15:00:37 <belmoreira> #startmeeting large_scale_sig
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15:00:53 <belmoreira> #topic Rollcall
15:00:54 <amorin> o/
15:00:56 <felixhuettner[m]> o/
15:00:58 <ttx> o/
15:01:10 <ihti[m]> o/
15:01:46 <belmoreira> welcome everyone
15:01:56 <belmoreira> Our agenda for today is at:
15:02:02 <belmoreira> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/large-scale-sig-meeting
15:02:18 <belmoreira> Let's start with the first topic
15:02:22 <belmoreira> #topic OpenInfra Live September 29 episode - Deep dive into Schwarz Gruppe
15:02:59 <belmoreira> good to have you here felixhuettner[m] ihti[m]
15:03:39 <belmoreira> I sent an email early today with a possible structure for the show
15:03:41 <felixhuettner[m]> already looking forward to that session
15:03:54 <belmoreira> have you had the opportunity to have a look?
15:04:24 <felixhuettner[m]> yep, it looks nice for me
15:04:27 <ihti[m]> +1
15:04:42 <belmoreira> amorin ttx are we missing something?
15:05:04 <amorin> I am having a look
15:05:13 <amorin> seems quite complete from first reading
15:05:13 <ttx> I think it's a solid base
15:05:31 <felixhuettner[m]> we are also already collecting stories to share :D
15:05:38 <belmoreira> nice
15:05:43 <amorin> great
15:06:07 <belmoreira> we don't want to have a rigid structure... but only only some guidance
15:06:15 <belmoreira> then we see where the conversation goes
15:06:31 <felixhuettner[m]> yep, some ideas to throw in the discussion is always good
15:06:42 <belmoreira> is there any topic that you don't feel comfortable to talk about?
15:07:02 <belmoreira> ex: size of the infrastructure, software used, ...
15:07:12 <felixhuettner[m]> no that is all fine for me
15:07:33 <felixhuettner[m]> since we have external customers we might need to spare something out there
15:07:41 <felixhuettner[m]> but the internal ones are crazy enough for stories to share :D
15:07:55 <belmoreira> great
15:08:48 <felixhuettner[m]> and i think especially about the Yaook part has a lot of ideas to share
15:08:54 <felixhuettner[m]> *things to share
15:09:15 <belmoreira> something interesting to mention before the move to YAOOK?
15:09:45 <felixhuettner[m]> mmmh, maybe a short part of where we came from
15:10:01 <felixhuettner[m]> but i don't want to be too unfriendly to our previous external service provider :)
15:10:41 <felixhuettner[m]> but i think we can share the general reasons why we choose to switch to yaook
15:10:49 <felixhuettner[m]> and that should be more generally applicable
15:11:22 <amorin> you were using an upstream deployment tool?
15:11:28 <amorin> or somthing from a vendor?
15:11:37 <felixhuettner[m]> one from a vendor
15:11:42 <felixhuettner[m]> lets say Salt based
15:11:44 <felixhuettner[m]> i guess there is only one :)
15:11:47 <amorin> ack :)
15:12:04 <belmoreira> ok, we would not focus on the past. But maybe a general context would be good to introduce the story of yaook
15:12:14 <belmoreira> sounds good?
15:12:16 <felixhuettner[m]> yep, that sounds good
15:12:24 <amorin> the story about moving from the salt stuff to yaook is a good one also I think
15:12:40 <felixhuettner[m]> yes, that was..... lets say "interesting"
15:12:49 <belmoreira> :)
15:12:51 <felixhuettner[m]> allthough we managed it "mostly" without downtime
15:13:00 <felixhuettner[m]> expect for killing neutron for 1 day
15:13:25 <belmoreira> from my side I look forward to meet you (now with video) in two weeks. I'm sure this will be great episode
15:13:51 <belmoreira> amorin ttx something else? or felixhuettner[m] ihti[m] do you have any question?
15:14:05 <felixhuettner[m]> not from me, looking forward to it
15:14:06 <amorin> I cant wait for this episode!
15:14:08 <ihti[m]> Nothing from my side. Looking forwared to the episode :)
15:14:36 <belmoreira> just for reference:
15:14:38 <belmoreira> #link https://openinfra.dev/live/
15:15:24 <belmoreira> let's move then to the next topic
15:15:26 <belmoreira> #topic Status on docs website transition
15:15:33 <belmoreira> #link https://docs.openstack.org/large-scale
15:15:40 <belmoreira> Done by ttx. Thanks.
15:15:49 <belmoreira> Looks good to me
15:15:52 <felixhuettner[m]> yep, looks really nice now
15:16:02 <belmoreira> ttx, do you want to add something else?
15:17:12 <belmoreira> humm, conference wifi :)
15:17:24 <belmoreira> I think we can move to the next one
15:17:34 <ttx> nope
15:17:38 <ttx> Sorry lag
15:17:59 <belmoreira> no problem
15:18:01 <belmoreira> #topic Next meetings
15:18:38 <belmoreira> in 2 weeks we have the Open Infra Live and then we go back to the IRC meeting
15:18:41 <belmoreira> September 29 - Open Infra Live - Ops Deep Dive
15:18:41 <belmoreira> October 12 - IRC meeting
15:19:29 <amorin> ack
15:19:56 <belmoreira> in October we can then reflect about the Open Infra Live episode and start to discuss what's next
15:20:33 <belmoreira> #topic Open discussion
15:20:47 <belmoreira> we have the following in the agenda
15:20:55 <belmoreira> "Fix for the neutron fanout queues is merged. Do we still need to delete old queues"
15:21:08 <felixhuettner[m]> yep, just wanted to report that back from last round
15:21:22 <amorin> can you share the gerrit link?
15:21:23 <belmoreira> I don't have the context about it
15:21:27 <felixhuettner[m]> so in master there should be no longer any old fanout queues
15:21:46 <felixhuettner[m]> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1586731
15:21:56 <felixhuettner[m]> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/neutron/+/855851
15:22:02 <felixhuettner[m]> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/neutron/+/856411
15:22:23 <felixhuettner[m]> belmoreira: the issue was that if you shutdown neutron-openvswitch-agent then there will be fanout queues left in rabbitmq
15:22:30 <felixhuettner[m]> and they pile up a bunch of messages
15:22:45 <amorin> that's great, we are affected by this here
15:22:58 <belmoreira> nice
15:23:01 <amorin> we endup with a very low expire policy to not suffer from this
15:23:17 <amorin> so, that's a great improvment, thanks :)
15:23:32 <felixhuettner[m]> thanks :)
15:23:52 <belmoreira> thanks felixhuettner[m]
15:24:13 <belmoreira> something else? before we close the meeting
15:24:31 <ttx> nothing from me
15:24:50 <felixhuettner[m]> not from me
15:25:08 <belmoreira> Thank you everyone. Let's have a great "Ops Deep Dive" episode.
15:25:17 <belmoreira> #endmeeting