16:03:56 <johnsom> #startmeeting Kosmos
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16:04:08 <johnsom> Well, I will get the party started at least.
16:04:25 <johnsom> I'm not sure if there is anything new to report.
16:04:31 <johnsom> dougwig API update?
16:05:00 <mugsie> johnsom: sorry - here
16:05:17 <johnsom> #chair mugsie
16:05:17 <openstack> Current chairs: johnsom mugsie
16:05:47 <mugsie> #action dougwig to update on API during the week
16:05:54 <johnsom> I had just started the meeting and was asking for updates
16:06:01 <mugsie> cool
16:06:17 <mugsie> I saw the scrollback
16:06:43 <johnsom> Ha, ok.  I don't really have anything new to report
16:06:46 <mugsie> i think we need to hound dougwig in #openstack-glsb during the week
16:06:57 <mugsie> me neither - mid cycle was my focus last week
16:07:17 <mugsie> has min had any time on the DB patch?
16:07:31 <mugsie> ah - minwang2 is here :)
16:07:37 <minwang2> yes
16:08:11 <minwang2> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/272565/
16:08:24 <minwang2> this is still the patch that mugsle updated
16:08:52 <mugsie> yes - it removed some of the old rebase leftovers
16:09:04 <mugsie> but - that can be taken over, and used as a base
16:10:32 <mugsie> ok - any other updates?
16:10:58 <johnsom> No on my end
16:11:05 <minwang2> not for me
16:11:11 <mugsie> OK - we call it for this week then?
16:11:16 <johnsom> Yep
16:11:21 <mugsie> #endmeeting