16:05:24 <dougwig> #startmeeting kosmos
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16:05:27 <dougwig> #topic Open discussion
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16:05:40 <venkat> Hi team..
16:05:42 <dougwig> long time no meeting.  i've been consumed by the lbaas and neutron midcycles.  does anyone have anything to report for today?
16:06:44 <venkat> dougwig, we started working on API, Monitoring implementations and still working on..
16:07:07 <dougwig> great. any idea when you'll upload to gerrit, in WIP form or otherwise?
16:07:09 <venkat> any other from your side..
16:07:41 <dougwig> nothing from my side; i will be consumed by neutron until newton FF.
16:07:49 <venkat> still working and will do accordingly..
16:08:54 <dougwig> good, happy to see progress.
16:09:09 <dougwig> any questions?  if not, we'll get some time back and get back to it.
16:09:17 <venkat> I will discuss with RamT & Kumar and will have some update by next meeting.
16:09:34 <venkat> please go ahead..
16:13:13 <dougwig> ok, bye folks
16:13:15 <dougwig> #endmeeting