15:00:06 <ttx> #startmeeting large_scale_sig
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15:00:12 <ttx> #topic Rollcall
15:00:19 <ttx> Who is here for the Large Scale SIG meeting ?
15:00:26 <belmoreira> o/
15:00:36 <genekuo> o/
15:01:04 <ttx> amorin maybe?
15:01:24 <amorin> hello!
15:01:35 <amorin> (thanks for ping - completely forgot)
15:01:51 <ttx> Alright, lets get started, hopefully others will join us
15:01:57 <ttx> Our agenda for today is at:
15:02:00 <ttx> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/large-scale-sig-meeting
15:02:04 <mdelavergne> (hi, sorry for being late)
15:02:11 <ttx> #topic Rebooting the Large Scale SIG engine for 2021
15:02:19 <ttx> So first, happy new year everyone!
15:02:30 <mdelavergne> Happy new year :)
15:02:32 <genekuo> happy new year
15:02:37 <ttx> Let's hope to a brighter 2021 and slow return to "normal"
15:02:39 <belmoreira> happy new year!
15:03:06 <ttx> Today, I wanted to discuss how much you plan to be able to contribute to the SIG in the coming months
15:03:19 <ttx> Basically, have a look at our (very incomplete) Scaling Journey at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Large_Scale_SIG
15:03:41 <ttx> and tell us where you hope to be able to help (within the limited time you can dedicate to Large Scale SIG activities)
15:03:50 <ttx> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Large_Scale_SIG
15:03:58 <ttx> I'll start with myself...
15:04:04 <genekuo> probably still focus on olso.metrics
15:04:09 <ttx> My contribution to the group is a bit different
15:04:21 <ttx> I don't have (current) large scale operational experience of OpenStack, so I'm not contributing my experience
15:04:32 <ttx> I have connections with lots of large scale users though, and I can help stewarding the group
15:04:41 <ttx> So for 2021 I plan to focus on:
15:04:47 <ttx> (1) growing the group
15:04:59 <ttx> (2) setting up events that facilitate other people's work, such as information collection
15:05:11 <ttx> (3) chairing those meetings and taking on a number of other janitorial tasks
15:05:23 <ttx> In summary, enabling you all to contribute your experience.
15:05:49 <ttx> I don;t expect to be able to spend a lot more time than in 2020, but will try to keep it at the same level
15:05:57 <ttx> genekuo: you can go next
15:06:25 <genekuo> I'll focus on making oslo.metrics
15:06:28 <genekuo> upstream
15:06:47 <ttx> what are the next steps there?
15:07:00 <genekuo> currently the oslo.messaging part is under review
15:07:13 <genekuo> probably need to tag some core reviewer
15:07:19 <ttx> do you have code for oslo.db?
15:07:30 <genekuo> not yet
15:07:39 <genekuo> we;re working on it internally
15:08:03 <ttx> OK, so your focus will be on stage 2, improving oslo.metrics and promoting its usage
15:08:16 <genekuo> yep
15:08:22 <ttx> Any other thing?
15:09:16 <genekuo> nope
15:09:39 <ttx> Alright! next... amorin ?
15:09:44 <genekuo> I'll support on other things if needed
15:10:03 <amorin> yes, on my side, I hope I can continue checking the configuration part
15:10:22 <amorin> I dont know if I will be able to spend more time than last year unforutnately
15:10:29 <ttx> OK, so more around Stage 1
15:10:36 <amorin> my agenda is varying based on our infra.
15:10:40 <ttx> ack
15:10:52 <amorin> anyway I'd like alos to support other topics
15:10:58 <amorin> such as sclae up/out
15:11:06 <ttx> Let us know shen you could use review/feedback
15:11:09 <ttx> when*
15:11:31 <amorin> what do you mean?
15:11:33 <ttx> ok, how about you belmoreira ?
15:11:49 <ttx> amorin: Let us know when you could use our help revieaing things
15:12:05 <amorin> for stage1, right?
15:12:08 <ttx> right
15:12:10 <amorin> yes I will
15:12:25 <belmoreira> first I would like to thank ttx for all the time that he dedicates to this SIG and always trying to squeeze something from us. Not easy job.
15:12:34 <amorin> +1
15:12:48 <ttx> thanks!
15:12:57 <belmoreira> in terms of work I'm really interested in "scale out" and "upgrade/maintenance".
15:13:23 <belmoreira> Hope to dedicate more time this year and move those topics further
15:13:27 <ttx> Yes you could really help with Scale out in particular, just writing up basic answers to questions like "what are the options out there"
15:13:58 <ttx> ok so more Stage 4 and Stage 5
15:14:14 <belmoreira> yes
15:14:37 <ttx> mdelavergne: you're up... Anything you think you could help with in the coming months?
15:15:51 <mdelavergne> mmh I really don't know, usually I'm already not useful but the coming months are full of work and personal stuff... :-/  I can try to think about what I can do, but right now, no clue
15:15:55 <mdelavergne> sorry about that
15:16:03 <ttx> that's ok :)
15:16:36 <ttx> Since it seems that we have all stages covered except stage 3, I'll try to cover for that a bit
15:16:56 <ttx> Anyone else in the room wanting to help?
15:18:00 <ttx> I'll take that as a no. If not please feel free to raise your hand later :)
15:18:05 <ttx> #topic Next meeting
15:18:13 <ttx> Let's meet again in two weeks, January 27.
15:18:22 <amorin> ack
15:18:29 <genekuo> ack
15:18:32 <ttx> #info next meeting: Jan 27, 15utc, same batplace
15:18:51 <ttx> Was there anything else you wanted to discuss? Anyone stuck needing help?
15:19:07 <genekuo> just need to know core reviewers for oslo.messaging
15:19:17 <ttx> let me check
15:19:56 <genekuo> thx
15:20:07 <ttx> those are oslo-messaging specific:
15:20:12 <ttx> https://review.opendev.org/admin/groups/a1039e88d85223d5cdceaa0dc0ebeef2228e9ada,members
15:20:29 <genekuo> OK thx, let me tag them for review
15:20:29 <ttx> but you can also tag oslo-core:
15:20:35 <genekuo> got it
15:20:50 <ttx> https://review.opendev.org/admin/groups/7d39075cd9c24758b2c50ec5ccbca3b9d87d5363,members
15:20:59 <ttx> Those ilsts look a bit outdated
15:21:33 <ttx> could be useful to participate to oslo team meeting and raise it there
15:21:51 <genekuo> ok
15:21:59 <ttx> http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Oslo_Team_Meeting
15:22:22 <ttx> Alright, if nothing else, let's end early
15:22:27 <ttx> Anything else, anyone?
15:22:52 <mdelavergne> nothing from me
15:23:02 <genekuo> nothing else
15:23:19 <ttx> OK! Thanks everyone!
15:23:23 <ttx> #endmeeting