15:01:58 <bswartz> #startmeeting manila
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15:02:03 <bswartz> hey guys
15:02:05 <gouthamr> hello o/
15:02:09 <ganso> hello
15:02:09 <tbarron> hi
15:02:12 <zhongjun> Hi
15:02:39 <bswartz> Welcome back from holidays
15:02:57 <bswartz> Or happy holidays for those of you still celebrating
15:03:33 <bswartz> I don't have any announcements for today
15:03:39 <bswartz> but I did have a topic to discuss
15:03:49 <bswartz> #topic Generic driver attach problems
15:04:10 <bswartz> tbarron: you asked me to take a look at some of the recurring failures in our generic driver tests
15:04:19 <bswartz> on a patch of mine that affects the generic driver
15:04:49 <bswartz> After looking at some job logs, I think there are issues with the nova/cinder attach detach
15:04:58 <bswartz> but I haven't found the smoking gun yet
15:05:16 <bswartz> jungleboyj: any chance you're arround?
15:05:46 <jungleboyj> What's up?
15:05:48 <bswartz> I haven't looked to see if the new cinder attach detach logic has been flipped on, but that's one possible source of our issues
15:06:34 <bswartz> jungleboyj: is the new attach logic enabled by default in cinder and/or nova yet?
15:06:56 <jungleboyj> bswartz:  No.  You have to request the new microversion to use it.
15:07:03 <xyang> hi
15:07:11 <jungleboyj> OS_VOLUME_API_VERSION=3.44
15:07:19 <bswartz> Ok
15:07:30 <bswartz> And I'm pretty sure we don't do that anywhere
15:08:00 <jungleboyj> bswartz:  Yeah, you guys shouldn't be using that.
15:08:06 <bswartz> jungleboyj:  is there any chance the old cinder v2 API has altered behavior from how it used to be?
15:10:30 <bswartz> in any case, I need to reproduce the failures and track down the cause in an isolated envirornment
15:11:03 <bswartz> because I suspect that the generic driver is broken now, and it's non-voting gate status means we haven't cared
15:11:37 <bswartz> If anyone else has been playing with the latest versions of the generic driver and has seen issues please let me know
15:12:26 <bswartz> okay that's all I had on this topic
15:12:35 <jungleboyj> bswartz:  I don't think anything there should have changed.  All the the code changes were going into api/v3
15:12:48 <bswartz> is dustins around to talk about bugs?
15:13:07 <tbarron> he's on vacation till next week
15:13:29 <tbarron> tangentially related to the attach issues, caowei remarked on my HA spec in progress
15:13:32 <bswartz> doing something fun I hope!
15:13:36 <tbarron> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504987/
15:13:58 <tbarron> that the nova attach of cinder volumes adds extra challenges
15:14:11 <tbarron> for using the approaches outlined there with the generic driver
15:14:40 <tbarron> fun?  if you can call being in New Hampshire (or anywhere on the east coast for that matter) fun at the moment
15:14:52 <bswartz> yeah for a long time the nova-cinder attachment process has been a serious limitation on the generic driver
15:15:28 <bswartz> the most serious problem is the limit of 26 volumes per nova VM
15:15:50 <tbarron> thinking about how to un-attach volumes from a fenced off SVM gives me headaches
15:16:05 <bswartz> yeah there are those issues too
15:17:05 <bswartz> right now though we seem to have a basic problem with out state machine management
15:17:29 <bswartz> manila is trying to detach volumes that cinder believes are always detached
15:17:47 <bswartz> it could be a race condition
15:17:58 <bswartz> s/always/already/
15:18:20 <tbarron> Can we just 'try-to-detach || true' ?
15:18:54 <bswartz> Yeah I'm sure the fix will be more robust checking before/after the API call
15:18:55 <tbarron> Well, I guess we'd have to check the actual error from cinder ...
15:19:09 <bswartz> I just want to make sure I understand the sequence of events that got us into the bad state
15:19:14 <tbarron> ack
15:20:28 <bswartz> okay
15:20:33 <bswartz> #topic open discussion
15:20:44 <bswartz> We can table the bugs until next week
15:20:58 <bswartz> anything else to be discussed for today?
15:21:04 <tbarron> Just want to call awereness to lots of bug fixing activity whiile we were on vacation.
15:21:13 <gouthamr> :) yeah..
