15:00:40 <ttx> #startmeeting large_scale_sig
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15:00:45 <ttx> #topic Rollcall
15:00:52 <ttx> Who is here for the Large Scale SIG meeting?
15:01:37 <ttx> amorin mdelavergne frickler maybe
15:02:14 <ttx> I don't see belmoreira around
15:03:53 <mdelavergne> Hey!
15:04:15 <genekuo> hi
15:04:27 <ttx> Hi all!
15:05:16 <ttx> Our agenda for today is at:
15:05:21 <ttx> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/large-scale-sig-meeting
15:05:35 <ttx> but if it's just the 3 of us that will be quick
15:06:03 <ttx> #topic Next OpenInfra Live "Large Scale OpenStack" episode
15:06:14 <ttx> OpenInfra Live is likely to continue in 2022 after summit, but more on an on-demand thing
15:06:36 <ttx> I think we should secure a slot for a future "Deep dive" episode, but with Summit in June and summer holidays I'm not sure when... Probably September
15:06:48 <ttx> or maybe we should secure a guest first
15:07:04 <ttx> genekuo: where are you working those days?
15:07:13 <genekuo> Mirantis :)
15:07:20 <mdelavergne> isn't it easier to secure a guest with a fixed date? :D
15:07:25 <ttx> hah, ok!
15:07:33 <ttx> mdelavergne: it's a bit of a chicken and egg
15:08:17 <genekuo> I think people probably don't have detail plan for September now, securing a guest before the fixed date might work
15:08:18 <ttx> anyway, if you have suggestions for a guest operator crew let me know!
15:08:26 <ttx> We have time
15:08:46 <ttx> any other comment on that?
15:09:14 <ttx> alright then, next topic
15:09:17 <ttx> #topic Create docs repo to move Large Scale Journey wiki content and "properly" publish it? (frickler)
15:09:53 <ttx> During PTG we discussed moving the Large Scale Journey wiki content to a git repo and publishing a docs website from it
15:10:24 <ttx> Someone added this topic to the agenda, I suspect frickler, to discuss how to do that
15:11:16 <ttx> I could use some help for the initial repo bootstrapping and making sure it publishes automatically to some appropriate location
15:11:18 <genekuo> I'm not sure about the process for opening a new repo
15:11:34 <genekuo> If we have a repo already bootstrapped I can help moving the content
15:11:53 <ttx> new repo is not hard, the issue is making sure it publishes to a well-known URL
15:12:38 <ttx> Let's punt this discussion to until we have a better idea how to do it
15:12:55 <ttx> #topic Next meetings
15:13:00 <ttx> We'll have one more meeting before Berlin
15:13:21 <ttx> mdelavergne, genekuo: are you going to be present?
15:13:35 <genekuo> Unfortunately, no
15:13:53 <ttx> Hard to travel right now between EU and APAC
15:14:10 <genekuo> yeah, and I'm unable to get sponsor from my company as I'm a new member
15:14:34 <genekuo> It will be great if the sessions and forums are hybird
15:14:45 <mdelavergne> I'll be there, even presenting I guess x)
15:14:58 <ttx> yay!
15:15:21 <ttx> so that IRC meeting in two weeks we can use to discuss the details of our Forum session there
15:15:25 <ttx> #info May 25 - IRC meeting (preparing Forum session)
15:15:27 <ttx> #info June 7 - "Challenges & Lessons from Operating OpenStack at Scale" forum session in OpenInfra Summit Berlin
15:15:33 <ttx> #info June 22 - IRC meeting (onboard potential new recruits)
15:15:49 <ttx> Does that work for you?
15:16:16 <mdelavergne> yep
15:16:42 <ttx> fyi the forum session is planned early afternoon on Tuesday, since that's the only time Belmiro had available
15:16:49 <ttx> #topic Open discussion
15:16:55 <ttx> Anything else, anyone?
15:17:02 <genekuo> nope :)
15:17:20 <mdelavergne> nopeĀ²
15:17:35 <ttx> alright, thanks for attending, sorry for the limited attendance ;)
15:17:45 <ttx> #endmeeting