16:00:18 <mugsie> #startmeeting Kosmos
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16:00:26 <dougwig> O/
16:00:28 <mugsie> o/
16:00:40 <mugsie> give people a few minutes to file in ...
16:00:57 <dougwig> Walking into office myself. Post flu shot.
16:01:02 <johnsom> o/
16:01:14 <mugsie> dougwig: ouch. I had to stop getting them
16:01:33 <elarson> o/
16:01:36 <KunalGandhi> o/
16:01:46 <mugsie> i think thats quorum
16:01:51 <mugsie> #topic Action Items from last week
16:02:02 <mugsie> ALL Review arch spec
16:02:11 <mugsie> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/223663/
16:02:23 <mugsie> there was a flurry of reviews yesterday :)
16:02:31 <johnsom> I started a trend
16:02:37 <mugsie> so we can call this done I think ...
16:02:40 <mugsie> yeah, of -1s
16:02:45 <mugsie> :D
16:03:03 <mugsie> #topic Architecture
16:03:06 <johnsom> Well, we should talk about the pools
16:03:17 <mugsie> #link http://docs-draft.openstack.org/63/223663/3/check/gate-kosmos-specs-docs/2e30f04//doc/build/html/specs/liberty/sysarch.html
16:03:27 <mugsie> yeah, that was in the sub items for the arch
16:03:57 <mugsie> for those who didnt see my last comment on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/223663/
16:04:07 <mugsie> One question that has occurred to me ...
16:04:07 <mugsie> Do we need pools?
16:04:07 <mugsie> My understanding is that pools are to allow multiple (IP L3 port numbers, not neutron) ports on a single LB.
16:04:10 <mugsie> For 99% of GLB solutions we just route traffic to an IP for *all* port numbers (by the very nature of GLB - it is usually DNS, or in some cases anycasting)
16:04:13 <mugsie> So, can we simplify this, by adding members directly to a lb? Or am I sleep deprived and missing something?
16:04:56 <dougwig> mugsie: the pool is a good spot to collect the lb algorithm, hang monitors, etc.
16:05:17 <johnsom> I was wondering about the relationship between pool and monitor
16:05:22 <dougwig> you can do that directly in the front-end object, yes, but then you can't reuse pools
16:05:38 <mugsie> sure, but my question is, how would multiple pools work? or do we make it a single pool per lb?
16:05:57 <mugsie> dougwig: re use is a good point
16:06:27 <johnsom> It seems like monitors should be a child of the pool
16:06:47 <johnsom> In the reuse case you would have multiple monitors hitting the endpoints
16:06:59 <mugsie> so, adding a pool_id to the loadbalancer,. and removing the join table, and move monitors to the pools?
16:07:20 <dougwig> that'd be my vote, yes.
16:07:29 <johnsom> My vote would be move monitor to pools
16:08:00 <mugsie> johnsom: and keep multiple pools per LB?
16:08:33 <johnsom> At the moment I can't think of a good use case for multiple pools per lb
16:08:58 <dougwig> i would go M:1 for lb:pool, which implies pool_id in lb.  i don't see much use yet for M:N there.
16:09:07 <mugsie> cool.
16:09:10 <johnsom> I guess only if you want to monitor some endpoints differently than others, but that is strange
16:09:16 <mugsie> any other thoughts from everyone?
16:09:23 <dougwig> johnsom: that'd be a second pool, i'd think.
16:09:50 <mugsie> if I get these up by end of day today, can we try and merge this week?
16:09:58 <johnsom> Yes
16:10:01 <mugsie> (unless there is more issues of course)
16:10:07 <KunalGandhi> the GSLB that we use in the real use case has mostly 1-1  bwtween loadbalancer and pool
16:10:10 <johnsom> If you don't see my vote, nag
16:10:17 <dougwig> ditto
16:10:22 <mugsie> will do
16:10:33 <mugsie> KunalGandhi: great. looks like we are converging
16:10:44 <mugsie> #topic Billing Model
16:11:12 <mugsie> so, last week people brought up the idea of "billing per DNS request"
16:11:37 <johnsom> Yes
16:11:48 <mugsie> I dont think we will have a complete idea this week, but can people think about if this is the only model?
16:12:12 <mugsie> as if we want to do that, we will need to go annoy the designate ptl
16:12:20 <mugsie> and he is a real pain to deal with :)
16:12:47 <KunalGandhi> billing per load balancer, billing per regional vip ?
16:12:48 <dougwig> we really need our operators to speak up on this one. i don't think enterprises or vendors care much.
