03:02:15 <VW> #startmeeting Large Deployments Team July 2016 Meeting
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03:02:52 <VW> will give it a few minutes
03:07:04 <Madasi> I figured I'd sit in for the meeting
03:07:57 <VW> cool - thanks Madasi
03:08:17 <VW> not sure if many are on this evening.  or APAC folks may be occupied
03:08:25 <VW> will give them a couple more and then see
03:08:35 <VW> main thing I wanted to cover was the mid-cycle
03:09:01 * gfa as Madasi
03:09:29 * gfa will do as Madasi
03:09:32 <gfa> better
03:10:38 <VW> #topic mid-cycle
03:10:43 <VW> welcome gfa
03:13:09 <VW> for those in LDT who are planning on attending the mid-cycle - the sign-up is open - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/openstack-ops-mid-cycle-meet-up-tickets-26489569014
03:15:12 <VW> but, since it looks like the regulars are not around
03:15:25 <VW> #topic General business
03:15:47 <VW> gfa, Madasi - any questions about Large Deployments in general ?
03:16:17 <gfa> nope
03:17:38 <VW> you going to NYC gfa?
03:17:49 <gfa> no
03:17:56 <VW> K
03:18:03 <gfa> i wish but no $$$
03:18:10 <VW> understand
03:18:45 <VW> the other thing I need to catch up with team members on is the discussion we started with the Glance devs
03:19:27 <Madasi> no questions, need to do some more catching up on the mailing list
03:19:39 <VW> for the sake of APAC folks, there is a rundown of that here https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/LDT/June_2016
03:19:46 <VW> the glance stuff that is
03:19:50 <VW> true Madasi
03:19:57 <VW> will help you with that offline as well
03:20:17 <gfa> VW: tnx for the link, i missed it
03:20:23 <sorrison> Sorry I'm here now!
03:20:32 <VW> hey hey
03:21:05 <VW> you are welcome gfa - sorry for the bad copy/paste.  evesdrop appeared to be busted last month
03:21:15 <VW> hey sorrison - are you planning on making the mid-cycle
03:21:24 <VW> or just Barcelona
03:21:46 <sorrison> no just Barcelona
03:21:53 <VW> k
03:21:54 <VW> ok
03:22:52 <VW> My hope is that we can flesh out more stuff with the Glance conversation between the mid-cycle and Barcelona
03:23:01 <VW> also, try to find a good issue to engage with the Nova team on
03:23:19 <VW> since our origional cells V1 patches were bust
03:25:17 <VW> sorrison: any other topics you wanted to discuss?
03:25:42 <sorrison> hmmm
03:26:12 <sorrison> any news on craton?
03:26:16 <VW> speaking of the summit, I didn't see where we were supposed to submit Ops session in the speaker submission tool like Austin.  and then I was off the grid when it closed.  I'll have to follow up with Tom on that
03:26:24 <sorrison> I've been following dev but wondering if you know more
03:26:26 <VW> It's been pretty active
03:26:36 <VW> I have to play a little catch up
03:26:46 <VW> Inventory is pretty much done
03:26:54 <sorrison> cool
03:26:55 <VW> well, at least the bits that are common
03:28:20 <sorrison> One thing I think LDT should start thinking about is ceilometer/gnocchi etc. and how to run that at scale
03:30:47 <VW> ok
03:31:03 <VW> let me see if I can get some coversation gong about that in NYC
03:32:06 <VW> If we are successful with our plan to have an initial planning LDT session in Barcelona early in the week, hit up the dev/op sessions the team feels stronges about and then circle back for a deeper dive late in the week
03:32:14 <VW> we can probably make some traction there
03:32:29 <sorrison> sounds good
03:33:50 <VW> cool
03:34:01 <VW> well, unless anyone has anything else, I might call this one early
03:34:06 <VW> sorry it was so light this week
03:36:46 <sorrison> yeah fine bu me. I'm dealing with rabbit as we speak!
03:37:01 <VW> then, you go handle the pesky rabbit
03:37:13 <VW> Madasi, gfa - thanks for hanging out a bit
03:37:33 <sorrison> you going to Barcelona VW?
03:37:41 <VW> should be, yes
03:40:55 <VW> #endmeeting