15:21:19 <tbarron> By folks on other continents, so we need reviews.
15:21:31 <bswartz> oh yes, thanks to those fixing bugs
15:21:32 <tbarron> For example, junbo li has been quite busy
15:21:36 <bswartz> I'm behind on reviews
15:21:54 <tbarron> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/owner:junbo85.li%2540gmail.com+status:open
15:21:59 <bswartz> but I want to spend time on reviews so send me a ping if you have anything waiting
15:22:15 <tbarron> I think all of us who came back to lots of email and piled up work are behind.
15:22:17 <zhongjun> yeah he did great job
15:22:52 <bswartz> the other thing I'll point out is that we're just 3 weeks from the Queens-3 milestone
15:23:03 <bswartz> feature proposal freeze is next monday
15:23:04 <tbarron> And Jun has been  busy as usual :)
15:23:25 <zhongjun> :)
15:23:34 <bswartz> so it's time to wrap up any last features targeted for queens
15:24:09 <tbarron> So that deadline means blueprints need to be filed by then, right?
15:24:23 <tbarron> Or approved?
15:24:44 <bswartz> not blueprints -- the code itself
15:24:52 <ganso> tbarron: both, patches need to be somewhat complete passing jenkins
15:25:10 <tbarron> bswartz: ganso thanks for the clarification :)
15:25:57 <bswartz> the last 2 weeks before feature freeze should just be reviewing/getting things merged (and any criticial bugfixes)
15:26:14 <bswartz> then we move on to more testing/bugfixing and docs fixes until the release
15:26:32 <bswartz> I haven't been following the discussion on the fate of rocky
15:26:38 * vkmc sneaks in late
15:27:06 <bswartz> i.e. whether it will be a 6 month or 12 month cycle
15:27:19 <bswartz> I thought it was going to be 12, but then ttx said that was in doubt
15:27:43 <tbarron> sounds like it will be 6 month ...
15:27:54 <gouthamr> nothing's decided.. tl;dr: 12-month cycles aren't going to address the fundamental problem that the proposal was being made for
15:27:54 <ttx> bswartz: 5 months is the most likely at this point
15:27:57 <ttx> err
15:27:59 <bswartz> did an official announcement go out and I missed it?
15:28:00 <ttx> 6 months
15:28:01 <gouthamr> :D
15:28:13 <bswartz> ok
15:28:13 <ttx> review in progress :
15:28:13 <tbarron> ttx tries to raise blood pressure ...
15:28:28 <ttx> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/528772/
15:28:41 <bswartz> also I'll remind you that PTG is coming up at the end of Feb
15:28:53 <bswartz> Manila will be there
15:29:06 <ttx> I'll try to close the thread early next week.
15:29:15 <bswartz> so please make travel plans if you plan to attend
15:29:23 <gouthamr> i was quoting cdent's TC report.. https://anticdent.org/tc-report-2017-in-review.html#release-cycle-length
15:29:40 <bswartz> I don't have an etherpad yet, but later this month we'll get an agenda for the PTG started
15:30:11 <ganso> bswartz: don't we have an etherpad?
15:30:19 <ganso> bswartz: I remember seeing one
15:30:29 <bswartz> ganso: if we do, it was created by someone else
15:31:05 <ganso> bswartz: maybe I am confusing it with cinder's
15:31:33 <gouthamr> we did: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-rocky-ptg
15:31:45 <bswartz> Doh!
15:31:49 <bswartz> I did create this one
15:31:53 <bswartz> Back before the holidays
15:32:08 <ganso> bswartz: post-holidays amnesia
15:32:08 * bswartz celebrated too much
15:32:37 <bswartz> Okay well I think that's everything for today
15:32:48 <xyang> will the manila and cinder sessions overlap?
15:32:48 <bswartz> Thanks all!
15:32:56 <xyang> I mean ptg
15:33:02 <bswartz> xyang: Minimally
15:33:12 <xyang> I plan to attend remotely
15:33:37 <bswartz> xyang: we can setup a speaker phone of some kind for remote attendees
15:33:46 <xyang> great
15:33:51 <bswartz> What I've asked for is time on Tuesday+Friday
15:34:01 <bswartz> I need to check for confirmation that we'll get those times
15:34:08 <xyang> ok
15:34:31 <bswartz> #endmeeting