14:02:03 <jamemcc_> #startmeeting LCOO
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14:03:49 <jamemcc_> Welcome to LCOO Bi-weekly - General Meeting.  IN this meeting we typically status any ongoing cross member efforts and then coordinate communications - in today's call to include upcoming Sydney Summit and upcoming Topical Sessions.
14:04:04 <jamemcc_> Agenda for interaction can be found and edited at
14:04:13 <jamemcc_> #link https://openstack-lcoo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/LCOO/pages/19890209/2017.10.26+LCOO+General
14:04:28 <jamemcc_> Please let me know if you are here for this meeting
14:06:33 <xinhuili> #info Xinhui Li, VMware
14:07:17 <jamemcc_> Hi Xinhui
14:07:42 <jamemcc_> We largely interact in this meeting verbally and today on the webex bridge. Link in the agenda above
14:07:50 <shintaro> hi
14:07:56 <jamemcc_> But also are co-hosting here in IRC.  QUestions and interactions welcome here as well.
14:08:37 <jamemcc_> Anyone have any general announcements?
14:11:41 <jamemcc_> #topic Sydney Planning for LCOO
14:12:05 <AndyU> o/
14:15:12 <shintaro> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-forum-LCOORoadmap
14:15:19 <shintaro> WG session etherpad
14:15:37 <shintaro> welcome to add agenda ideas
14:28:18 <jamemcc_> We are discussin addtional activities to schedule for Sydney
14:28:32 <jamemcc_> But switching now:
14:28:32 <jamemcc_> #topic Review "LCOO 2.0" slide deck for Sydney Summit
14:33:29 <shintaro> #link https://openstack-lcoo.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/19890209/LCOO_Overview_Sydney_Summit_Nov_2017-for_lcoo_member_review.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1508999900312&cacheVersion=1&api=v2
15:01:59 <jamemcc_> #topic Next Steps for LCOO sessions in 2nd Year
15:02:53 <jamemcc_> #end-meeting
15:03:01 <jamemcc_> #endmeeting