16:21:07 <dougwig> #startmeeting kosmos
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16:21:10 <dougwig> #topic Open discussion
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16:21:34 <dougwig> bmidgley: it's just me and sometimes mugsie, and i suspect we're both over-subscribed with neutron and designate, respectively.
16:24:12 <bmidgley> was there an active project you are working that needs gslb?
16:25:42 <dougwig> bmidgley: no, i work for a vendor that has a gslb solution (a10).
16:26:42 <bmidgley> so customer angle is more interesting
16:27:33 <dougwig> more that i think it's a big missing piece in the overall lbaas story for multi-region.
16:30:31 <bmidgley> would the lbaas stuff in horizon talk to kosmos apis
16:30:46 <bmidgley> sorry I dug around for docs but the link in the repo is broken (http://docs.openstack.org/developer/kosmos )
16:31:43 <mugsie> bmidgley: I would think there would be new horizon panels for GSLB
16:31:55 <dougwig> we hadn't gotten as far as the UI.  traditional horizon, GSLB would be its own set of panes, as it's a separate UI. but i don't like the separate lbaas UIs, either, though that might just be me.
16:32:29 * mugsie was on standup, sorry for the delay
16:32:50 <dougwig> no worries.
16:33:06 <mugsie> docs wise, you currently need to run tox -e docs in the repos
16:33:20 <dougwig> are we missing a docs job?
16:33:24 <mugsie> (we are not offical, so we cnanot publish docs to openstack.org)
16:33:35 <dougwig> so it should be on the dev docs site, right?
16:33:36 <mugsie> dougwig: missing a place in projects.yaml ;)
16:33:53 <mugsie> we need to set up a readthedocs publish job
16:38:08 <dougwig> I didn't see any meeting time replies.
16:38:25 <dougwig> bmidgley: does this time work for your folks?
16:39:05 <bmidgley> yes, but I think the guys mostly needed to check in with you and find who is here and what is next
16:40:43 <bmidgley> is a10 doing gslb in a way that is vendor specific
16:41:40 <bmidgley> or providing it as a service
16:42:35 <dougwig> We sell appliances, so we had planned a driver interface in koa mis to use it as a backend, but that wasn't in our first poc plans.
16:42:48 <dougwig> In order to use it as a backend
16:42:54 <dougwig> That's a weird autocorrect.
16:42:57 <bmidgley> that would plug in later?
16:43:23 <bmidgley> autocorrect is not compatible with irc
16:43:25 <bmidgley> :)
16:46:20 <dougwig> No joke. :)
16:48:50 <dougwig> Did that answer your question?
16:50:02 <bmidgley> yes I’m straightening out the build, then I’ll dig into the docs
16:50:54 <bmidgley> it sounds like you intend to plug in support for your appliance later, that sounds like a good route
16:51:41 <dougwig> Yes, that's not something I believe in spending community time on.
16:51:54 <dougwig> Anything else for today?
16:52:39 <mugsie> I am good
16:52:57 * mugsie is getting himself embroiled in -dev ML arguments
16:53:22 <dougwig> That's a fun thread.
16:53:36 <mugsie> "fun"
16:56:18 <dougwig> #endmeeting