16:13:02 <mugsie> (designate made a policy decission last year *not* to support DNS query stat collection)
16:13:22 <dougwig> mugsie: can you share background on why not?
16:14:06 <mugsie> cost of doing the actual collection, cost of transforming the data, and the complexity of matching DNS Request logs to projects
16:14:38 <mugsie> by running something in front of bind to collect the data, it can halve the through put of thaty DNS server
16:14:55 <johnsom> I guess there are two billing options that come to mind for GSLB: 1. flat rate (you have one) 2. per query processed.  Are there others?
16:14:57 <dougwig> i can see that logging could be more expensive than a udp query.
16:15:07 <mugsie> and for designate there was a massive complexity in how we would do it for multiple DNS servers
16:15:21 <dougwig> how does route 53 bill?  i can look it up if no one knows off the top of their head.
16:15:33 <mugsie> flat + queries
16:15:38 <mugsie> afaik
16:15:52 <elarson> wouldn't monitoring queries be dependent on the dns server backend?
16:15:59 <mugsie> elarson: yup
16:16:03 <dougwig> zones + health checks + queries + geo queries
16:16:06 <dougwig> had to google it
16:16:39 <elarson> sounds like it would be up to an operator then to find a way to do that then
16:17:05 <elarson> for example proxy in front with logs that get pushed and analyzed
16:17:23 <mugsie> yeah, but designate would have to have a consistant API for us to collect that data into Kosmos, or they would have to add it to the kosmos bill later
16:17:45 <mugsie> but, I think this does need further thought
16:17:53 <dougwig> indeed
16:18:31 <mugsie> come back to this in a week or so?
16:18:46 <elarson> right, I'm saying it doesn't seem to be something supportable by the API. but +1 on more thinking about it
16:18:55 <dougwig> mugsie: maybe this is a good f2f topic for the summit.
16:19:02 <mugsie> yeah
16:19:03 <dougwig> pull in some designate folks.
16:19:32 <mugsie> yeah, i think we can get them in a room / hallway
16:19:40 <mugsie> #topic Open Discussion
16:19:44 <johnsom> pub...
16:19:59 <mugsie> on that note - who is going to be in Tokyo?
16:20:06 <elarson> o/
16:20:10 <johnsom> I will be attending
16:20:11 <dougwig> me
16:20:27 <mugsie> We do not have offical summit time, but we can rob tables in the hallway etc
16:20:53 <mugsie> cool. we should arange to sync during the week then
16:21:21 <mugsie> and I need to go hunt down the neutron PTL, and figure out midcycle dates - watch this space for that
16:21:26 <dougwig> agreed. or arrange an evening social thing.  or both.
16:22:02 <mugsie> yeah, definitly
16:22:09 <mugsie> any other off agenda topics?
16:22:09 <johnsom> Sounds good.  I also plan to have a small section in the LBaaS and beyond talk to introduce Kosmos
16:22:27 <dougwig> good.
16:22:39 <dougwig> we did a short intro of it at the silicon valley "summit" as well.
16:22:53 * elarson plans on eating lots of sushi... if anyone was curious ;)
16:22:55 <mugsie> great :)
16:22:58 <johnsom> Cool, slides to donate?
16:23:24 <dougwig> we did it etherpad style.
16:23:31 <johnsom> Ok
16:23:34 <dougwig> let me dig it out, for content at least.
16:25:15 <mugsie> OK, any other topics?
16:25:39 <mugsie> I have a few crazy ideas floating around, but I need to clarify them in my own head
16:25:50 <dougwig> scotch can help order thoughts.
16:26:12 <johnsom> +1
16:26:29 <mugsie> scotch?? Your telling an irish man to drink scotch? :P
16:26:40 <xgerman> dougwig is cruel
16:26:45 <mugsie> we make pretty good whiskey ourselves :D
16:26:49 <dougwig> if your country made better whisky, i'd say otherwise.
16:26:53 <elarson> mugsie: fine, I'll drink it.
16:26:58 <xgerman> also for mid cycle can we combine that withe the L4-L7 midscycle?
16:26:58 <dougwig> :)
16:27:04 <mugsie> dougwig: harsh :)
16:27:12 <mugsie> xgerman: where is that?
16:27:19 <xgerman> TBD
16:28:15 <mugsie> OK. will sync with people on the mid cycle front
16:28:36 <mugsie> #action mugsie start mid cycle planning
16:28:53 <mugsie> ok, people want 30 mins back?
16:29:22 <mugsie> silence is agreement
16:29:24 <johnsom> Sounds good to me
16:29:28 <mugsie> #endmeeting