15:00:25 <belmoreira> #startmeeting large_scale_sig
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15:00:36 <belmoreira> #topic Rollcall
15:00:46 <belmoreira> Hello! who is here for the Large Scale SIG meeting?
15:00:51 <genekuo> o/
15:01:26 <belmoreira> hi genekuo
15:01:41 <belmoreira> ping maybe amorin ? mdelavergne ? imtiazc ?
15:02:59 <belmoreira> genekuo looks like we are the only ones
15:03:13 <belmoreira> our agenda for today:
15:03:24 <belmoreira> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/large-scale-sig-meeting
15:03:31 <belmoreira> #topic Next Large Scale SIG show on Dec 9, 2021
15:03:52 <belmoreira> last meeting we discussed to have something in the lines of: Tricks and tools that large deployments use for day to day ops ("Ugly tricks you hide from your boss")
15:04:09 <belmoreira> genekuo what do you think?
15:04:33 <amorin> hello!
15:04:37 <amorin> sorry I am late
15:04:48 <belmoreira> hi amorin
15:05:24 <genekuo> sounds good to me, I was thinking earlier when I'm reviewing the log from last week.
15:05:27 <belmoreira> we started to discuss the topic for the Dec 9th OpenInfra live
15:05:49 <genekuo> I haven't think of any tricks we've done yet, not sure if we can contribute to this topic
15:06:11 <amorin> it can also be tools you use to manage your openstack
15:06:39 <belmoreira> honestly, I wasn't envision this topic to be something of horrible (ugly) hacks but legit tools that we built and use every day or for special situations
15:07:38 <belmoreira> those tools may point to the need to have them upstream or improve the CLI, operations, ...
15:07:57 <amorin> exemple, within OVH, we have a external tool to collect all instances running on a bunch of hypervisors (in a rack e.g.) so that we can trigger some communication/mailing with the data
15:08:22 <amorin> does it sound like something that fit the topic?
15:08:32 <belmoreira> nice, we have something similar
15:08:37 <belmoreira> looks perfect to me
15:08:47 <belmoreira> also I'm thinking about the DB clean up from amorin for example
15:08:53 <amorin> osarchiver
15:08:55 <amorin> yes
15:09:17 <amorin> we are also building a tool to monitor/check the openflow rules in br-int for an instance
15:09:46 <amorin> I asked for this on the list few weeks ago
15:10:08 <belmoreira> great
15:10:23 <belmoreira> another example... we built a tool to automatically migrate VMs and reboot the compute nodes for kernel upgrades or hardware decommission
15:11:12 <belmoreira> another one... a tool to automatically test the DB migrations in all cells before the real upgrade
15:11:23 <amorin> :)
15:11:30 <amorin> sounds like we do the same job belmoreira
15:11:39 <belmoreira> :)
15:11:46 <genekuo> The first one that came into mind that we have is a Ansible script to gracefully shutdown and then start RabbitMQ cluster
15:12:07 <genekuo> but we currently doesn't have a lot of dirty hack script like this
15:12:26 <belmoreira> I think this OpenInfra episode can be very interesting
15:12:58 <amorin> we have a lot of ansible things :)
15:12:59 <belmoreira> genekuo i don't see it has a dirty hack, but something useful for you and maybe others
15:13:23 <genekuo> there's something similar upstream IIRC
15:13:41 <belmoreira> for the rabbitmq example we didn't went that far with the ansible playbook but we just wrote a procedure :)
15:14:58 <belmoreira> I think the next question is to find participants for episode
15:15:26 <belmoreira> as usual a good number would be between 4 to 6 participants
15:15:50 <amorin> is it going to be like neutron, with a bunch of question done by someone?
15:16:05 <amorin> or more like what we did in the past, where each participant is presenting 5 minutes?
15:16:27 <genekuo> For this topic, I would prefer each participant is presenting 5 minutes
15:16:43 <belmoreira> amorin ttx contacted some users but I think he didn't get any reply yet
15:18:03 <amorin> ok
15:18:04 <belmoreira> another suggestion is to be like podcast style, like a conversation between operators
15:19:26 <belmoreira> not sure if the 5min slides is the most appealing format
15:19:43 <amorin> poldcast style needs more preparation
15:20:40 <genekuo> Agree that podcast style needs more preparation as the converstation may stuck when there's no participant raising questions
15:21:40 <amorin> +1
15:21:43 <belmoreira> sure, is more challenging. We would need to have a moderator and a light script or guidance
15:22:00 <belmoreira> we can discuss the format in the next meeting
15:22:20 <amorin> ack
15:22:21 <belmoreira> amorin genekuo would be in for the episode?
15:22:32 <amorin> yup
15:23:08 <amorin> maybe someone from citynetwork and/or infomaniak?
15:23:22 <genekuo> Let me think about it, I can confirm early next week.
15:23:33 <genekuo> I'll send a mail to ttx if I'm able to participate
15:24:21 <belmoreira> yes, I guess most of us have a lot of tools and tricks
15:24:53 <belmoreira> I guess ttx will try to contact them
15:25:31 <belmoreira> thanks genekuo
15:26:13 <genekuo> :)
15:26:20 <belmoreira> maybe blizzard and workday can participate
15:26:28 <amorin> yup
15:26:44 <belmoreira> great
15:27:26 <belmoreira> I will work in the episode description and let you know next meeting
15:28:40 <belmoreira> it would be a good idea to have an etherpad and collect the items that everyone would like to mention
15:28:58 <amorin> yes
15:29:02 <belmoreira> depending ni the format it can help organising the session
15:29:07 <amorin> so we can collect that with the team
15:29:44 <genekuo> sounds good
15:30:27 <belmoreira> how about we use the old etherpad were we have the meeting topics ideas?
15:30:39 <belmoreira> *can't find the link*
15:32:29 <belmoreira> well, I can't find the link but I can put it in the channel later
15:32:42 <genekuo> Couldn't find it also
15:32:53 <belmoreira> is there anything else to be discussed about this topic?
15:32:54 <amorin> cant help, sry
15:33:15 <genekuo> https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/large-scale-sig-lightning-talks
15:33:19 <genekuo> Is it this one?
15:34:00 <belmoreira> yes it is. Thanks genekuo
15:34:51 <belmoreira> link: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/large-scale-sig-lightning-talks
15:35:17 <belmoreira> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/large-scale-sig-lightning-talks
15:35:56 <belmoreira> if we don't have more feedback lets move to the next topic
15:36:04 <belmoreira> #topic Large Scale Journey updates
15:36:12 <belmoreira> any update on this?
15:36:36 <belmoreira> I confess that I didn't update my section for awhile
15:37:03 <genekuo> I just reorganized the structure in Monitoring section, no major updates
15:37:51 <belmoreira> great, thanks
15:38:03 <belmoreira> ok, let's move to the next meeting
15:38:09 <belmoreira> #topic Next meeting(s)
15:38:18 <belmoreira> we should have our next meeting in 2 weeks (Nov 24th)
15:38:29 <belmoreira> then the OpenInfra live is on Dec 9th
15:39:07 <belmoreira> #topic Open discussion
15:39:28 <belmoreira> anything else?
15:39:43 <genekuo> nothing from me
15:39:57 <amorin> nothing here
15:40:57 <belmoreira> see you in 2 weeks
15:41:07 <belmoreira> thanks
15:41:12 <belmoreira> #endmeeting