
14:01:39 <darmach> Cheers o/
14:02:08 <kevko> \o/
14:02:51 <mnasiadka> #topic agenda
14:02:51 <mnasiadka> * CI status
14:02:51 <mnasiadka> * Release tasks
14:02:51 <mnasiadka> * Current cycle planning
14:02:51 <mnasiadka> * Additional agenda (from whiteboard)
14:02:52 <mnasiadka> * Open discussion
14:03:03 <mgoddard> \o
14:03:10 <mnasiadka> #topic CI Status
14:03:22 <mnasiadka> it seems everything is green
14:04:10 <mnasiadka> #topic Release tasks
14:04:41 <mnasiadka> Soo... we should be approaching release candidate for Kolla and Kolla-Ansible
14:05:12 <mnasiadka> Kolla OpenSearch is in good state I think, needs just some changes for the upgrade job to pass - me and Doug will look into this and will call for reviews once done
14:05:59 <mnasiadka> Did anyone have a in-depth review of Skyline patches?
14:06:16 <frickler> no, they looked too instable to me
14:06:49 <frickler> I'd suggest deciding not to merge them before we branch
14:06:50 <kevko> mnasiadka: I have deployed it on my test env ..it's working ..but i don't think it is ready .. :/
14:07:20 <frickler> instable in the sense of too much change still happening like the split into two containers
14:07:20 <mnasiadka> You mean as a software product it's not ready - as in it lacks a lot of features?
14:08:00 <hrw> we can postpone to A and once containers are nice etc we can backport to Z
14:08:37 <mnasiadka> backporting features is PITA, especially in kolla-ansible (new host groups)
14:09:04 <hrw> then 'sorry, decided to not merge for Z, move on'
14:09:10 <mnasiadka> most probably
14:09:36 <frickler> though there's a lot of bad precedent for backporting new host groups
14:09:44 <kevko> i don't think we have to backport upstream ..these patches can be easily applied to downstream git repositories as they will not conflict with nothing as they are mostly new roles and new images
14:09:54 <hrw> 'how to eat an elephant?' 'piece by piece' and our elephant (release) gets too big
14:10:12 <mnasiadka> yes, let's leave it for now
14:10:31 <mnasiadka> what about systemd patch? are we confident enough to review it - or are we postponing that to next cycle?
14:11:55 <hrw> I pass, sorry
14:12:09 <frickler> tough question, I would postpone that decision for now
14:13:03 <mnasiadka> Ok then, anything else that is a requirement before kolla/kolla-ansible releases?
14:14:08 <hrw> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla/+/861861 anyone? to update 3rdparty soft in docs
14:14:17 <hrw> one +2+w needed
14:14:38 <mnasiadka> Ok, can we mark those required with review priority?
14:15:12 <hrw> rp+2?
14:15:52 <frickler> yes
14:16:16 <frickler> and I'll review after the meeting
14:16:53 <mnasiadka> ok, the same for kolla-ansible
14:17:23 <opendevreview> Michal Arbet proposed openstack/kolla-ansible master: Add ability to configure rabbitmq  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla-ansible/+/865434
14:17:48 <mnasiadka> Ok, Kayobe needs RL9 support and Ansible bump at least
14:17:56 <mmalchuk> systemd reviewed
14:18:08 <mnasiadka> bbezak: how is that going?
14:19:45 <bbezak> in progress - custom routing table feature needs to be added for network manager in ansible-network-interfaces role. Hopefully will be finished soon. It also would be nice to test it when RL 9.1 would be released as there are some changes in network manager.
14:20:22 <mnasiadka> I remember that on cs9 the CI job is failing, right?
14:20:30 <mnasiadka> darmach: how's the Ansible bump in Kayobe?
14:21:04 <darmach> I didn't have the time to take care of it yet, will try next week
14:21:29 <mnasiadka> ok then
14:21:29 <bbezak> mnasiadka: yes cs9 is failing, but there NM is even way newer. But I'm looking into that as well.
14:21:39 <mnasiadka> mgoddard: anything else in Kayobe needs merging?
14:21:50 <ramona-beermann[m]> o/ sorry for being late
14:22:07 <mmalchuk> many patches needs)
14:22:33 <mmalchuk> I ask last meeting to review
14:23:18 <mgoddard> mnasiadka: we made a list of patches for zed in the PTG etherpad
14:23:37 <mgoddard> roughly in order
14:23:42 <mgoddard> we won't get them all in
14:24:05 <mnasiadka> as always, but I think we need to remind Kayobe cores to look into them :)
14:24:11 <mmalchuk> atleast TLS reviewd for an year
14:24:38 <mnasiadka> ok, I think that's it for release/current cycle planning
14:24:56 <mnasiadka> #topic Additional agenda (from whiteboard)
14:25:13 <mnasiadka> (frickler) Revise Kolla core reviewer list
14:25:23 <mnasiadka> Some contributors seem to be inactive for a long time, consider cleaning up
14:25:43 <mmalchuk> and also current list of contributers: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Kolla#Active_Contributors
14:25:45 <mnasiadka> Yes, I did a cleanup based on my actions last year to reach out to inactive cores
14:25:51 <mmalchuk> its outdated
14:25:52 <mnasiadka> mmalchuk: we're not using the wiki anymore
14:26:04 <mmalchuk> peoples read it
14:26:17 <mmalchuk> so we need to close wiki?
