12:14:04 <jamemcc> #startmeeting LCOO
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12:14:34 <jamemcc> #link https://openstack-lcoo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/LCOO/pages/156172289
12:14:53 <jamemcc> I am introducing Elise Eiden also from AT&T
12:15:17 <jamemcc> We are beginning to talk about a proposal for LCOO outlined in the first agenda item
12:15:24 <jayahn> o/
12:16:07 <zhouyaguo> o/
12:18:13 <jayahn> wiki page for the meeting , if someone needs it. https://openstack-lcoo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/LCOO/pages/156172289/2018.03.22+LCOO+General
12:21:26 <jamemcc> We are discussing the PTG - there were some addtional conversations about project Moon which was covererd in 2 previous LCOO Topical sessions
12:21:43 <shintaro> o/
12:23:59 <shintaro> Is there an etherpad page for Moon in PTG?
12:25:14 <jayahn> I cannot find from ptg etherpad page.
12:30:49 <shintaro> marc said it was just a local ad-hoc meeting
12:31:25 <jamemcc> Talking now about rotating the chair each 6 months/each Summit
12:37:52 <shintaro> #agreed Agreed to start the rotating chair approach
12:38:03 <zhouyaguo> #agreed
13:25:29 <jamemcc> We did cover the full agenda - actiona items and notes captured there
13:25:50 <jamemcc> #endmeeting