15:00:02 <bswartz> #startmeeting manila
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15:00:14 <tbarron> Hi
15:00:14 * bswartz looks around to see who's here
15:00:20 <bswartz> hello all
15:00:46 <bswartz> I know gouthamr is still honeymooning, and zhongjun is our for chinese new year
15:00:49 <dustins_> \o
15:00:53 <bswartz> s/our/out/
15:01:08 <dustins> bswartz: Doing the meetings in channel now?
15:01:09 <vkmc> o/
15:01:11 <vkmc> yeah?
15:01:14 <bswartz> wtf
15:01:26 <bswartz> I clicked on wrong tab lol
15:01:30 <bswartz> #endmeeting