14:26:33 <frickler> update the page to redirect to our docs only
14:26:47 <mnasiadka> I'll review if everything on the wiki is moved to our docs - and update the wiki with a link to the docs.
14:27:02 <mnasiadka> #todo mnasiadka shut down the wiki for Kolla
14:27:18 <mnasiadka> Also discuss whether to merge kolla-core and kolla-ansible-core groups
14:27:34 <kevko> i think it makes sense
14:27:47 <hrw> list removed from wiki
14:28:06 <mmalchuk> what about additioanl cores? in Kayobe too
14:28:47 <mnasiadka> mmalchuk: we've discussed that last time, I don't see any immediate candidates - nor any candidates have been proposed to me by other cores
14:29:07 <mmalchuk> sad(
14:29:09 <mnasiadka> so difference between groups is that one person is only in kolla-ansible and one person only in kolla
14:30:05 <mnasiadka> Chason Chan has not been active for couple of last cycles apart 1-2 reviews with +2 (he's only core in kolla)
14:30:15 <mnasiadka> While Doug Szumski is active in the monitoring parts of Kolla-Ansible
14:30:22 <mnasiadka> so - should we merge the groups?
14:30:34 <kevko> they are connected vessels in my opinion [kolla,kolla-ansible]
14:31:02 <kevko> so it should be in my opinion
14:31:22 <frickler> I see Chason in kolla-ansible only
14:31:33 <frickler> but I also agree on merging
14:31:38 <mgoddard> +1
14:31:42 <mnasiadka> ah, sorry, my mind is playing tricks
14:32:00 <hrw> +1 for merging kolla/kolla-ansible into one
14:32:26 <mnasiadka> Ok, so we should add Doug and Chason to kolla-core and retire kolla-ansible-core group
14:32:31 <hrw> yes
14:32:41 <frickler> .oO(yet another abandoned gerrit group \o/)
14:32:45 <mnasiadka> Anyone volunteers for making that?
14:33:12 <frickler> o/
14:33:29 <mnasiadka> ok then
14:33:39 <mmalchuk> I want, but not core yet(
14:33:48 <mnasiadka> frickler: did you investigate what to do with kolla-mesos/kubernetes/cli groups?
14:34:09 <frickler> yes, we have no way to delete them so far
14:34:39 <frickler> we are investigating the possibility to do some mass cleanup, but likely nothing will happen short term
14:34:57 <mnasiadka> ok, I don't even have rights to edit members in those groups
14:35:35 <mnasiadka> well, not in kolla-kubernetes
14:35:40 <mnasiadka> anyway, let's merge groups for now
14:35:56 <mnasiadka> #todo frickler merge kolla-core and kolla-ansible-core gerrit groups
14:36:36 <mnasiadka> #topic Open discussion
14:36:38 <mnasiadka> bbezak: now
14:37:47 <bbezak> We need to revert ovn-chassis-mac-mapping changes in K-A, back to Wallaby - https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla-ansible/+/865392 https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla-ansible/+/865395 https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla-ansible/+/865394 https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla-ansible/+/865393
14:37:47 <kevko> i would like to ask mnasiadka and frickler if patch regarding rabbitmq configuration is OK now https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla-ansible/+/865434  << I will abandon another two patches i currently have in gerrit
14:38:58 <bbezak> There is ongoing discussion with Neutron team on that case. At first they suggested fix that we merged - and it did fix HA chassis priorities problem, unfortunately it also added new problem
14:39:51 <bbezak> that bandwidth between external ports in vlan networks were terribly slow, probably due to mac flood problem
14:39:56 <frickler> good luck we didn't release that yet, otherwise we couldn't simply remove the renos
14:40:38 <frickler> can we somehow have a test for that issue?
14:41:03 <frickler> but anyway, let's approve the reverts, I agree
14:41:31 <mnasiadka> It's going to be complicated, External ports are for bare metals or SRIOV VMs, we don't even have a CI job for ironic+ovn
14:41:58 <mnasiadka> which probably would make sense to do
14:43:10 <frickler> so we'd best need a 3rd party CI with proper hardware?
14:43:40 <frickler> or can that be emulated like in ironic CI?
14:43:55 <mnasiadka> I think it should be possible to get that emulated, just saying it will need some work
14:44:27 <frickler> ack
14:44:31 <frickler> kevko: I'll take a look at your patch once CI results are in
14:44:40 <kevko> frickler: thanks
14:45:31 <mnasiadka> me too
14:45:36 <mnasiadka> ok, any other topics?
14:47:22 <hrw> erlang 25.1.2 for centos 8/9 stream/aarch64 will be soon (sent for build)
14:47:35 <mnasiadka> great
14:48:43 <mnasiadka> ok, then let's end for today
14:48:48 <mnasiadka> thanks for coming!
14:48:49 <mnasiadka> #endmeeting