16:01:03 <mugsie> #startmeeting Kosmos
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16:01:08 <mugsie> dougwig: ++
16:01:10 <johnsom> o/
16:01:19 <mugsie> One item this week
16:01:26 <mugsie> #topic Open Discussion
16:01:31 <johnsom> Explain you file layout?
16:01:45 <mugsie> so, as an update "git clean -fdx" is realy bad
16:01:55 <mugsie> johnsom: the objects?
16:01:56 <dougwig> two. i put a goal for the sprint into the etherpad.  please revise if you disagree: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kosmos_2016_winter_midcycle_meetup
16:02:21 <mugsie> dougwig: ++
16:02:22 <mugsie> i like it
16:02:37 <mugsie> I have been told to have a MVP by march 31st
16:02:41 <dougwig> my version of git clean: "mv dir dir.old; git clone ssh:/foo/bar/dir"  :)
16:02:54 <mugsie> so that woud be a massive push forward
16:03:01 <mugsie> dougwig: i should do that
16:03:34 <mugsie> but, I have basic context / policy / service stuff ready to go in a few hours - I have booked out the rest of the evening for it
16:03:47 <mugsie> going with one "all in one" service to start
16:03:49 <johnsom> I do the same dougwig
16:04:04 <dougwig> all in one makes sense as a first go, IMO.
16:04:26 <mugsie> i was in the wrong folder, and my reverse search was wrong -_-
16:04:32 <mugsie> for the objects
16:04:45 <mugsie> I would like to have these used as an external lib at some point
16:05:08 <mugsie> it means we could use them in the client etc, possibly
16:05:14 <mugsie> but, I may be over reaching
16:05:23 <mugsie> if so I can move them in-tree
16:05:29 <mugsie> what do people think?
16:05:47 <dougwig> you may very well be right, but it feels like premature optimization to me right now.
16:06:05 <mugsie> i was thinking that today
16:06:16 * mugsie will move them in tree now
16:06:18 <johnsom> Yeah, on the fence
16:06:44 <dougwig> i briefly wondered if you were testing whether the core team would rubberstamp or push back.  :)
16:06:55 <mugsie> damn
16:07:00 <mugsie> should have said that
16:07:02 <mugsie> :D
16:07:28 <johnsom> HA, I didn't rubber stamp the base files, so good luck with that.
16:07:47 <mugsie> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-December/082255.html
16:07:56 <mugsie> if people didnt see it
16:08:23 <mugsie> if you sign up at https://ti.to/kosmos/mitaka-mid-cycle so I know if i need to rob a bigger room
16:08:28 <johnsom> Yep, saw it.
16:08:33 <mugsie> I doubt I will
16:08:40 <mugsie> but, better safe than sorry
16:09:02 <johnsom> Yeah, I hope it's not just the three of us.
16:09:20 <dougwig> mugsie: signup done
16:09:34 <dougwig> the three of us would mean we'd get more coding done.
16:09:35 <mugsie> cool
16:09:39 <mugsie> yup
16:09:49 <johnsom> Probably true.
16:09:53 <mugsie> johnsom: well there is a few of your team in SEA anyway
16:10:16 <johnsom> I also expect to have Min join.  She is traveling, so probably won't sign up until late.
16:10:24 <mugsie> k
16:10:38 <mugsie> any thing else for today?
16:11:01 <dougwig> not from me
16:11:02 <johnsom> LBaaSv2 status tree is tested and doc update is up for review
16:11:08 <mugsie> sweet
16:11:23 <dougwig> johnsom: review link?
16:11:26 <johnsom> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/256884
16:12:12 * mugsie hates wadls
16:12:21 * johnsom agrees
16:12:43 <dougwig> you know what i dislike more?  writing docs. if someone else writes them, they can use whatever tool they like.  :)
16:12:44 <johnsom> That docs stuff makes my head hurt.  Lucky for us Min has it down
16:13:24 <johnsom> That is all I had
16:13:30 <mugsie> dougwig: yeah, true. thats fine for "integrated" teams, (or whatever they are called now), but the rest of us ...
16:13:48 <mugsie> dougwig: does min like writing DNS docs?
16:13:52 <mugsie> gah
16:13:55 <mugsie> johnsom: ^
16:14:01 <johnsom> Ha
16:14:22 <mugsie> OK, then - if that is it ?
16:14:28 <mugsie> #endmeeting