13:02:47 <jamemcc_> #startmeeting LCOO
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13:02:54 <shintaro> o/
13:03:04 <jamemcc_> Welcome to LCOO - Topical Session - RBAC
13:03:28 <jamemcc_> #link https://openstack-lcoo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/LCOO/pages/19857423/2017.11.30+LCOO+Topical+-+Role+Based+Access+Controls+RBAC
13:04:03 <jamemcc_> Please find there the agenda to participate
13:05:17 <jamemcc_> There is an audio bridge as well you can find the link there
13:05:59 <jamemcc_> Please check in here in the IRC if you want to participate here.  You can ask additonal quesitons or clarify.
13:07:46 <gagehugo> o/
13:26:47 <jamemcc_> #link https://coopnet.multimedia-conference.orange-business.com/Login/ParticipantLogin.aspx?id=12413772&key=%3f%3fq%3fx%3fFQ%3fF%3f%5e%3fS%3f%3f&a=participate
13:30:29 <jamemcc_> follow that link to see presentation by Orange interatively - the deck is also available under Discussion...#1 notes columnin the agenda
15:01:07 <jamemcc_> #endmeeting